Lebanon’s Sheikh Hammoud: “The Suicide Bombers Have No Religion”

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We have to be level-headed about this as much as possible. There are people, due to their simplicity or a personal affront of some kind, who cannot accept Hezbollah’s involvement in the war in Syria. (Photo: Haitham Moussawi)

Published Thursday, November 21, 2013

In an interview with Al-Akhbar, the Lebanese city of Saida’s Sheikh Maher Hammoud says he is not optimistic that the religious trends legitimizing terrorist attacks against other Muslims can be eradicated anytime soon.

Al-Akhbar: What do you make of the recent double suicide bombing that took place against the Iranian embassy in Beirut?

Maher Hammoud: I think they are a natural extension of what is going on in Syria. Those parties that have been fomenting sectarian hatred in Syria, and those who are funding it, are prepared to do anything in the service of the United States and Israel. At first, Qatar took on the task of toppling the regime and financing the fighters, and they failed. Now it is Saudi Arabia’s turn, with a green light from the Americans.

We know today that Bandar bin Sultan has the upper hand in Saudi politics. And he is the most pro-American and pro-Israeli, even according to members of the royal family. But I imagine the outcome of the Saudi adventure will be very much like Qatar’s failure.

Al-Akhbar: Do you believe, as has been reported in the media, that the al-Qaeda-affiliated Abdullah Azzam Brigades were behind the attack?

Hammoud: No, I don’t think this is the work of a group this size. It’s apparent from the scale of the explosions that this was planned by much larger organizations, which had precise information about the ambassador’s schedule that day and had targeted him as he was departing for an appointment.

Al-Akhbar: Some attribute the attack to Hezbollah’s military involvement in Syria. What is your opinion?

Hammoud: We have to be level-headed about this as much as possible. There are people, due to their simplicity or a personal affront of some kind, who cannot accept Hezbollah’s involvement in the war in Syria. Even I was angry when I first heard of the death of a Hezbollah fighter there, and I sent a letter to [Hezbollah Secretary General] Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah warning him about the dangers of such an undertaking. But my view changed when I heard some of the details of what was happening in Syria from Nasrallah personally.

Al-Akhbar: What are these details?

Hammoud: Not all the information can be made public. Some of it is hard for an ordinary citizen who doesn’t trust Hezbollah to believe, such as assassinations and massacres committed against the Shia and Alawis in Homs and elsewhere.

Al-Akhbar: You said that you were uneasy about Hezbollah’s involvement at first. What changed?

Hammoud: Now that we have groups like the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and al-Nusra Front who are supposed to represent an alternative to the regime, even the moderate Islamists cannot arrive at any kind of understanding with them.

Al-Akhbar: How do they justify sending young men to their death in this way, particularly to kill other Muslims like them?

Hammoud: There is no justification in Islam related to suicide attacks. They act according to their whims, and their sheikh is the Internet. No clergy worth their weight are carefully considering such matters. They are pretenders who take bits and pieces of religious texts and issue fatwas that are suitable to them.

Al-Akhbar: How is this allowed to happen? Where are the sheikhs who can be trusted?

Hammoud: We cannot underestimate the influence of Saudi and Wahhabi thought. Whether we like it or not, the Saudis control many of the Islamist movements, and many more seek its acceptance. The Salafi approach to dealing with religious texts is extremely superficial. They believe that the sect to which most Iranians belong is flawed, and therefore reject everything the country does.

Al-Akhbar: Is it plausible to believe that there will be any kind of meaningful change in this kind of religious teaching?

Hammoud: If we want to be realistic, reforms along these lines are not possible anytime soon. We tried once, but we could not follow up because the environment was so hostile. Many things would happen that widened the sectarian divide. It’s high-time that we do this, but no one is listening and Saudi money is doing its work.

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.


