Obtaining Respect and Acceptance in Western Countries: a Guide for Muslims

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1) They should never try to produce their own leaders and representatives. Western governments can do a far better job in that respect.

2) They should never try to sympathize with the Palestinian people and their cause. They should realize that identifying with Zionist crimes is part of being Western.

3) They should be aware that they are not white and that they will never be treated as white. Bleaching won’t work.

4) They should realize that Western governments and societies don’t believe in abusing women, unless the abuse is by white men. Any abuse of women by non-white men is frowned upon.

5) They should lighten up: insults against Muslims are quite amusing in Western societies. But if Muslims ever attempt to insult other religious groups, they will be dealt with harshly and fiercely according to the laws.

6) Muslims should realize that when they are mocked and when their Prophet is lampooned, the intent is always good humor.

7) Muslims should just make an effort to find out whenever a Muslim anywhere in the world is committing a crime, and immediately issue a statement condemning this act.

8) Muslims should try to integrate and not live in poor suburbs. Muslims living outside of Paris: we call upon you to relocate to the fanciest and most expensive neighborhood in the city — the government will no doubt cover the expense.

9) Why can’t Muslims enjoy the bombs and rockets that Western governments drop on fellow Muslims around the world? Don’t they know that Western bombs are always intended to aid and liberate the people they are dropped on?

10) Do they really have to be Muslims? Why can’t they just change their religion upon arriving to the West? Better yet, just let Western governments and Israel work together to redesign Islam in a way that better suits the interests of Western governments and Israel.

11) Regarding secularism, Muslims should know that secularism is intended as a war against any manifestation of Islam, and that Western people and governments will never accord Islam and Muslims the respect that they accord members of the Christian and Jewish faith.

12) Muslims should participate more actively in the “war on terrorism.” Each Muslim should volunteer to chase, catch and kill a Muslim terrorist. That would go a long way toward earning credit for Western Muslims.

13) Blend in. Why do Muslims look different and why do they act different? Can they make more effort to sound and look more Western? That would really reassure Westerners.

14) Muslims should look up to the Saudi royal family and agree with Western governments that they are truly exemplary Muslims. Muslims have to realize that Western governments and society can’t tolerate fanaticism, and that’s why they admire the moderate Wahhabi model in Riyadh.

15) Muslims should learn how to be good citizens by simply parroting the statements of the most extreme anti-Muslim politicians in their country of residence.

16) If only they could just go away, we would all be so happy.

Dr. As’ad AbuKhalil is a Professor of Political Science at California State University, Stanislaus, a lecturer and the author of The Angry Arab News Service. He tweets @asadabukhalil


and i live in iceland.not.

As'ad needs to publish an etiquette guide for Boco Haram ;
Kidnapping Christian girls is just SO rude

The fan of the most stupid prez in USA history - no mean feat - "forgot" that "moderate" rebels (who are supported by USA and NATO) are kidnapping wholesale (including Christians, and even their own stupid fans from the West). Sometimes those "moderate rebels" sell their victims to open wahhabists like IS (supported by Saudi royals, Turkey and Zionists - all buddies of USA).
Not mentioning that the most stupid prez in USA history - no mean feat - kidnapped wholesale too, and then tortured his victims - mostly people who were innocent even by the standards of the most stupid prez in USA history - no mean feat. But to be fair - today's prez of USA is not going to do anything to punish the criminal kidnappers, including the most stupid prez in USA history - no mean feat .
By the way, Zionist colonizers are kidnapping Palestinians, including small children (as small as 5), wholesale too. I suppose at least some of kidnapped are Christians - Zionists are the equal opportunity criminals against Palestinians of any faith and without any faith too.

3 days ago a muslim store owner was shot dead in suburban Chicago. Local people came out in big numbers in support of the victim's family. Without exception they all said how good a person he was. some of them actually had tears in their eyes. Muslims in the west, in the US in particular, MUST not despair. I call on each and every muslim in the United States to set an example of good citizenship. Show the world that we are an important, productive part of society. This too shall pass. Who would've thought fox news would apologize three times in one week for something they said about Islam and Muslims. This of course does not mean denial of the mammoth difficulties muslims endure

Advice to those who took the title seriously:
The one thing that I have silenced all my fellow (so completely stupid and ignorant about EVERYTHING.... and I mean EVERYTHING, starting with the sciences, to history, to culture - WESTERN CULTURE - etc...) Americans is a fact overview with dates and references about the origin of Wahhabism as a British funded, trained, backed force in the 19th century to fight the Ottmans, which they re-kindled at the beginning of the 20th for the same reason, and then the Americans inherited this abomination from them and intimately invested and trained its most radicalized forms in Afghanistan, and later in Syria.
So if you want to obtain respect and you live in a Western country:
knowledge is the way to go, patience, good will, emotion, but not angry at them emotion (what fault is it of theirs? they're just ignorant people, even the most aggressive amongst them).
Before you go blaming what was done with your own tax dollars by your government with or without your knowledge, go do some research about how these historical developments have come about.
Usually the encounter ends there, but if I have a chance, I also elaborate on the cancer in the region that they implanted - the Zionist cancer in Palestine - their warcrimes all over the region, their colonization, etc.... it is like they live on Mars I swear... a society driven by sheer ignorance.

It should be stressed that the author is the staunch Atheist. But being an Atheist is not the same as helping to oppress already oppressed by imperialists - in this case - oppressed Muslims. A lot of Western "progressives" could not fathom this difference. I am afraid.

dear Lidia,
True, As'ad is an athistist, but sadly, no belief in God is needed to suffer from the poison of sectarianism. It's the ME, Li.dia, ,it's in the local drinking water & bones

The fan of the most stupid prez in USA history - no mean feat - is calling As'ad "sectarian"! As'ad who defeats any sect against sectarianism and berate any sect for sectarianism!
The fan of the most stupid prez in USA history - no mean feat lives not in the ME, but in civilized West where the most stupid prez in USA history - no mean feat - said that his god had told him to wage colonial war. And some other USA prezes said as much - for ex, McKinley about colonization of Philippines.
The fan of the most stupid prez in USA history -no mean feat - lives not in the ME, but in civilized West, which supports the most eager disseminator of the most murderous sectariansm in the ME- i.e. Saudi royals. Of course, the West always had been the most eager disseminator of the most murderous sectariansm in the whole world. The West also supports 200% the murderous Zionist Judaic sectariansm. And so on.
I suppose the fan of the most stupid prez in USA history - no mean feat -got his sectarianism, including his "wise" ideas about the ME - from the TV of his mother, as one Western clown put it, much more primal to the fan of the most stupid prez in USA history - no mean feat -then even drinking water - which is not too safe in USA too.
By the way, in real ME Jews, Christians and Muslims were living much more peaceful than in "civilized" West for centures

you too don't live in the M.E. that doesn't slow you down from babbling nonsense.

I do live in the ME.

17) Stop being poor. Make money. Become rich. All the previous will be forgiven.

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