Resistance Is Our Destiny

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Israeli infantry soldiers walk in a deployment training area in the Israeli-annexed Golan Heights near the border with Syria on 29 August 2013. (Photo: AFP - Menahem Kahana)

By: Ibrahim al-Amin

Published Saturday, August 31, 2013

To hell with all the talk about democracy backed by the United States, France, Britain … and Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Israel.

To hell with every bid for freedom with the support of these murderers.

To hell with every fool, criminal, and coward, no matter what they look like, what they are called, where they live, or what they do.

To hell with all those who support an international war to topple Syria.

To hell with this bunch of collaborators, who people will no doubt hold accountable one day, come chaos or stability.

To hell with all traitors, their speeches, their false tears, and to hell with their human rights groups and their subservient civil society organizations.

The decision to wage war on Syria is only the last step in the course set two and a half years ago, to destroy the Resistance, its cities, people, and even its very idea.

There is no room for any kind of bargaining, and there is no room for any discussion or debate. There is no room to listen to any collaborator touting the list of causes of war and the causers, and there is no room for those who cling to their opinions, positions, or labels, wearing bandanas on their foreheads after wearing blindfolds on their eyes, and joining forces with collaborators and takfiris.

To begin with, these people live on the crumbs thrown to them by the robbers of Arab resources and fortunes. They work for them and receive from them money and all kinds of support.

It is a duty for every capable person to fight these killers, wherever they may be, wherever there is a chance to take revenge against them, and punish all the traitors, one after the other, in their beds, behind their desks, inside their tanks, or in their palaces, whether they are alone, or among their families.

What do you want from us today?

Do you want to repeat the experience of Iraq?

Do you want to repeat the experience of Afghanistan and Somalia?

Do you want to repeat the experience of Libya?

Do you want to repeat the experience of war in Lebanon?

Or do you think that this will be a war to destroy the right that will never be eliminated, and whose name, forever shall remain: Palestine?

We do not have to repeat our arguments or repeat the process of searching for answers; we do not have to repeat our comments or our warnings. All we have to do is declare one position, namely, that the war being prepared for Syria is a colonial war, and every participant in it, whether by supporting it, funding it, promoting it, justifying it, or directly fighting in it, is a cowardly collaborator whose sole punishment must be death, in public, without shame or hesitation.

It's war!

They will gang up on Damascus, the mother of all cities, with the aim of crushing the people, the army, and the leadership. They want to destroy its history and its heritage of resisting invaders. They want to destroy every spirit that resists colonialism and supports resistance in the whole region. They want to extend a permanent lifeline to Israel and the oppressive regimes in our Arab countries, and they want to have collaborators of all kinds take over countries, rob their resources, and annihilate their peoples.

When America says that it needs no cover, legal justification, scientific investigation, or political support, and that it is able to manipulate the fate of a nation, for the sole reason that it has decided that its interests require it, then this means that we must act exactly like America, and wait for no cover, support, justification, or ask about international norms and so forth.

We must fight against it, and against its colonies, all forms of war, and we must spare no effort to seek to transfer the fire to its soil, in every place of its land and cities; we must scream in the face of the butcher. We would do all this, without giving them the ability to strip us of our humanity, which we shall keep for ourselves, our children, and for the oppressed everywhere.

Yesterday, the West showed its true colors: a spiteful, murderous West, that has no place for anyone except those who know how to kneel down before it, and raise the white flag above their heads.

Yesterday, Europe showed its foul nature. It is not just a foolish old crone, but an ugly one too, with venom spewing from all its folds. Dishonor mars its opinion-makers, factories, schools, universities, and its people who do not come out to disavow the killers among them.

All we can do is resist them, with all our capabilities. Nothing will prevent us from seeking out our sole enemy, which has many faces, but one name: the barbarians, the bloodsuckers. As for us, resistance is our destiny.

Ibrahim al-Amin is editor-in-chief of Al-Akhbar.

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.


Mr. Amin when you say, "To begin with, these people live on the crumbs thrown to them by the robbers of Arab resources and fortunes. They work for them and receive from them money and all kinds of support." you only magnify your hypocrisy. It is you who lives off, not the crumbs but the whole cake, of your Hezbollah, Syrian, Iranian masters.

