Panic in Israel

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Israeli soldiers drive a vehicle as the army closes roads for security reasons in northern Israel along the border with Lebanon on January 21, 2015. AFP/Jalaa Marey

By: Yahya Dabouq

Published Thursday, January 22, 2015

Yesterday, Israel went from a state of anxiety to a state of panic, after its attempts to contain Iran and Hezbollah’s anger — by offering mitigating excuses and an indirect apology via a senior security official on Tuesday — failed. Panic seized people in northern Israeli settlements when news spread that Hezbollah commandos were crossing the border to carry out kidnapping operations.

Hezbollah, The Islamic Resistance, held funerals yesterday for the last two of the six martyrs that were assassinated Sunday by an Israeli airstrike in the Syrian city of Quneitra. In the meantime, preparations began for a celebration next Sunday in Dahiyeh, Beirut’s southern suburbs, to commemorate the one-week anniversary of their martyrdom. Sources speaking to Al-Akhbar denied that Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah intends to give a speech explaining the party’s view on the circumstances of the attack and the way the resistance will deal with it.

Concerned parties within Hezbollah have continued to scrutinize the details of the attack, studying the information surrounding it, and offering the party leadership potential responses (everyone assumes that a response is inevitable). Hezbollah is behaving candidly regarding the consequences of the attack. It is not dwelling on Israeli “clarifications, explanations or apologies.” As always, the resistance is concerned with deterring and punishing Israel, taking into consideration, this time, the question of expanding the northern front from Shebaa in Lebanon to the occupied Golan Heights in Syria.

Domestically, unpublicized contacts have been made by March 14 coalition members in and outside the government — with no accompanying public statements, so far — calling on “Hezbollah not to retaliate against the attack since it did not take place on Lebanese territory.”

In the meantime, northern Israeli settlements near the border with Lebanon were in a state of panic yesterday after news spread among the settlers that a Hezbollah commando was crossing the border to carry out a “kidnapping operation” in one of the settlements. The deployment of military reinforcements in the central sector of the border, blocking roads, and asking settlers to remain inside their homes until the search and combing operations were over, only increased the level of panic among the people.
According to the Israeli media, this trepidation drove settlers to shut down their stores, the streets were deserted with no cars or pedestrians in sight, and the police and army blocked the main roads and side streets. The Israeli military announced that it was raising the state of preparedness along the border with Lebanon, and adopting measures in advance to confront any hostile infiltrators seeking to kidnap soldiers and settlers.

After hours of high alert, the Israeli army announced that it had not yet spotted any group crossing the border from Lebanon towards the settlements — specifically in the Ramim mountain range area, in the central sector. The army reopened all the roads and asked settlers to resume their normal lives. Media outlets indicated that rumors about infiltration operations prompted “the Israeli army’s chief of staff, Benny Gantz, to cancel his participation in the army chiefs’ conference for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) member states.”

The debate begins

Israeli media has begun to criticize the hasty decision to launch a strike in Quneitra, saying that it was based on an unbalanced cost-benefit analysis, calling for investigations of the intelligence failure that marked the attack, and criticizing the political establishment for their response.

Amos Harel, military affairs expert at the Israeli daily Haaretz, called on members of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee to make time in the near future to discuss the “major security crisis,” specifically, the open threats by Iran and Hezbollah, and to ask those who made the decision to attack some pressing questions. Was Jihad Mughniyeh the intended target, or did they intend to kill Iranian Brigadier-General Mohammed Ali Allahdadi? Did military intelligence know the general was in the convoy? Do the benefits of killing Mughniyeh outweigh the potential losses should his assassination spark an escalation with Hezbollah? Harel also asked about the Israeli home front’s degree of preparedness if a war does break out — given Hezbollah’s threats to launch tens of thousands of missiles at Israeli residential centers — and about advance preparations for this kind of confrontation and the army’s plans for fighting this war.

Yediot Ahronot journalist Nahum Barnea criticized the attack in Quneitra, arguing that it has clear flaws and was a “mistake.” He explained that “the halfhearted apology by an anonymous Israeli source on Tuesday did not offset the first mishap. On the contrary, it made it worse… The fact that an Israeli source is now admitting that the Iranian general was killed by accident shows that suspicious journalists are not the only ones who think so. So do sources in Israel's defense establishment.” He added: “[T]here may have been a flaw in the decision making process. Such a strike is only carried out after receiving the approval of the political echelon, the prime minister and the defense minister... In any event, the political echelon is responsible.”

Alex Fishman, Yediot Ahoronot’s military analyst, said that Israel’s response to the strike has turned from embarrassment to panic. Israel, he said, looks like a schizophrenic. On one hand, it does not admit that it carried out the attack, on the other hand, it admits assassinating the Iranian general by mistake, that is, carrying out the attack which it does not take responsibility for.

The newspaper close to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel Today, jumped to defend his decisions and try to silence the critics under the pretext of Israeli interests. In an article titled “Iran Should Stop Issuing Threats,” it maintained that Israel cannot stop fighting terrorist organizations. It has to send a message to terrorist leaders, from time to time, that they cannot live in absolute safety.

