Nasrallah: we cannot side with the beheaders in Syria

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Lebanese women wave Hezbollah flags while holding a picture of the movement's chief Hassan Nasrallah in the western Bekaa Valley on 25 May 2013 during a ceremony marking the 13th anniversary of Israel's military withdrawal from Lebanon. (Photo: AFP - Mahmoud Zayyat)

Published Saturday, May 25, 2013

There are two major security threats currently facing Lebanon: Israel, and the presence of radical salafis fighting to overthrow the Syrian government, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah said in a televised speech Saturday.

Nasrallah, speaking on the 13th anniversary of the liberation of South Lebanon from Israel's 18-year military occupation, justified Hezbollah's continued armament by insisting that the Lebanese state has not prepared for a future attack by Israel.

“We have a state which cannot stop the bloody confrontation in Tripoli. We have a state that cannot agree on an electoral law, a state of confessionalism,” Nasrallah said, adding that the resistance is the only force capable of defending the country.

“After the 2006 war I said build a capable state, and we will fight under the state,” he added.

Israel and its allies want to prevent Lebanon from building a strong state, he added, because they know a robust Lebanese army with modern weapons could not be co-opted by the West like other Arab armies.

“Some Arab countries receive [weapons from the West] because they guaranteed that not one bullet from these weapons will be directed towards Israel,” Nasrallah said. “If the Lebanese national army was getting these weapons, it would fight just like the resistance. The men of the army are the sons of the people, the youth of this people.”

Nasrallah also dismissed the European Union’s recent push to blacklist the popular Shia movement as a terrorist organization, saying the group has been battling a psychological and political war for 30 years.

“We have confronted great pressure, but they have never been successful in harming our will,” he said.

Concerning the week-long clashes in Lebanon’s northern port city of Tripoli between supporters and opponents of Syria’s government that have killed nearly 30 people, Nasrallah called on all parties to end the violence.

He said the fighting in Lebanon achieves nothing, and urged those who wanted to take part in the Syria’s war to do so on Syrian soil.

“What is happening in Tripoli must stop. … Anyone who wants to fight, let him fight in Syria. Leave Tripoli to the people,” Nasrallah said.

He also described as “very disturbing” a move Wednesday by salafis in the southern city of Sidon to prevent the burial of a Hezbollah fighter killed in Syria.

The war in Syria could prove to be “fatal” for Lebanon should the Syrian government fall, Nasrallah warned, as extremists have vowed to take aim at the country.

He condemned Arab governments for sending al-Qaeda-inspired extremists to fight in Syria on behalf of United States and Israel.

All Lebanese religious factions would be targeted by these armed groups should they take control, Nasrallah said, pointing out that Sunnis themselves have been most frequently targeted by extremists in Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and other countries where al-Qaeda has gained foothold.

“We don’t accuse everyone [in the opposition] of having foreign ties. Some have logic, a vision, rightful demands, and they are ready to hold a dialogue. That’s their natural right,” Nasrallah said.

But the armed groups have a different objective, he added, and are executing western plans to dominate the region.

“If Syria falls into the hands of the Americans and Israel and extremists, and want to impose its own project on Lebanon …, Jerusalem will be lost. The resistance will be lost. The people of our region will witness a very difficult and dark period.”

“You can take any side you want,” Nasrallah added, “however Hezbollah cannot be on the side of America or Israel or people who dig the graves and open the chests and behead other people.”



If the Arabs don't learn to put aside the sectarianism and divisions and fight together against the common enemy you will all be destroyed. Reading the comments here is very demoralizing. Has the enemy played you this well against each other?

Ask yourself which side Israel and the US is on, then be on the other side.

"We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately"--Ben Franklin

The biggest problem of all is that the Arab world demonstrates no guts when it comes to telling Assad where to get off. That is the real truth. It is equally sad to say that Arab courage is mostly demonstrated in harsh rhetoric words and mostly towards the US and Israel for their culture and religion. But all is ok in the Arab world when Shiite Arabs kill Sunny Arabs and vice-versa -. I guess this is something that we having a Western culture don't fully understand. Christians don't kill Christians nor Jews kill Jews in the same formality we see happening in Iraq, and Syria.

