Mughniyeh’s Family Remembers their Enigmatic Son

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Imad Mughniyeh went to his parents’ home. He was there for the family’s regular weekly reunion over lunch cooked by his mother Umm Imad and his wife Umm Mustafa. (Photo: Al-Akhbar)

By: Ibrahim al-Amin

Published Tuesday, February 19, 2013

On Sunday 10 February 2008, Imad Mughniyeh went to his parents’ home. He was there for the family’s regular weekly reunion over lunch cooked by his mother Umm Imad and his wife Umm Mustafa.

He had arrived unannounced the previous night, accompanied by his wife. But when they let themselves in, after waiting for a long time for someone to open the door, they found that Hajj Fayez and Hajjeh Umm Imad had gone to bed early. They left quietly, and returned the next day when everyone was waiting for them.

There was nothing unusual about the gathering. The normal kind of conversations took place about news of family and relatives. As usual, some of the family members present tried to get Imad to talk about his work, and as always, he responded by smiling, saying nothing and returning to a different subject.

Nobody ever knew what Imad did or where he travelled, not even after the event. The family was accustomed to his absences. Sometimes he would disappear for long periods of time before suddenly showing up.

He gave no indication that Sunday that he was about to go away again. But the following day, Umm Mustafa told Umm Imad that he had left, apparently for Syria, and had said he would not be gone long. There was nothing surprising about that. The whole family had started noticing that Imad had become increasingly busy, and in attending the weekly get-togethers, he’d try to make up for his constant absence.

Everyone had heard that the Resistance was being rebuilt and restructured, but the family had no idea as to the nature of Imad’s role in that process.

On the night of 12 February, the news broke from Damascus about a mysterious explosion in Kfar Sousa. Umm Imad rose early the next morning to visit her daughter, who had been hospitalized after a medical emergency. Near the house, she came across “one of the young men,” his eyes swollen by tears. He went up to her and asked where she was going. He urged her to return home and wait for him to fetch a car so he could drive her to the hospital. Shortly afterwards, two Hezbollah officials, friends of Imad and the family, arrived.

The elderly parents immediately asked them what had happened. One official said Imad had been involved in an incident involving a car, and was now in hospital. The father at first thought Imad may have been killed in a traffic accident. But the mother got a more direct reply from the other official: Imad has been martyred.

Umm Imad let out a scream louder than any since she had had given birth. Hajj Fayez understood that Imad had been assassinated. He led his wife into a side room. There, they said prayers of thanks, and she decided to stop crying. She told herself: If the world sees me crying, that will make Imad’s killers happier. Hajj Fayez felt a sense of serenity, because Imad had departed in a manner befitting him, as a martyr in a struggle to which he had devoted his life.

Hunted for a quarter of a century, many tales and myths have been spun about Mughniyeh by Israeli and American intelligence. The majority of these were clearly byproducts of their failure to get a hold of him. Once they did, the Israelis celebrated their biggest coup ever against the Resistance in Lebanon. But the myth-making has extended to accounts of the assassination itself. Much of what has been said about 12 February 2008 is far from the truth.

The article below summarizes the findings of a probe conducted by a team from Al-Akhbar after a lengthy process of collecting and confirming details about the incident. Influential Syrians assisted in providing and facilitating access to information. The Resistance, however, maintained its policy of silence. Officials did, however, confirm to Al-Akhbar that the Hezbollah leadership has a full picture of all that happened.

The probe entailed obtaining photographs and documents related to the investigations, and at one stage simulating a re-enactment of the crime, the better to understand what happened on that sad night five years ago.

Continue here to read Al-Akhbar’s probe into Mughniyeh’s assassination.

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.


Is israa mughniye his daughter ?

How he was assassinated, is not of matter... nor who did it.

This man is now, a great martyr, and he's an idol in our culture, and there will be many looking to his example. The martyr did his job right, almost fully. And he deserved martyrdom. Many of us will not have this honor and privilege.

We thank whoever assassinated Imad, for he has perfectly picked the martyr, a star for us to follow... unlike their stars..

And we are now stronger... and his spilled blood makes us stronger, willing and steadfast. We'll always be calm and we won't fire no missiles for that. We will sit, silently sadly, and pronounce oaths.
We are patient...
We perfectly know what we want...
We know how.
And we know we will.

This great man is a hero to every free man and woman and his legacy will live on forever. With his blood Israel will be destroyed and Palestine will be finally free.

This man was a butcher of innocent civilians. Thank goodness justice was served on this child killer.

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