Pregnant domestic worker hangs self in Lebanon

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Published Thursday, June 13, 2013

An Ethiopian domestic worker committed suicide in the home of her employer in a town located in Mount Lebanon Wednesday, a security source said.

Naifa Niska Dalalti, 23 years old, was found in one of the house's bathrooms hung by a laundry line, the source said, in the town of Choueifat, 12 kilometers south of the capital Beirut.

Security authorities appeared at the scene to give an account on the body and begin investigations in the presence of a medical examiner.

Dalati was found to be six months pregnant, the medical examiner revealed after inspecting the body.

Domestic workers in Lebanon work under the slavery-like sponsorship system, or kafala, which legally ties the worker to a specific employer. The system forces the employee to remain with the same employer throughout the duration of the contract.

Frequent and rarely-recorded employer abuse leads some workers to take drastic measures.

Human Rights Watch documented an average of one death a week due to unnatural causes during 2008, which included suicides and falls from buildings. No official count has taken place since.

The organization has also reported that Lebanon has a very poor record of punishing those who abuse their employees.

Domestic workers are not covered by Lebanese labor laws, meaning that they have no minimum wage and no social security.

A popular blog run by activists called Ethiopian Suicides documents the abuse, killings and suicides of these workers in Lebanon.



One we wont to know, How does she been working there? All the domestic workers are under-going medical and pregnant check before taking off. how can she get pregnan inside locked contract house?
If the human right watch will investigate, they need to know when did the girl came to lebanon, for how long has she been working with them?
I highly presumed that the girl get that pregnant inside that house,
The boose migth be responsible for that pregnant if he doesnt have a grown son. either the man himself or the madam or both of them planed to asssasinate the girl to cover up the shameful they brougth for them self.
But who will said the truth? Arab lebanese police or the doctor?
they all hate black and have 50% not guilty if anything between arab and black.
Many cases reported but no truth is found, how the decised get killed.

Indeed how did she get pregnant as a slave labourer? How do they know she committed suicide and wasn't murdered?

Evil people. It's time the countries where these domestic workers come from have major campaigns warning their citizens that slave labour, abuse, rape and murder are possibilities working in Lebanon.

The USA has similar laws for foreigners. Do you know how the h1-b program works? It is tied to a specific employer.

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