No discussion, no democracy--just death to people who disagree with your "Resistence" bullshit. Hezbollah will never liberate anything. They will fight for the liberation of Palestine til the death of the last Palestinian.

Your comment that, " All we have to do is declare one position, namely, that the war being prepared for Syria is a colonial war, and every participant in it, whether by supporting it, funding it, promoting it, justifying it, or directly fighting in it, is a cowardly collaborator whose sole punishment must be death, in public, without shame or hesitation." just proves Mr. Amin that you are one psychotic,delusional human being.

To hell with you Mr. Amin and your rhetoric of hate mongering and your pathetic justification for killing anyone who disagrees.

Very much to the point. Framing this as a colonial war is telling as all the implications suddenly come into focus. An inspiring article. Thank you.

Having read your article, you place great emphasis in pointing the finger at the wrong party. You should instead consider the reason as to why the West is so adamant to inflict justice onto Arab land.
Your article lacks historical background that points to the root of the problem. Let’s first start with ‘Slavery’ History shows us that the Arab world initiated the trade in human flesh. It was neither the West nor the Jews who initiated this practice. Then with the discovery of oil, those Arabs at the time that were powerful enough, began bartering their oil rights, (for Arabs were still riding camels) for Rolls Royce’s and trinkets of sorts. They in turn became even more powerful, but instead of then using their oil wealth for education and the creation of science to help their people and what not, they instead requested arms to further rid themselves of those other Arabs who came too close to their treasure.
Meanwhile the rest of the world created scientific marvels which the West and the Jews of Israel received Nobel prizes for their work. Yet after all these years, the Arabs have still to contribute anything worthwhile in the field of medicine, science etc. All Arabs have achieved to date is the destruction of their own kind, simply because the war and hatred between the Shiites and the Sunnis is greater than the hatred that Arabs have for Jews and the West, which is the reason why the killing between these two Arab sects continues to this very day.
The West is no longer is interested in Arab oil as it once was. Oil and gas is now available from many non-Arab sources. However and for whatever it’s worth, if Arabs were to finally contribute something worthwhile for the entire world to benefit from, the west would certainly open its heart. Last but not least, is the contribution by the West in modern medicine achievements which is saving many lives in the Arab world? So before you call Westerners the war mongers and what not, please first point the finger at Arab themselves for it is they who have begun the revolution against their own leaders who they are totally and finally fed up with. Thank you.

Hello, and you have the gall to call yourself an "Activist4Justice?" Your viewpoint has no sense of justice whatsoever and your knowledge of history/herstory has no leg to stand on. It reeks with bias and stupidity. In all certainty it's a kind of history/herstory from the vantage point of the oppressors, war freaks, and invaders. Go figure it out!

Oh please! Your regurgitation is copied word-for-word from IDF/Zionist talking points. It is a well-known fact that the IDF, Israel Government, various pro-AIPAC outfits in the USA and heaven only knows who else, hire ziobots to stalk the Internet and post Islamophobic nonsense.

To Bush the Liberator....
Democracy is an ideal. The way it is practiced in the West is total fraud.
As a citizen of the United States, I have watched decade after decade pass where every president, congressmen, judge, military officer, government official, and news reporter is a slave to Zionism. Our elections are a total charade. Our political debates are theater. Our news coverage is fiction. And most disturbing, our legal system, our Constitution is figment, an on again off again phantom, that bends, stretches and sometimes disappears for those in power but is an unforgiving hammer and ax for those who challenge corruption, criminality, racism and authority. Everything we eat, breath, sleep, talk, discuss and do is by Zionism for the advancement of Zionism. Our people live in a dreamworld controlled by puppet masters who tell them what to do, what to think, what to like, what to eat and sadly WHO TO KILL.
Is this "Zionist Democracy" the one that you seek. Are the future "democrats" of the middle east ready to stand up to these monsters? Do you believe your instagrams, facebooks, twitters and other social media tools can defeat this onslaught ? Are you really that naive or just compromised, like the rest ?
In a time of war, do not confuse Democracy with Justice. Democracy is just a fancy word used by the Zionist West. It is a literary weapon in their arsenal that acts like a CROWBAR to pry open and destroy unsuspecting nations and citizens.
The disease of Western Zionism must be defeated before we have the luxury to pursue REAL democracy or, more honestly, real government by the people for the people.
If a Dictatorship stands up to Western Zionism, then that is good.
If a mass of ten million angry citizens stands up to Western Zionism, then that is good as well.
The Resistance is not just Syria.
It is everywhere on the planet that faces and recognizes this pathological Evil, that has existed for over a thousand years.

