Nasrallah: Saudi Arabia, Turkey have failed in Syria

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Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah gives a televised address from an undisclosed location on 23 September 2013. (Photo: AFP / Al Manar)

Published Monday, September 23, 2013

Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other regional countries backing Syria's rebels must acknowledge their failures to bring down the Syrian government, and join efforts for a political solution to end the two and a half year civil war, Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah said on Monday.

In his first televised speech in over a month, Nasrallah said dialogue is the only option to bring an end to a conflict that has already left over 100,000 people dead and threatened to exacerbate tensions across the region.

"I call on Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and other Gulf states to revise your stance," he said. "You won't reach anywhere by relying on a military victory. Put this hatred (for Hezbollah) aside and think with your minds. Think about your interests, the interests of the region, the survival of the region."

He condemned calls by some Lebanese politicians from the March 14 alliance for the United States to launch an attack on Syria, warning that any strike would cause global repercussions, and that Lebanon would be the first casualty.

Those same politicians calling for the West to intervene in Syria have accused Hezbollah of endangering Lebanon by sending troops to Syria, Nasrallah added, urging them to evaluate the consequences of a US attack across the border.

Nasrallah said that Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries believed their support to rebel forces would lead an overthrow of the Syrian government within months, and are using Hezbollah as a scapegoat "to run away from their failures," by accusing it of occupying Syria.

"For two and a half years, they used everything in their disposal ... to control Syria and they failed. Of course [Hezbollah] are foreigners, we are not Syrian, but [what about] the tens of thousands of foreign fighters who you brought from all over the world? Are they occupying Syria?"

He noted that the Syrian government has expressed willingness to engage in dialogue with the opposition, and emphasized talks as the only suitable option to achieve peace.

Nasrallah also flatly denied accusations that his powerful Shia movement had obtained chemical arms from Syria, saying that he was principally and religiously forbidden from using such weapons.



it seems pointless for Nasrallah to ask the Gulf royals, et al to accept defeat, and negotiate with the Assad regieme! Pointless, because the response of the "Resistance Axis " to the Syrian revolution has stoked a sectarian firestorm that feeds on itself,,and for which there is no " OFF " switch in KSA, Washington,or Anywhere Else! Things will only grow hotter in Nasrallah's corner of sectarian Hell, until,pperhaps, some fortunate day in the future when principled leadership returns to the US White House

March 14 and their supporters in Lebanon and abroad are sinfully shortsighted when it comes to the Syrian conflict. This shortsightedness is based on their inability to comprehend what’s going on in Syria. I say this because what’s happening in Syria is much bigger than Pro-Assad, Anti-Assad scrimmage, if they think Assad and Hezbollah are bad for them, I tell you this; especially for the Christians, Druze and other religious minorities in Lebanon, massacre and annihilation will be inevitable.
Let alone, Shiites and Sunnis, no one will be spared. We are dealing with the worst of the worst, Taliban to the power of 10. Jenkins Khan & Ariel Sharon are a saints in comparison.
So get your knuckleheads out of the prejudice sand and start think about the consequences of your actions, if you feel that minor differences exaggerated by outside forces and emphasized by ignorance and limited minds is enough to abandon your fellow countrymen in hopes of imaginary gains then think again.

Hezbollah is a good group fighting along with Syria against the terrorist and killers who have been recruited from all over the world and brought to Syria to create a hell on earth as they did with Libya.

Finally Hezbollah names the real enemies of peace in Syria .... "Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and other Gulf states". Of course there are the Western enemies of peace as well such as the US and Zionists but this emphasis on Muslim countries is long overdue.

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