Israel tests the Resistance

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Donation boxes bearing the portrait of the late Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah (L) and another bearing the portrait of Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah (bottom) sit on a table next to piles of sandbags at the entrance of a shop in Beirut's southern suburb, placed to protect the owner from future explosions targeting the area, on January 28, 2014.(Photo:AFP-Joseph Eid)

By: Ibrahim al-Amin

Published Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hezbollah took about an entire working day before announcing its stance on the latest Israeli aggression. In a short statement, Hezbollah said that the Israeli enemy raided one of its positions inside Lebanese territory, finally solving the mystery of the targeted area while confirming that it will retaliate.

However, the party made a mistake by saying that it “will choose the time, place, and appropriate means to respond.” In fact, Hezbollah doesn’t need to use such an expression, mostly interpreted by the Arab public as a justification for not retaliating. Hezbollah is not an Arab regime or party in the habit of not delivering on its threats.

For the enemy, a working day became 36 hours. Israeli politicians, military and intelligence officials, had to wait this whole time for Hezbollah’s reaction. While many of them didn’t expect such a statement, others maintained this possibility as to avoid further miscalculations. In the end, the reply came and it shook up the situation, pushing Israel to look to the northern front from a different perspective.

Monday night, an enemy aircraft targeted a fixed Resistance’s position located right on the border separating Syria and Lebanon. As there are no obvious border lines, it is fair to say that the target “ is in both Syria and Lebanon.” Israel chose this location on purpose to give Syria and the Resistance a chance “to deny” the strike, a procedure usually adopted by Israel when dealing with its enemies at the northern front to allow them to contain raids without a big fuss.

Officials who took this decision in Tel Aviv thought that the location would allow Hezbollah to imitate Damascus in ignoring the strike completely. Israeli officials must have argued that the party is currently busy in Syria and that the open military battle there and the security and political battle inside Lebanon have exhausted it, so it is in no position to open a new front.

Knowing Israel so well, we have learned to take other theories into consideration. The Hebrew state might have been trying to test Hezbollah by checking its initial reaction after the raid or has been seeking to figure out how it would deal with such an event. In this case, one of the test’s results was Hezbollah’s public announcement yesterday acknowledging the raid and saying that it targeted one of its positions inside Lebanon. We can also assume that the Israeli test is not restricted to the raid itself or the resulting statement, therefore it is fair to ask: is Israel instigating the Resistance to retaliate in order to determine how much its involvement in Syria and its security alertness in Lebanon has impacted its readiness on the Israeli front?

In this case, is Israel getting ready for a new round of fighting against the Resistance? For a clash? Or even a confrontation that would escalate into a full scale war? This time, the aggression was not an intelligence operation such as an assassination for example, but an obvious military one, giving Hezbollah a larger scope for a military retaliation, which the party won’t be required to discuss.

Hence we ask, is Israel signaling its intent to wage a full scale battle? Does it believe that it can now accomplish all what it has failed to deliver in the last decade? Is it aiming to support the Syrian armed groups which are now cooperating with Israel, by launching strikes that may assist them in toppling the Syrian regime?

These legitimate questions derive from the Israeli vindictive mentality against the Resistance and the fact that all parties, whether inside Syria or in neighboring and regional countries and the West, must realize that any attempt to change the situation in Syria must go through a strike against Hezbollah whether there or in Lebanon.

There is much evidence suggesting this Israeli approach. Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah has already warned in a recent speech that the Resistance’s alertness against Israel is not related to any other battles.

What Nasrallah refrained from saying in public, he said in meetings with Hezbollah’s military and security officials, urging them to work as if they are fighting on three fronts: in Syria, in Lebanon, and against the enemy!

Obviously, the Resistance in Lebanon is unlike any other party opposing Israel. When the Resistance says that it will retaliate against the aggression, it means that it will retaliate. It will respond in a way that will make the enemy understand that it cannot change the rules of the game.

Meanwhile, the statement issued yesterday aborted a festivity in political, military and media Israeli circles that was anticipated if Hezbollah had remained silent about the aggression.This is Israel… always in a rush; its leaders adhere to an old Israeli saying: an Israeli man reaches orgasm fast, just so he can rush to tell his friends that he had sex! But in Lebanon, we now have a saying of our own: If you strike, we shall strike… wait for the retaliation!

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.


After their defeat in 2006, the Jewish army will never dare to tangle with Hizbullah again.

