Mass graves of Palestinians killed in 1948 Nakba discovered in Jaffa

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By: Yumna Marwan

Published Thursday, May 30, 2013

Six mass grave sites dating back to the 1936 Palestinian uprising and the 1948 Nakba were discovered around the Jaffa cemetery, the al-Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and Heritage reported Wednesday, revealing hundreds of bodies of Palestinians killed by Zionist forces.

“During [the foundation’s] repair and maintenance work on the [Kazkhana] cemetery, we discovered nozzles to dig into the ground where we found the mass graves...including hundreds of skeletons and human remains of rebels, martyrs and civilians who perished during the Nakba,” head of the Islamic Movement in Jaffa, Sheikh Mohammed Najem, said in the report.

__title__A picture by the al-Aqsa Foundation shows skeletons buried in a mass grave.

The foundation has proved the remains date back to the victims killed in the 1948 war, whether from bombings and shelling of residential neighborhoods or snipers located around the city, the report said.

“The Kazkhana cemetery has exposed the historical facts that Israel has tried to hide and erase for over 65 years relating to the massacres committed by Zionist gangs during the 1948 Palestinian Nakba,” it read.

“These mass graves have banished all doubts of the certainty of oral histories collected by historians of people who lived through the Nakba of 1948 and parts of the war documenting massacres in Jaffa and its suburbs,” the report added.

Some of the recorded histories document eyewitnesses witnessing piles of bodies scattered around in all of Jaffa’s neighborhoods, which were buried in mass graves due to the violent circumstances at the time.

The report shares an eyewitness account explaining how the residents of Jaffa were forced to move bodies to the cemetery and bury them in mass graves as the town was being heavily bombarded by Zionist forces.

“The foundation will continue to conduct research and scientifically test the send media messages to the whole world that Israel is built on the skulls of the Palestinian people,” Abed al-Majid Ighbariya, the head of the files on holy sites of the foundation, said.

The Nakba, or “Catastrophe,” refers to the expropriation and mass expulsion of Palestinians from their homeland by Zionists.



This should be cause for calling for the dismantling of the Zionist state in its entirety.

Let´ s fight aganist the jews entity and so called state of israel. I always boycott israhell!

In the end the truth will rise. Now we can pray for the dead hoping they rest in peace...

This should be MAJOR news and should solicit investigations from the ICC and ICJ for war crimes and crimes against humanity. This is hard evidence---undeniable proof---that the ethnic cleansing of Palestine began before the Jewish Holocaust. Moreover, this is EVIDENCE of a vile tactic we know too well from the tactics of modern Israeli war criminals: they purposefully buried the bodies from 48 and 36 in the same grave sites so as to make it look like it all happened at once. Whomever uncovered these graves deserves a noble prize. And Al-Akhbar: the world thanks you for this vindication of the people of Jaffa who were not brutally massacred in vain: the brave martyrs from Palestine are immanently immortal; Palestine beckons justice from the soil. Alhumdillah.

In his "Devil's Dictionary," Ambrose Bierce defined manna thus: "A food miraculously given to the Israelites in the wilderness. When it was no longer supplied to them, they settled down and tilled the soil, fertilizing it, as a rule, with the bodies of the original inhabitants."
The Old Testament is absolutely explicit that ethnic cleansing of the lands at the east of the Mediterranean goes back several thousand years. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

I'm an American - I've looked all over for reports of this story here, and none are to be found. One leftist website has a link to this page.

If anyone wonders why the US government has the policies it does vis-à-vis the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, there is one simple answer: the American people simply do not know what is going on there. It's not an excuse, but it's an explanation.

I'm an American and I don't doubt for a minute the truth of these allegations. I bet you would be outraged at holocaust deniers and before you spout out about 'evidence' that exists proving it, their are many who make the same claims about the footage of the holocaust as being 'staged.' Either way there is no denial about what Israel has done and has gone out of their way to deny.

