Nusra Front Executes Syrian Woman Accused of Adultery

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Published Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Updated at 4:35 pm (GMT+2): Al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria, al-Nusra Front, shot dead a woman in the northwest of the country after accusing her of adultery, a monitoring group said on Wednesday.

Rami Abdulrahman, director of the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said he received a video showing the woman being shot in the head outside the city of Idlib after being charged by Nusra Front with adultery.

Before she was killed, she begged to see her children but her killer refused, he added.

Photos posted on Twitter said to be of the woman showed her dressed in a black robe, headscarf and a red jacket and crouching on a pavement next to a group of standing men. One man clothed in black wore a balaclava and held an assault rifle.

Other photos showed her falling to the ground beside a wall sprayed with Nusra Front's name and then her body on the ground.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which has declared an ‘Islamic State’ in large swathes of land it captured in Iraq and Syria, has repeatedly beheaded and stoned to death Syrian and foreign civilians for crimes it sees as violating its strict interpretation of Islamic law.

Nusra Front, which was supplied and trained by the US and its allies, has also carried out such killings or physical punishments after accusing people of violations such as insulting God or thievery.

ISIS, Nusra Front, other Islamist brigades, and rebels fighting under the umbrella of the Western-backed Free Syrian Army – who the US and other allies want to arm and train – have taken part in the Syrian civil war, fighting across the country against the Syrian army and other fighters supporting President Bashar al-Assad.

The Syrian government has also been accused of committing brutal acts of violence. On Friday, a report by the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that at least 2,100 people died in Syrian prisons in 2014, with many of the bodies showing signs of torture.

The Observatory said it believed the true figure to be much higher but had only reported cases where families had received a corpse or a death certificate from a prison.

In January 2014, former war crimes prosecutors commissioned by Qatar said they had "clear evidence" showing the systematic torture and killing of 11,000 detainees in Syrian jails from a trove of photos supplied by a Syrian military police photographer.

More than 200,000 people have been killed so far in the conflict in Syria, according to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Zeid al-Hussein.

(Reuters, Al-Akhbar)


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