That the " Resistance Axis " would be foolhardy enough to provoke Israel is too much to hope for. Be content to sit on the sideline, and watch Hizbo/ IRI bleed themselves white for Assad's dictatorship.

Hizbollah is too busy killing Muslims to be bothered with Israel.

Hiz has to make a decision: start a third front war with Israel or pretend that it is biding its time. Obviously, even the USA cannot do three wars simultaneously. They chose to cow - for now. They know that Israel has a complete map of their missiles. Yes, Israel would be bombarded, but south Lebanon would be a rockpile at the end. Knowing the Arab world, this would make them heroes, even to the people whose homes were destroyed so long as they get Iranian money to rebuild. But at the same time, it will set back their plans by decades, esp if IAF hits their positions in Syria.
I think they were right to back down. So long as they are under attack at home and have thousands of fighters abroad, there is no way they could pull a draw like last time.

Israel bombs your missiles, kills Hezbollah terrorists in Syria and Lebanon, bombs your convoys, bombs Damascus, blows mughniyeh's head off, snuffs al-Laqqis.......and you kill tourists a thousand miles away..... Too funny

There is a saying "actions speak louder than words"

Meanwhile Dahiyeh is a car bomb destination
You are hated and backwards

Keep killing Syrian Muslims in between them bombing you whenever , wherever and how ever they want

I wonder who is winning


Thanks for reminding us

What did Hezbollah do? Words, words, words. Israel does not fear your words or your missiles. They keep bombing.

If you shoot a single missile, Assad is finished.
So are you. They kill your leaders and bomb your men.
You hide in bunkers afraid.

Their economy is booming. They get stronger. Hezbollah kills Syrian Muslims.

Hmmm. Who won in 2006?

Pathetic losers

The 2006 war saw Israel's soldiers crying and running away from the battlefield..All you have to do is watch the FOX & CNN news rerun's...In response to this historic lose, Israel bombed the hell out of civilian homes....A barbaric and inhuman action in anyone standard..Still this did not deter the Lebanese nor their resistance!!
Hez..has written Isreal's history and their first lose is recorded.
You can dream and write smart ass comments on web articles such as this if that makes you feel good but be certain that Israels Generals and politicians are very careful about crossing the line with our soldiers and men of faith...

All in due time.....You are destined to greater loses and they will come by your own demise.....

Hezbollah has fallen into an Israeli trap with its hollow statements. Hezbollah has made many threats to retaliate for Mughniyeh, for al-Laqqis, etc. They have done nothing. Their most brave action was a suicide boming 5 old ladies on a tourist bus in Bulgaria (pardon me for laughing) after Israel liquidated the Iranian nuclear scientists. Even the Takfiris have more bravery........So with all due respect, Nasrallah has made many false promises. This was smart because it helped the fight to support the butcher Assad in his war of savagery.

But if Nasrallah chooses to fight Israel with missiles or real military attacks, he will face a far more devastating outcome. It will automatically mean a massive, crippling attack against the Syrian army and air force. Unlike the Obama, Israel has proven it will attack when red lines are crossed. A massive attack against Syria will tip the balance in the civil war in favor of the Syrian civilians trying to overthrow their brutal dictator Assad. With no planes, no runways, no communications no barrel bombs,no artillery and no infrastructure, Assad's days will be numbered. If Assad goes down, Hezbollah will be left all alone -- ut off from its bosses in Tehran. The exact opposite of what it seeks. Hundreds of Hezbollah have been killed protecting Assad because Hezbollah is so fearful of losing him.

It has caused your countrymen to hate you. We all know of the fear and instability in the Dahiya these days. They blow themselves up because you have attacked them. This is nothing. These are poorly armed suicide bombers. They have no trouble attacking your highest protected targets. Imagine if you add Israel to the war you started. You will be fighting Israel, all non-Shia Lebanese, Syrian Islamists, the Gulf countries and Turkey.

No one in your country or your region supports you. Trust me the Christians will turn on you the instant they see that you are weak. They hate you. As for the Sunnis, well, they hate you more than the Israelis. They will tear you apart.

So go ahead and attack. Assad will be overthrown. You will be destroyed. You will be hated. And then you only have yourselves to blame for your fate.

Oh, and by the way, you will face a massive vicious destruction of your country, your homes, and your honor.

It seems this article was a premature ejaculation of someone who is terribly impotent.

hehehehe you sound very much aggrieved by the article. sorry for that but i hear the state of israel lost a 'jewel' on that bus that was bombed in Bulgaria. just heard !

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