Leaked Syrian letter to Arab League lists demands

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Published Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The letter sent by Syria to the Arab League on Sunday night accepting the regional body's request to send observers has been leaked on social media.

Syria announced on Monday it responded positively to the Arab League's request, stipulating a set of conditions in the letter.

The Syrians have demanded that the Arab League rescind its decisions on Syria -- in reference to the nation's suspended membership from the League and Arab sanctions -- upon the signing of the protocol.

Syria has also requested that the signing take place in Damascus, and not at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo.

The third condition was a call for the Arab League to inform the UN Security Council in a written letter that the regional body and Syria have reached "positive results."

There has been no immediate reaction from the Arab League to Syria's requests.

The conditions were revealed in the leaked letter on Twitter by @SultanAlQassemi.

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Syria Demands Letter to Arab League December 5 2011 http://t.co/SkW0Ehl9 Arabic document uploaded by @SultanAlQassemi
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The letter made reference to a five page attachment that includes "inquiries and clarifications" made by the Syrian authorities regarding the protocol and the responses of the Arab League Secretary General.

The letter emphasized remarks in the attachment by Algeria and the Arab League Secretary General affirming opposition to foreign intervention in Syria.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said in his letter that Syria considers the content of the attachment an "inseparable" part of the protocol.

The conditions come in addition to an earlier set of amendments Syria requested from the Arab League, as reported by Al-Akhbar on Monday.

Syrian President Bashar Assad has witnessed a widespread uprising to his rule since March, with a crackdown resulting in the deaths of over 4,000 people, according to the latest UN figures.

The three conditions Syria stipulated in the letter to the Arab League have been translated in full below:

1) The Syrian government would like the signing of the protocol between the League and the [Syrian government] to take place in Damascus based on the Arab Action plan that was agreed on in Doha on 30/10/2011.

2) All decisions made by the League’s council in the absence of Syria, including the suspension of Syria’s membership and the issuing of sanctions by the ministerial committee and the ministerial councils against Syria, will be considered null at the time of the signing of the protocol between the two parties.

3) Following the signing of the protocol, the Secretary General of the League will notify the UN Secretary General in a written letter that includes the agreement and the positive results that have been reached, and will ask him [the UN Secretary General] to distribute the letter to the president and members of the Security Council and the member states as an official document.



I'm pretty sure this 'agreement' will never be signed ~ it would be suicide for Syria to allow the entry of a massed band of AL* spies and provocateurs to enter the country and prepare its dismemberment.

This feigned semi-acceptance is just a tactic to stretch 'negotiations' to infinity whilst creating favourable facts on the ground which render the exercise meaningless.

It seems Assad has learned the rules of 'peace-processing' from Peres.

* AL = American League of Zionist Collaborateurs

There is No honour among Despots.

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