Whislt your comment is appreciated -it by no means justifies the ignorance of US citizens . Do they not have smart phones or computers to search the internet ? or do they believe it ok to be fed cannon fodder by your corrupt goverment and zionist press ! A diabolical pathetic excuse . !

not in the Daily Star in Beirut either... a pseudo and inauthentic daily paper of brainwashed opinion and editing.

Nobody knows how many Palestinians were massacred by the British to quell their struggle for independence and by the European Zionist immigrants in their take over of Palestine in 1948. Nobody knows either how many Native Africans were massacred by the British when they occupied South Africa and by the Boers when they forced the Natives to be subjugated by the Dutch immigrants, themselves previously discriminated against in their country.
But one thing is certain: while the Boers considered the local population inferior and exploited them as well as their natural resources, the Zionist immigrants came to Palestine with the clearly formulated goal (inherent to the Zionist ideology) to rid Palestine of its Native population through massacres, terrorism, intimidation and "transfer" of 80 % of the Palestinians.
That is why Zionism and its settlement movement, paradoxically at a time when the European expansion with its colonialist movement was coming to an end, is more than just colonialism, but a crime against Humanity in the sense of its genocidal goal but also as a concrete implementation of that goal through the unprecedented ethnic cleansing operations resulting in the dispossession of an entire country only to supplant in its place, on the unacceptable ethically, legally and logically religious basis, European immigrants indoctrinated with a discriminatory ideology and, later on, immigrants from more than a hundred ethnic background using lies, promises, bribes, terrorism and intense pressure and threats to fill the land.
But, fortunately, the Zionist project could not "finish the job", as Benny Morris would have loved it to. The very small numbers of Palestinians who managed to remain in their homeland, despite the harsh military rule and despite the blatant discrimination they still face daily in their lives, became more than 20 % of the population and are currently one of the three components of the Palestinian rebirth movement, probably the most efficient of the three (the refugee population, the most abused and the brutally occupied Gaza and the West Bank).
The international community, especially those who sponsored the Zionist take over of Palestine (GB) and those who helped it strengthen its iron fist on Palestine (the whole so-called "West") and those who allow it to endure shamelessly by providing the unlimited funding, arming and international protection from accountability for its war crimes and crimes against Humanity, should wake up and intensify the movement of boycott and quarantine to force this Apartheid system, this colonial settlement movement to come to the same conclusion that put an end to South African Apartheid, the renunciation to the very ideology at the root of the system, Zionism, and the adoption of the democratic rule based on equality of all citizens and the fair elections based on "One person, one vote".

This is NOT alright. Something has to happen very soon.

As time goes by, and older Israelis become less reticent about telling the whole truth of what happened 60 years ago, and as historical finds, like this attest, it's clear that the Palestinian narrative of the nakba is, and always has been, the truth.

Funny how In the Interest of "blame Israel" rhetoric, the "1936" uprising Is almost hidden.
Its too early to verify the dates and circumstances that lead to the mass graves ,but wasn't the 1936 revolt (1936-39) suppressed with extreme violence by the British mandate police and army?
Some 5000 Palestinian Arabs, died, 15000 wounded and 5600 Imprisoned . The British used everything they had Including their air force. The Jews of Palestine at the time hardly Initiated attacks on Arab centers such as Jaffa. But hey! why ruin a good story.

We also know that in nearly all the hundreds of Palestinian villages which the Zionist paramilitaries and Israeli Army ethnically cleansed in 1948 that Arab men were gathered up using detailed lists of "enemies of Israel", and selected by hooded informants. On the top of the enemy list were Arabs who fought in the 1936 Arab Uprising. These men were summarily executed on the spot while the British Mandate closed their eyes.

Now will people begin to understand why the Palestinians are fighting back? They were not the aggressors in the first place. As the old saying goes, “more shall be revealed."

Welcome to israel! Built on death, terror, lies, and the blood of innocent people. But it's okay, because a God of some sort said it was cool.

The lack of coverage of this story in the mainstream 'western' media is sickening.


This should be cause for calling for the dismantling of the Zionist state in its entirety. It should not be there and no one wants it there. (only America and the sheep that follow it.


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