Guest -you're a robot, a nutter, always saying the same rubbish. Always blaming someone other than muslims. Islam is the problem whatever sect

ha ha Brilliant , touched a raw nerve!
Personal attack
It is not Islam who goes around attacking Muslim countries
Planning attack on Suriya where the ex French minister had no stomach
Attacking Iraq/Somalia/LIBYA/MALI/Pakistan - ALL courtesy of the zionised crusader mafia

Ahh can't take the truth, the zionised crusader mantra of demonisation

Islam is a problem? strange it is the crusader zionised terrorist mafia sick perverted vile ideology of "attacking Muslim states"
Educate yourself. Your ignorance comes out in your infantile ranting
Part I and Part II. Brookings Institution's "Which Path to Persia?
-this group has been carrying out wholesale TERRORISM and it is zionised crusader bastards

If we call the official/covert Saudi attitude racism as shorthand for arbitrary distinctions in lieu of a civil rights equality ethic, I think we have to be careful to subordinate that Saudi racism to Anglo-American (and, less so, French, German, and Scandinavian racism) in coming to an understanding the Zionist phenomenon and its ramifications in the region (extending all the way across Africa and Asia!). Saudi "royalty" and its takfiri-ism are a by-product of that European racism in that it would have disappeared long ago without the prop of "the West".

we agree with the knowledge and wisdom of Sheikh Hammoud and we say to the Muslims listen to the words of wisdom and take action.

Your sons/men/loved ones/community will be next if you do not protest the heinous crimes being committed in our Suriya

We think it is our stolen money by the house of saud is the main/principle factor and the sell of weapons by the zionised crusader mafia

the vast over whelming majority of Muslims abhor these thugs - hague's hannibal lecters

ALL Muslims countries from OIC should be helping Suriya their deafening SILENCE is complicity. You do nothing while GAZA is being genocide, you did nothing when the TERRORIST attacked our HOLY LAND Iraq, you say nothing about Afghanistan, You say nothing about droning in Pakistan/Yemen/Somalia/Mali/LIBYA/SYRIA/......../AL QUDS
wake up Muslims

Their is a simple solution. Get back to the simple true prophetic model of your religion that is based on respect and humanity. Kick out these Wahhabi nutjobs where-ever you find them and don't take their money. Even if we have to pray on the streets in the dust and in the rain.

what money are you talking about?1st it is OUR money that the house of saud is using for brothel, gambling, proping the western crusader economy etc.
2nd saud gives OUR money to any stupid call from west.
WE IN THE UMMAH have never see a dime of OUR money. It is we who pay for Iftar, help our needy etc. Saud use our money for weapons that it buys from UK/US/Fr
If you have any information of any "good that the house of saud has done, make it public"

On the contrary! Those who blow themselves up are indeed religious. They are the ones that have been totally and religiously indoctrinated awaiting only the opportunity to enter paradise to be with any one of the 72 maiden virgins we are constantly reminded that awaits all those who become Martyrs for the cause.
So saying that those who blow themselves up and kill others in the process have no religion, appears to be a contradiction of what other radical Muslim Imams are professing. Please be clear and honest on this subject and tell us who are the liars on this issue and do so before more are blown up for a religious cause of sorts that in the end is nothing more than a lie and while you're at it, tell us also the truth about the 72 maiden virgins, who by now must have been replaced by a new lot as there's been in excess of 72 suicide bombers in Iraq, Syria and now Lebanon as well since these maidens have been introduced.

Shortage of "maidens"? how about a 72 year old maiden.That will thin somewhat the zeal.

what crass kitschy ignorance
it would be better to educate yourself regarding the subject of Islam
your knowledge seems to come from those alphabet soup media where propaganda and lies are the source

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"religious cause" and pray tell what is this cause? All it is the brit/US trademark of "divide et impera" and for this is religious?
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Anyone who commits murder,wether motivated by religion,ideology or emotion,is scumm and deserves to be regarded as such.don't feel so special-there are scum also among Jews and any religion and society.our responsibly is to bring these atrocities to everyone's attention.

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