Lebanon: Saudi Arabia Takes Off the Gloves

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Women from Saudi Arabia play with snow at a ski resort in Faraya, Mount Lebanon 4 April 2012. (Photo: Reuters - Jamal Saidi)

By: Firas Choufi

Published Friday, August 23, 2013

For the first time, Hezbollah is openly accusing regional intelligence services (read: Saudi Arabia) of being behind the recent terrorist attacks in Beirut and working to keep the Resistance out of any future government.

The statement from Hezbollah’s parliamentary bloc on Thursday, August 22, did not take on the usual diplomatic tone, openly accusing local and regional elements of being behind the two deadly car bombings that took place in Dahiyeh recently.

"This terrorist blast was engineered by regional intelligence services that are benefiting from the policies of incitement adopted by some March 14 factions,” the statement read. “These groups are investing in terrorist takfiri organizations to carry out their plans.”

The “catastrophic failure of these takfiri groups to achieve the goals set out for them in Syria ... has forced their handlers to use them inside Lebanon instead, in order to compensate for their losses elsewhere.”

The statement remarkably does not accuse the usual suspect in such acts – the Zionist enemy – but points the finger in the direction of Saudi Arabia and its chief of intelligence, Bandar bin Sultan. Sources close to Hezbollah go so far as to say, “There is a clear Saudi decision, backed by the US, to stir things up from Baghdad to Beirut.”

As to why Riyadh has come to adopt this approach, the sources explain that every means permitted both regionally and internationally to topple the Syrian regime – with the exception of direct foreign military intervention – has been used unsuccessfully for the past two years.

The sources argue that Riyadh is concerned that the survival of the Assad regime will pose a threat to the stability of the kingdom in the long run, adding that Saudi’s recent gains in Egypt may evaporate at any moment. So, the sources maintain, in order to compensate for their setbacks in Syria, they have decided to ignite the Lebanese front.

The goal of this new approach is to force Hezbollah to turn its attention to protecting itself and its wide popular base, with the intent of preventing it from participating in fighting alongside the regime in various parts of Syria.

Saudi pressure is not limited to facilitating terrorist attacks on the Resistance and its supporters. Riyadh is also engaged in a political offensive, pressuring Lebanese President Michel Suleiman and Prime Minister-designate Tammam Salam to form a government without Hezbollah.

The pressure on Suleiman and Salam, however, abated somewhat following the Roueiss bombing last week, after Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah categorically refused any government that does not include his party.

Indications are that Druze leader Walid Jumblatt – the acknowledged kingmaker in forming a new government – is reluctant to impose a so-called fait accompli cabinet that would leave out a major party like Hezbollah. His two envoys who recently visited Saudi Arabia were tasked with explaining this position to the relevant Saudi authorities.

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.


What a joke. Next thing Hezbollah will say is that the Zionists and the Lebanese government work together hand in hand to rid Lebanon of Hezbollah. I only wish it were son...

strange how you see only hezbollah and ignoring the rest of the events !! your comment ring a lot of bells

'Activist' aka known as 'Moshe' or Moshe's BFF from Hasbara HQ is the Zionist troll assigned to this site to regurgitate the usual propaganda against Hezbollah. He's here to malign the resistance and make a few shekels along the way.

I wish I could indeed get paid by this newspaper for writing my comments. ‘Warloc’ and ‘Miranda’s accusing me of being a Zionist is what truly is ridiculous.
I am first and foremost a Lebanese living in Western Europe. As for those I side with, they are the innocent that have been slaughtered, mutilated and raped by Hezbollah and those calling themselves ‘Warlock’ and ‘Miranda’ supporters.
As for you Warlock, Hezbollah is who I see first and foremost as culprits as they have no business of being in Syria and killing innocent civilians such as we have just seen. It’s funny the no Hezbollah or Assad soldiers were affected by the gas bombs. The reason for that people, is because the Hezbollah and Syrian soldiers were wearing gas masks when they fired those bombs.
As for you Miranda, what can I say except that you like the rest of your Hezbollah lovers, are nothing more than brainless murderers who have shit for brains as can be seen by what you write.
One thing about Christians and Jews Miranda, is that neither Jews or us Christians have in modern times, mass killed each other in the way that Muslims have killed each other as is being done in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, etc.
By the way, when you talk about the resistance, please be so kind as to qualify which resistance you’re talking about, as I believe like all those who read your posting, they too would love to know who you truly speak for and represent. Thank you.
Ok Warlock and Miranda, it's now your turn to respond.....

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