Israeli assassination closes the chapter on the story of the three settlers

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Israeli military members stand over the body of a man shot during an Israeli security services operation in the southern West Bank city of Hebron on September 23, 2014. (Photo: AFP-Hazem Bader)

By: Ali Haydar

Published Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Today Israel took revenge against those who abducted and killed the three Israeli settlers in Hebron. That is how the Israeli media presented the picture yesterday after the assassination of the two Resistance fighters, Marwan al-Qawasmi and Amer Abu Aisha. It is a new assassination operation that has embarrassed the Palestinian delegation in Cairo but might benefit Benjamin Netanyahu who is in a political bind.

Netanyahu seeks to take advantage of the assassination to affirm his commitment to the security of the Israeli public. Even though assassinations are a mainstay of Israeli security policy, it does not mean that some of them do not stand out, especially in terms of the target, and the timing or the identity of the assassinated. This explains the exceptional interest that the Israeli media showed in the assassination operation that the Israeli army carried out in coordination with Israel’s internal security agency, the Shin Bet, and the special forces, Yamam, against Resistance fighters Marwan al-Qawasmi and Amer Abu Aisha in Hebron yesterday. Qawasmi and Abu Aisha were the suspects in the abduction and killing of the three Israeli settlers last June.

At the time, Israel took advantage of the abduction in a political and security context at a different level from the nature of the operation itself. It dealt a heavy blow to the infrastructure of the Resistance in the West Bank and tried to hem-in and topple the Palestinian unity government established by Fatah and Hamas.

What distinguished the abduction operation is that it left a deep impact on the Israeli psyche and constituted a resounding message to all parties, namely, that the Palestinian people will spare no effort to liberate their prisoners and detainees in Israeli prisons. This put the two Resistance fighters in the Israeli crosshairs and made their assassination at any time or place a necessity stemming from a deterrent Israeli perspective. Not only because they are Resistance fighters but because they are accused of carrying out a qualitative operation that shocked Israeli society on a security, political, military and popular level.

Today, the Israeli prime minister’s need for this security and “achievement” is clear, especially within the internal Israeli political context. In light of the internal tension that escalated within the right-wing camp after the attack on Gaza and how it ended, Netanyahu’s rivals are trying to portray him as a reluctant and indecisive leader. In return, he is trying, with this operation, to score a point in the record of his aggression against the Palestinians and to present himself as a leader who does not compromise when it comes to the security of the Israeli public.

One has to acknowledge that every successful Israeli assassination of Resistance fighters is an “achievement” for the Israeli army. Nevertheless, the West Bank’s security and political circumstances make it hard to see the assassination as an extraordinary achievement. Israel, however, not only celebrated the assassination of the Resistance fighters but relevant agencies filmed the operation to document it and provide elaborate material for celebration. Israeli TV stations broadcast the film and the coverage on Israeli newspaper websites was quite celebratory.

Israeli reports covered the details of the operation with the kind of terminology expected in such cases, namely, that it is an “accounting of justice” for killing the three settlers. They said that after “complicated intelligence activity,” Qawasmi and Abu Aisha’s hiding place was discovered and clashes ensued in which they were killed. However, Palestinian sources confirmed that Israeli forces fired a Lao missile at the house where the two men were staying, then demolished it with heavy machinery.

Hamas’ military wing, al-Qassam Brigades, mourned the two martyrs in an official statement and thousands of Palestinians participated in their funeral in Hebron. Abu Aisha’s mother was at the front of the procession carrying her son’s coffin after the Israeli army handed over the two corpses after holding them for hours.

Parallel to the Israeli insistence on stripping Hamas of power in Gaza, the majority of the US Senate is working for the same goal. The story appeared in the Daily Beast which reported that 88 senators sent a letter in this regard to US Secretary of State John Kerry. The letter read: “we must support efforts to enable the Palestinian Authority to exercise real power in Gaza. Hamas has demonstrated conclusively... that it has no interest in peace with Israel.” The senators pointed out that they support sending humanitarian aid to Gaza but oppose reconstructing the strip “until Hamas disarms.”


This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.


Stop calling the murdered children "settlers". They were three children, murdered in cold blood. However much you may rightly disagree with their parents' politics, call them what they were - children, murdered because of the political choices of their parents.

3 evil Zionists. Everything they do to make us hate them.

Judging from the looks of the corpse's head, something like a missile hit him.
Does the writer concede that these two men carried out the kidnapping-killings? How does he know this? Was this new Israeli operation just more "disinformation"? It might be that the crux of racism is that punishment for disobedience must always be irrational, clumsy, with the wrong person punished, etc., so that the despised class will be rendered robots who stoop, cringe, and grovel to every apparent member of the exploiting class. The lynch mob is supposed to kil the wrong person, I'm suggesting.
I wonder if this lesson tells us anything about Lebanese politics. Obviously the warlords such as Patriarch al Rahi want to to see a prime minister and a president and a duly elected parliament at their places doing their work, because this is all concealment for the (so-called) Taef Accord's disenfrachisement of the Shia majority. Anything that comes close to actual issues of administration of justice--like why doesn't Hezbullah rescue the captured soldiers from Arsal--is shoved back under the covers so that the so-called government--this council of minority-member warlords--has to deal with nothing but fantasies, images, narratives, and foreign money.

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