Your battle in Syria is today's front line. Yesterday it was Libya. Before it was Greece and Iceland. It has always been Palestine. But open your history books, it has always been the self defense of the indigenous people of North, South and Central America. It has always been the self defense of the Aboriginal people of Australia. It is also, my battle, in the United States against the cancer that is destroying this nation. In the same manner, Resistance is the battle of all Europeans to throw out the Zionist Evil that has taken hold of their respective countries.
Our job is to recognize our common position. We must understand that only unity will deliver victory.
I stand with my Brothers and Sisters in Syria and their heroic Resistance against Western Zionist Evil. I know they stand with me in my Resistance against the Zionist control of America. Soon we will all be one and on that day, we will rid this planet, once and for all times, of this evil, malevolent, twisted plague.

While the zionist/wahabi trolls (bush_the_liberator etc) are easy to spot, only "fools, criminals, and cowards" could misinterpret Ibrahim al-Amin's call for true Arab liberation as 'revenge'. To sum up one of these weak-minded pundits, if you like cars and the internet, you have no right not hate the west's aggression or resist it?

Who today, dares to question the tactics and motives of anti-fascist liberation movements, like the Spanish Republicans, the French Resistance, the Yugoslav or Greek Partisans in WWII? After the utter destruction of Iraq, Libya and Syria and the destabilization of Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen, the Arabs face no less an existential threat than they did.

Al-Amin's rallying call for unity strikes fear into the heart of the western-zionist-wahabi nexus of evil because unlike protests which do nothing to alter the status quo, only disciplined, organised and principled resistance challenges its hegemony.

By the way, negotiating with brain-washed takfiris is not an option. How do you negotiate with someone who wants to behead you just because you do not share his perverted beliefs? Someone who throws postal workers out of windows, executes men, women and children, commits rape, live-burnings, massacres and CW attacks that they then blame on the Syrian government? Is that the kind of 'liberation' movement you in the west have in mind for us?

Despite bogus claims of wanting to liberate Arabs from dictators, the Takfiris are the tools of western domination of the region. It is no coincidence that their goals are inimical to those of Israels'. Their Saudi, Qatari, Turkish and other state patrons openly side with the zionist abomination against Palestinian and Arab liberation. If subverting Islam and siding with the enemy is not a sign of treachery, then what is?

These traitors and their news media marketed the Oden Yinon Plan to balkanise the ME along sectarian lines as the 'Arab Spring' and fooled many. But now the game plan is unmasked and you have the chutzpa to be upset when we decide not to be passive observers in our own destruction!

Hello, I wrote the “internet and cars” comment. I hate Western aggression in, and occupation of, Arab lands perhaps as much as you do, even though I am not an Arab or a Muslim.

I entirely identify with the sentiment of Mr al-Amin. If it were my land which was being attacked, I too would be thinking of such things. But because I am far off, I can reason about it without passion.

If it is a war, then reasoning without passion is a necessity. What are your goals, and how will your actions help achieve them? How would merely killing a few people help you? Would that end the occupation? Indeed, the result would be just the opposite, as it would degenerate into endless tit-for-tat cycles. After a bomb explosion in a Western city, do you think the people there were care at all about what your grievances are, instead of just wishing to bomb some Arab land once more? This is how humans are, this is how humans think, and to not take it into consideration is not sensible. If a tank comes towards you, would you just rush towards it to “fight it”? No, stop and think about your goals, and about your intended actions. (There were people in the West saying just these things to to U.S.Ameriacans after the 9/11 episode. They didn’t listen too! However, you have more to lose, so you should act more wisely!)

