Netanyahu: What the UN says doesn't interest me

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A laborer works at the construction site of a new housing project at the Jewish settlement of Gilo in east Jerusalem on December 20, 2012. Israel has approved plans to build 523 homes in the West Bank, Jewish settlers said, in the first step towards a new settlement "city" that drew furious condemnation from the Palestinians. (Photo: AFP - Ahmad Gharabali)

Published Saturday, December 22, 2012

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a television interview Saturday night that he is not interested in what the UN has to say about illegal settlement construction, which intensified in the East Jerusalem area this month.

“We live in a Jewish state, and Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. The Western Wall is not occupied territory. We will build in Jerusalem because this is our right. What the UN says doesn't interest me,” Netanyahu told Israel's Channel 2.

After a UN vote upgraded Palestine's status to a non-member state, Israel activated a frozen project to expand settlement building between East Jerusalem and Maaleh Adumim, Israel's largest illegal settlement. The project is known as E1, and is considered a first step towards turning the area into a settlement "city".

In addition to E1, Israel has announced it will build 3,000 new settlement houses inside the West Bank.

Fourteen members of the UN Security Council condemned Israel for its settlement plans, but stopped short of issuing a resolution.

On Tuesday, the US State Department accused Israel of engaging in a “pattern of provocative action”.

The Palestinian Authority Friday said it was considering filing a complaint to the International Criminal Court if the UN Security Council "does not take action" over increased Israeli settlement construction.

Palestine's UN status upgrade last month granted it the power to refer Israel to the ICC.



Israel has never cared about the UN or anyone else except the fawning USA. Isrel has 20% or more of "Arabs" who do not matter either. How can anyone else support this pretended theocratic obscenity of a "nation"?

For horrendous crimes and imprisonments committed and ongoing against the Palestinian Peoples including continued population reduction by murder and massacre, continued theft of Land, demolition of homes and utility infrastructures and the Palestinian birthright. We demand the U.N. act forcefully and decisively against Israel and to restore the Palestinian Peoples.
This War, to mobilise World opinion is intended to Unite and compress the Worlds public opinion into a single short message that clearly demands justice for the Palestinians. Why must Palestinians continue to suffer those self same crimes committed by the Nazis against the Jews?The Palestinian Peoples are innocents, were not even consulted when their birthright, Palestine, was stolen. Barack Obama and dupes like Julia Gillard Prime Minister of Australia have made all their citizens complicit, and positively culpable, in Israeli crimes; there are no words in any language or lexicons that can justify their traitorous voting behavior at the United Nations that condones and finances Israels crimes against Palestinians.
I call upon everyone to use this statement constantly and relentlessly and to include it in all posts, correspondence, conversations, on all your Social networks and indeed at every possible opportunity. Use it at the foot of all emails as a template. Shouted at the personal level of everyday intercourse it is practically meaningless, BUT, let us all use it in our multitudes, relentlessly and constantly, and it will soon take on a life all it's own, A life and a purpose capable of defeating Israeli evil. As a statement at the personal level it does not break any laws, for an individual to declare war is laughable, Right?, and if there is to be any retribution at the personal level, Chris Hedges has already reminded us that "Ye are many and they are few". You want to make a difference? This is the way to do it; it does not endanger you and will cost you nothing. What are you waiting for? SUPPORT THE PALESTINIAN CAUSE. Call upon the World of public opinion to DECLARE WAR ON ISRAEL.

Customary international humanitarian law, codified in the Hague Convention IV, the Fourth Geneva Convention, and in Protocol I of the Fourth Geneva Convention requires that “in the conduct of military operations, constant care shall be taken to spare the civilian population, civilians and civilian objects.” Absolutely prohibited is an attack on a civilian residence unless evidence is available to the commander of the operation showing that the house is being used for a military purpose, that attacking the house is the only way to accomplish the military objective, and that the anticipated loss of civilian life, injury to civilians, and damage to civilian property would not be excessive in relation to the concrete and direct military advantage anticipated from the attack. Failing any one of these requirements the commander must not authorize the attack or must cancel the attack.

In addition, the Fourth Geneva Convention prohibits collective punishment: “No protected person [a civilian] may be punished for an offence he or she has not personally committed. Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited.” Thus, even if rockets were fired from the area, Israeli forces are prohibited from inflicting punishment on members of the civilian population. They are forbidden from using collective terror as a deterrent.

With Chuck Hagel in at Sec at Defense there will be no war on Iran - with no war on Iran - Israeli Apartheid is LOST

Just witness the Neocon desperation over the Hagel appointment - it speaks volumes and is the same desperation exhibited by Netanyahu last fall as he was being thwarted from pushing the US into Iran -

And see what happened after Netanyahu was stopped.....

Miracle of all Miracles - a Palestinian state was born

Why? - precisely BECAUSE Israel could not stop it by having had pulled off a major regional war engulfing the US - does everybody see that?

The progress at the UN with creation of the Palestinian 'good enough for the ICC state' - the tremendous pressure now being exerted on Israel currently with Fortress Apartheid beginning to collapse - all of this is BECAUSE we prevented Israel from pushing us into a war with Iran. Does everybody really see that?

The Israeli/Netanyahu plan on Iran GONE AWRY is what is making all the changes possible - and here he have the Neocons with their last ditch efforts to get the plan back on track.

They literally have nothing to lose - if they fail with stopping this nomination they won't get Iran, and if they don't get Iran they will LOSE Apartheid

The Hagel appointment means 'no war on Iran' and 'no war on Iran' means the END of Israeli Apartheid - this is the secret - this is why the Neocons are on rampage

I must just say that your worldview seems a bit naive and ignorant, may I remind you about Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen and now extending into the northern region of Africa, it doesn't stop with Mali either. In a few weeks or months we'll have another country on the chopping block. Not to mention Asia! Where do Israel and Palestine fit in? Well Israel will never give away an inch without military force, and they have threatened the world with the use of their Nuclear arsenal in case of that. Then we have the fact that US needs them as their pretence for atrocities to be justified to protect Israel and USA. And with this ongoing and worsening economic depression what have always happened through history then? Well a good old fashioned major war to sweep it all under the rug and remaking of the maps to fit their geopolitical agenda! So I suggest some history reading and to analyze the situation more in depth.

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