Most Israeli Jews want Apartheid state

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Published Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The majority of Israeli Jews say they want the establishment of an apartheid regime if the West Bank is formally annexed to Israel, according to the results of a survey published by Israeli daily Haaretz on Tuesday.

Between a third and one half of participants in the survey want to live in a state that practices formal and open discrimination against Palestinians. An even larger portion wants Israel to run as an apartheid state if territories occupied after 1967, considered by the international community to be illegal, become officially absorbed into the state.

The survey signals fresh Israeli acceptance of the term “apartheid”, previously rejected by the Jewish public though previous polls have also shown a preference for discriminatory behavior against Palestinians.

The poll shows that 58 percent of the 503 Jewish Israelis questioned by the pollsters think that Israel already practices apartheid against Arabs.

"The only thing shocking about the poll was people's response to the term 'apartheid' . . . research I have done over the years indicates in general Israelis support certain kinds of discriminatory behavior but they reject the term apartheid," Tel Aviv-based public opinion analyst Dahlia Scheindlin told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Fifty-nine percent believe there should be preference for Jews over Arabs in hiring for government jobs.

Seventy-four percent think Palestinians and Israelis should continue to use separate roads in the West Bank. Fifty percent described this as a 'necessary situation'.

Forty-two percent do not want to live in the same building as Arabs or have their children attend classes with Arabs.

The survey does not clarify whether 'Arab Jews' are part of the 'Jewish' or 'Arab' category.

If Israel formally annexes the West Bank, 69 percent of those surveyed said they do not think the 2.5 million Palestinians should have the right to vote.

Israel would be the only country left today to officially deny voting rights based on race.

It would likewise be one of the few countries left without universal suffrage along with Saudi Arabia and the Vatican.

Lebanon also formally denies women the right to vote without proof of elementary education. Whether such discrimination is practiced during elections is unclear.

Those that classified themselves as religious proved to be most "anti-Arab" according to disaggregated results.

Seventy percent of those who identified as religious want Palestinians with Israeli citizenship legally barred from voting and 82 percent support preferential treatment toward Jews by the state. Ninety-five percent of this group favor discrimination in the workplace for Jews over Arabs.

Forty-seven percent say they want the Israeli-Palestinian population to be removed by Israel and 'transferred' to post-1967 occupied territories.

Thirty-six percent would agree to exchanging some Palestinian towns occupied during the creation of Israel in 1948 for Israeli settlements in post-1967 territories.

Over one-third believe post-1967 occupied territories should be formally annexed to Israel. Nearly one-half object.

There are currently over half a million settlers living in illegal West Bank and East Jerusalem settlements.



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