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.


you ask why,but you say when,you go where but you do not.......them iranians and hezbollians were killed by ied sunni style with extra copper for cooking just like the iranians made them in iraq 2003

israel wish it could.... but it no good

I have no intention to talk about Zionist dogs and terrorists who have already introduced themselves to the world many times over, the last time killing thousands of defenseless Palestinian men, women, and children with their state-of-the-art terror machines donated by their terrorist/Zionist America and European stooges. NO, THAT IS NOT WHAT I WANT TO TALK ABOUT. I want to talk about Hezbollah and blame it on two counts. 1) When Imad Moghniyeh was car-bombed in Damascus by Mossad, you issued threat, but never carried it out. That encouraged Israel to kill more of you, including the last ones. Please do not issue threat if you do not intend to carry it out timely.2) You are known as terrorists, at least by America; then for Pete’s sake make their dreams a reality. What the hell are you afraid of? Are you afraid of being called terrorists? America is not afraid, and it’s doing it all over the world!!!

If you guys keep winning, then why haven't we been wiped off the map???? According to you guys,Hezbollah won in 2006!!Hamas won in 2009, 2012 and 2014!!! Three times!! So explain why thousands of Jews are leaving wealthy advanced France for a country you have destroyed? Lol

Please bring another Hamas, Hezbollah victory!!

You are all right!!! We are crying, panicking, terrified of your scary, scary, scary army that can't defeat Al Nusra or ISIS!!!!! We are terrified!!!! You always beat us and evacuate us to Europe!!!

Here's today's Israeli paper Yediot Achronot.

Though the leaders of the defense establishment made bold statements, the general public appeared unconcerned. Walla News reported that the tensions did nothing to dissuade Israelis from visiting Israel’s most popular winter tourism spot: Around 5,000 people had arrived at Mt. Hermon, the country’s only ski resort, by noon Friday.

Keep winning guys!!!

Hizb is dying day by day,being consumed by its multiple roles in
Syria and by its useless efforts to contain the military presence of
Israel across the Lebanon's border and skies.
Every week at least three up to six funeral ceremonies take place
in the Bekaa Valley households or around the miserable Beyruth
sterminate outskirt. Who's threatening who,then?
Iran has just suggested a "limited and balanced retaliation" as they
are involved in too much delicate diplomatic games with Obama,
so they can't pressure too much and swallow the loss of their first
general in the battle with Israel...
The major Hizb's personality and leader lives since many years in
a undergrounded compound,fearing the sun light..if this is a proud
Good 2015,Nasrallah...and thousands and thousands of funeral mass
ahead of these merry days!!

Good that your panicking, very good. Zionists are the biggest deniers and liars and I thought the lyrics from this song fits great with what is coming to you Zionists, ZAFF ZAFF!

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Dear Anonymous. Get ready to hide in basements. And if you were thinking about catching a flight from Ben Gurion overseas, be sure to check with your international carrier to make sure the flight isn't precipitously canceled.

Are you lying or delusional or both??? We destroy your missiles in Syria for the past 2 years over and over, we blow mughniyeh's head off, we liquidate Al Laqqis, we blow up your leaders and Isnian leaders in the Golan, we bombed Lebanon last year, we blew up your Sapper..... Who is in panic? You Iranian stooge leaders hide in rat holes make big threats and can't even defeat the In Syria. Nasrallah wil fight to the last martyr as long as he hides.

We Bomb you when we want, how we want and when we want. We know your every move. You scare nobody but your civilians. You are a militia supported by Iran. Syria is a joke.

It must make you feel better to lie about us while we pulverize you days after your Iranian paid leader boasted like a teenager.

Facts are tough things.

Keep talking from basements.

This Zionist is brazen ....he speaks openly about Zionist behaviour: to kill, bomb, assasinate anytime, any place. All my life I have known them to behave like this. Aggressive, viscious, attacking civillians, land theft and on and on is their list of crimes.

Oh look!!! It's a Zionist performing Hasbara

In any confrontation, Hezbollah will humiliate the IDF back over the border like it has done in the past.

We seem to scare your civilians, leadership and military, but not you, a little tough talker behind a computer. Do not worry. When our vengeance comes, you will know the full and unbridled wrath of our armaments and the indomitable spirit of our men. We will torment your paper tiger military to the degree your generals will break down in tears, we will cast a shadow of inevitable death over any IDF soldier who dares to enter south Lebanon - and then you will know that every sacrifice will be repaid in blood.

Sounds like megalomanical paranoid kvetching, tbh.

You may call it whatever you want. But you will be defeated, like in 2006 and before, and we will win. Deal with it, sweetheart.

Its easy for guys like you to sit behind your key board and act all tough. wait till Hezbollah's rocket rain down on your cities.
Bibi, the devil wants to start another war, in order to win an election, it will be costly for him, and rest of his gang of thugs.
Its the IDF, thats kills women and children, not Helzbollah. zionest People like you is the very reason there is no peace.

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