Nasrallah: We will never abandon Palestine

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An image grab from al-Manar TV shows Hassan Nasrallah, the head of Lebanon's Hezbollah, speaking live from Beirut's southern suburb on 2 August 2013, during a gathering to mark International al-Quds Day. (Photo: AFP / Al-Manar)

Published Friday, August 2, 2013

Hezbollah will always stands by the Palestinian cause, Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah said in a rare public appearance to mark International al-Quds Day on Friday evening in Beirut's suburbs, an occasion during which he slammed sectarian incitement in the Middle East.

"We, Hezbollah, stress our complete commitment to the cause (of the resistance)," Nasrallah said. "We will remain on the side of Palestine and we remain committed to being on good terms with all Palestinian factions, even if we might disagree on certain issues."

Supporters of Israel "want us Shia to exit the Arab-Israeli conflict and to get Iran out of the conflict," he said.

"Call us infidels, call us terrorists, call us criminals, say what you want, try and kill us anywhere, target us any way you want, we are the Shia of Ali and we shall not abandon Palestine," Nasrallah said to a crowd of cheering Hezbollah supporters.

The speech marked a rare public appearance for Hezbollah's leader, who usually makes speeches remotely for security reasons. His last public speech was in September 2012.

International al-Quds Day is an annual event which started in Iran in 1979 to show support for the Palestinian cause.

"All of Palestine, from the sea to the river, must return to its people," Nasrallah said. "No one in the world, no king, prince, sayyid, leader, president or state has the right to give up a single grain of sand of Palestine's land."

Nasrallah slammed efforts to distract the Middle East from the Palestinian-Israeli issue.

"Americans and Qataris have tried to push the compass away from this priority (Israel) by inventing other enemies," he said, citing growing sectarian incitement in the region against Shias.

“Where is this Shia expansionism? They invented an enemy,” he said.

Nasrallah rejected what he saw as efforts to pit Sunni and Shia Muslims against one another.

"There are a lot of terms being used deliberately against the Shia, and the side standing behind this language hopes that the Shias will curse and insult our Sunni colleagues," he said. "But the two groups are on the same side, they are both fasting during Ramadan."

He added that “disagreements have reached a destructive level” in the Middle East, citing discord between Sunnis and Shias, Arabs and Kurds, nationalists and Islamists, and called for dialogue to resolve conflicts.

A day after Lebanese Army Day celebrations and the landing of two rockets near the defense ministry, Nasrallah saluted "the Lebanese army, its leadership, its troops and its martyrs."

"We will continue to be the awakened and prepared resistance group to defend our country and our people against our enemy, side by side with the Lebanese army," he said.

"Defending Lebanon’s dignity is in our flesh and blood."



The Shia might do better to worry about Sunnis, and their Saudi partners in crime.

Hassan Nasrallah is giving "legal cover" for his war on Syrian Arabs by claiming to do it in the name of Resistance and Liberation of Palestine? Only fools will buy into this warped illogical logic. Hezbollah will drag Lebanon into a war to protect their benefactor and his Iranian financiers. What is in this for the Palestinian people. This rag loves to report on every misjustice served on Palestinians by Israelis but fails to fight for Palestinian rights in Lebanon. Liberate the Palestinians in Lebanon first instead of banning them from over 100 jobs and leaving them to rot is shitty camps. You would have to be really really stupid not to see through the Hezbollah bullshit.

Nasrallah's rhetoric like that of Hamas, is what has constantly kept Palestinians in misery. It is these type of lies that Palestinians are lead to believe done for the sole purpose to keep the hatred against their neighbour alive and well.
In the interim, Palestinians are deprived of economic opportunities to advance their freedom because they instead are forced by Hamas to maintain their present stand. Like I said before, Vote Hamas out of power and stop listening to Nasrallah's and Hamas crap rhetoric statements and before you know it, Palestinians will have the freedom they seek. It is indeed that simple. Just try it and see what wonderful things can happen when peace and not war is at hand.

It's not a "neighbour", it's an invader.

How can you make peace with an oppressive invader? Did France make peace with the invading Germans? Or, did they resist, and fight for their freedom. Would you stand with Marechal Petain or De Gaulle?

Haj Malik Shabazz said 'by any means necessary'. He didn't say, stop the fight, accept your oppressor, and cash in.

It is clear you are delusional and not from the region.

Activist4Justice? More like Strategist4Zionists.

Israeli Apartheid is what harms Palestinians. Zionist expansionism through theft of Palestinian land and water continues unabated. Let us be clear about what the real reasons are for the Resistance ...

It is very easy to blame Israel when one is blind with hatred as you are. What did Arafat do economically for us Palestinians. What has Hamas done again economically for us Palestinians. I live in the UK and I have felt the wrath of war. Lets be honest about things. Arafat refused much like Hamas is refusing to have peace. We Arabs are ill prepared and have been ill prepared for everything. The only prominent advance we just made was recently on Arab Idol. I guess we should be proud of this. I understand Palestinian frustration, but I understand even better the ignorance and lies that's been constantly shoved down our throats by our present leaders. It is too bad that you are blind otherwise your comments would have been more intelligent than what you wrote. By the way, we Palestinians have equally applied expansion, but rather than economic expansion, we have expanded on the path of misery and we will continue to expand on the path of misery as long as we are governed by Hamas. Think about that you moron.

Why do you say "us Palestinians"? You're not Palestinian. Who are you trying to fool?

stop killing Syrians before thinking about liberating palestine!

Hezbollah is defending the people of Syria compared to the so called rebels. The rebels are nothing more than a Zionist tool. Like you Zionazi.

maybe you have to read and study more in order to see the reality; because if you think that the "syrian rebels" are syrians you must be a very naive person; also I suppouse that you do not know anything about takfiries

Ya I'm pretty sure the "Free Syrian Army" (the largest rebel group) is composed of Syrians. It's one thing to be ideologically opposed to them. It's another to be a deluded xenophobe. Remember that

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