When husni mubarak col.qadafi were dethroned why not assad,he is killer of innocent people and syrians every right to choose there leaders,shias have no right to impose there will on sunni majority

The Shias in Lebanon are more then 40% in Lebanon and as for Syria and the Arab world it's hard believe how you're Sunni majority never fought Israel recently and when they did they in lost in 7 days "October " war with further occupation of there land prompting them to sign peace agreements. Also look in egypt its run by a sunni party who condemn the Palestinian resistance and even meet with western governments to further protect Israeli interests and also helping them cut off humanitarian and military aid from the underground tunnels. In addition you're Sunni majority in Egypt never sent a bullet to Gaza and even enforce a blockade willingly. You're Sunni majority have business ties with Israel like UAE, saudia, Egypt , Qatar, Jordan etc. Also you're Sunni majority Qatar and Saudia specifically, and with some other outfits supporting al Qaeda and terrorist groups around world who attack civilians but are first to run when Israel come.

The Palestinian Sunni resistance in Lebanon, and yes it committed crimes and thuggery, fought valiantly against the Zionists after the 82 invasion, but were stabbed numerous times in the back by Hafez al-Assad and his cronies who waged many wars upon them, proving that the raison d'etre of the Iran-Syria axis, the Palestine card, is an utter sham intended to further their hegemonic and sectarian agenda and the overwhelming majority of the Shi'ite sectarians and their hypocritical takhween were nowhere to be seen when their buddies in Afghanistan and Iraq were riding to power on American tanks.

The biggest problem in the Middle East is Saudi Arabia and Qatar. These two non democratic emirates have been exporting state sponsored terrorism to countries like Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and many more. Perhaps, its high time they taste some of their own medicine and are thrown out of power by the same takfiri forces they have been supporting for terror.

Lebanon and Syria will burn..BURN! The filth will be cleansed!

Your comment makes no sense. The problem is always been the western-made wahabis. Get rid of these, al-Quds would be liberated.

"Western-made", who brought you to power in Afghanistan and Iraq?!

The real problem in Lebanon is that Hezbollah has become a proxy and apologist for a regime that deserves nothing but scorn. Long Live Bashar the Great, saviour of the Syrian people and next year in Jerusalem.

Your statement is harsh, but in all fairness it is to the point. It is obvious that Syria's President Assad will not be able to remain in power especially when the final death toll will be counted.
On the other hand, the real sufferers are the innocent people that are now homeless and deprived of human dignity. But then again, if the Arab world had truly cared they would have more than heavily voiced their objective including intervening with their own troops to either oust Assad and his Iranian and Hezbollah henchmen. This is the real fact. Instead Arab leaders have remained as usual showing the cowards that they truly are.

Its funny how you are so quickly to point out Hezbollah's involvement in Syria which was explained in a certain geographical areas of Al-Qusayr and the Sayyada Zeinab shrine explained by Sayed Nasrallah which you always ignore and listen to the March 14 clan who have lied their whole lives and lived there supporters in lies there whole lives. While the March 14 alliance are working as "Taxis" taking terrorists and weapons in their government cars to the borders to fight against a legitimate government since day one. In addition, you right away turn a blind eye that you're precious "Arab" leaders and Turkey are supporting financially, militarily, and logistically with all they got since day one to Israels liking who with the whole Arab world are trying to end the Hezbollah/Resistance movement since the beginning, Your Arab leaders share the exact same zionist talk as yourself.

Where were you with Israel's "liking" and approval, your beloved thuwar Nato in Afghanistan and Iraq who rode to power on American tanks and the Iraqi Shi'ite opposition were in bed with the Jewish Neocons? Where was the non-stop takhween directed to anybody who opposes Bashar, towards your own thuwar Nato from the ultra-sectarians in Amal, Hezbollah and the Iranian regime?

It was there. You just apparently missed the memo. Your ignorance is not evidence of anything else.

I hope the Editors don't censor me yet again.

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