Israeli attack on Gaza kills two

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A Palestinian man reacts upon the arrival of the body of a man, killed by an Israeli strike, at a hospital in Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip 18 January 2012. (Photo: Reuters - Mohammed Salem)

Published Wednesday, January 18, 2012

An Israeli aircraft and tank strike on the Gaza Strip killed two Palestinians and wounded another on Wednesday, according to a Hamas spokesman.

"We recovered one martyr and two other people with injuries after the air raid carried out by occupation aircraft in Beit Hanoun," Adham Abu Selmiya said, naming one of the dead men as Mohammed Abu Awda, 23.

Seventeen-year-old Khaled al-Zaanin was critically wounded in the Israeli attack and later succumbed to his wounds, Abu Selmiya said.

The strike hit a field just east of Beit Hanoun, Palestinian security sources said.

There was no immediate confirmation that the men were indeed Hamas members.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said the target was "a terrorist squad that was attempting to place an explosive device by the security fence" in the second such incident this year.

Israel has conducted a series of offensive strikes on the Gaza Strip in recent weeks, while Hamas has maintained a level of restraint as it presses ahead with reconciliation efforts with Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah faction.

Israeli General Benjamin Gantz warned last month that Israel should initiate another full-scale war with Hamas in Gaza that would be "swift and painful."

Israeli airstrikes killed eight Gazans last month. The last deadly incident was on December 30 when Israeli warplanes killed a man near Gaza City.

The Jewish state maintains a siege over Gaza and continues to build illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank.

(Al-Akhbar, AFP)


This man in the picture is broken! His reaction is so painful
that the whole humanity should be ashamed by looking at this picture! the ongoing killings of people in Gaza since years is an unimaginable barbarity committed by Israel. All israeli governmental staff are war criminals and criminals against humanity! Such a big cancer is Israel in the world! Only Boycott and isolation against this most criminal state is the answer of the civil society! Never any other state committed crimes for so long in modern history! Israel committed genocide in 1948 and all the way until now is committing massacres of innocent Palestinian people! 74 years of massacres! And every day there are innocent victims killed by Israel! All the car bombings in the Middle East is the signature of "Israel the Cancer" Destabilisation and destructions of souveraign states in the Middle East is their speciality.
How long should we bear such a shameful situation? The horrendous married couple Israel/USA is destroying our humanity! Their nuclear war arsenal can blow up the planet! Maybe this mad couple will do it!

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