Palestinian waiter assaulted by Israelis in Tel Aviv: video

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Published Monday, March 4, 2013

A Palestinian waiter was assaulted Friday by Israeli customers in a Tel Aviv restaurant, only to have his complaint dismissed by Israeli police officers, in yet another incident of routine violence against Palestinians.

In an interview with Israeli news outlet Nana 10, the employee said he was confronted by a group of customers complaining about the service. They then began shouting insults at him, including “smelly Arab,” and soon after began hitting him and throwing chairs and tables at him.

The employee said that no one intervened to stop the assailants. Once the police arrived on the scene, officers refused to file a report, claiming that the employee was too injured for them to collect his testimony, despite the fact that a security camera had recorded the incident.

The employee said he had already experienced a similar incident at the restaurant two years ago.

Nana 10 broadcasted video footage of the assault.

Meanwhile, four suspects were arrested for beating up a Palestinian Tel Aviv municipality worker on Wednesday.

Although Jewish settler attacks against Palestinians in the West Bank are documented almost daily, incidents against Palestinians and Arab citizens of Israel in areas under Israeli control are rarely reported.

According to Haaretz, a 40-year old Jaffa resident was attacked by a group of 15 Israeli youth late last month, and suffered from serious wounds to his head. A Palestinian woman was also assaulted by Jewish settlers and stripped of her hijab at a light-rail station in Jerusalem on February 25.



This is top news "Palestinian waiter assaulted by Israelis in Tel Aviv: video" but the murder of 70,000 Syrians by a butcher in Damascus who "supports" Hezbollah is treated carefully. You sign the death sentence on justice (and perhaps on humans) by publishing the names, photos, and workplace of individuals who might testify in the murder trial of 23 people. If one of those potential witnesses is harmed the blood with be on the "brave" journalists who write for this Hezbollah rag. Shame on you to even think you are journalists. Propagandists for mass murderers.

Unfortunately, that the attack that is the subject of the headline happened is true... Perhaps more unfortunately is the publication of a lie in the above article... The complaint was NOT dismissed by Israeli police officers...

Like all other such incidents, the Israeli police will try to apprehend the suspects and get them in front of a judge...

Which story should we believe Hans, yours?

I think a culture of racism in Israel leaves a bit to be desired when it comes to claims of legal equity in that society.

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