And there is no need to grow desperate. Arab identity is in no danger of erasure anytime soon (though you fear it). In politics, things change with startling speed. Twenty years ago, could anyone have reasoned that China would become so powerful? Can you be sure that Saudi Arabian monarchy would exist a decade from now? A thousand things can happen in between! I say once again, do not grow desparate, do not grow revengeful, but keep your own goal, and your own actions in front of you.

the Resistance always seems to murder, and imprison thousands of their own citizens, but seldom spills a drop of Israeli blood,,the IR!,saddam, the Baath
The spark from Tunisia will burn Al Asaad,s police state to the ground,
let this little light enter the Black Hole of Hatred
The more open,democratic governance that is spreading in the ME will do a better job of resistance to Israel than than the Thugs States have ever done

The entire educated world knows Tunisia,Egypt,Libya and Syria are all operations created and controlled by the American government and Israel.What was done to Libya and what has been done to Syria for the last 2 years is nothing but war crimes and crimes against humanity and those behind it should be hung in the street.For the last 2 + years American tax payers money has been going to directly fund and arm a group of terrorist that have been recruited from all over the world by the CIA & mossad and funneled to Syria.This should disgust not only American tax payers but the entire world.America is certainly no democracy and most can easily see this.What America is is an Israel controlled dictatorship where the faces in government change every 4 to 8 years but the game stays exactly the same.The American citizens have no say in the running of America at all and have been made complete debt slaves to Israel.In America every aspect of life is dictated by Israel or those who support or work for Israel.Banking,media,business government and military are all 100% controlled by Israel or those in their pay.This has to be stopped!

Resistance is our duty, Ibrahim al-Amin writes. Then he defines the duty as: for "every capable person to fight these killers, wherever they may be, wherever there is a chance to take revenge against them, and punish all the traitors, one after the other, in their beds, behind their desks, inside their tanks, or in their palaces, whether they are alone, or among their families."

Good to have his definition of resistance spelled out in such clear terms (i.e. incitement and collective punishment). And good to know Ibrahim has a political vision for co-existence in the region. I strongly doubt it even jives with Hezbollah's.

Dear Ibrahim,

Your letter is heart of all Muslims. We in Pakistan are facing outcome of shake hands with these butchwers. Takfiris in Pakistan & Afghanistan show themselves against US & West but their all actions favors these powers will to keep Mulims divided & show them terrorist.
We in Pakistan feeling lot of anxiety for our brothers in Syria. Saudi & US both will be defeated Inshallah. God Almighty keep Syrian People & Govt unit & make them able to defend their country. God Almighty librate Hijaz ul Muqadas from these Munafigeen-e- Aran "Takfiris/Saudis".

Allah O Akbar.

Please, bringing the war to innocents will do no good. If you read U.S. sites, you will find that many hate the wars too. Obama came to power promising to end wars. (He promised “Change”, if you remember.) American people are as occupied as the Arabs, voting there changes nothing.

And “the West” is much bigger than just England and France. Germans and Austrians, for example, are strictly against the wars.

It would be very difficult to keep a cool head amidst wars, but do not fan hatred! And, moreover, how would it help even you? It is not that the governments would become afraid and stop meddling in Arab countries; they probably do not care for what happens in the streets. (Endless wars, among other reasons, have destroyed U.S. economy, but do the leaders care? Example: In U.S, an year or two ago, 1 million people applied for flipping burgers in McDonalds.)

Finally, “the West” is much more than just wars. Internet and cars, for example, were invented in the West. Do you hate all that too?

For too long the forces of evil have corrupted the weak-minded and exploited the poor and ignorant amongst us to raise an army of demons. I was shocked how easily Iraqis were fooled in 2006 after a foreign invasion to tear each other apart rather than unite against the common enemy. Media disinformation and corruption confused and blinded so many to the real enemies and collaborators, those hypocrites who pronounce themselves holier and better than the rest while preaching filial hatred.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, divide and rule was western colonialism's biggest weapon. But how is it possible in the 21st century for it to be a winning formula that works every time? In the Arab and Muslim world, the almost complete subversion of societies based on traditional, moderate Islam has been achieved by the heresy of petrodollar-fueled Wahabist Takfirism, greed and gangsterism.

But even the most ignorant cannot now claim ignorance about who benefits and underwrites the strife in Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Lebanon and every corner of the Arab world. The Saudis, their Gulf midgets, the Turks openly side with the Zionist-FUKUS-NATO axis of evil in promoting sectarianism and hate. What about the dumb Muslim Brotherhood, don't these idiots get it, that they are disposable once they have served the purpose of causing chaos in countries like Egypt? Open your eyes and return to the fold of humanity.

Thank you Ibrahim al-Amin for naming the names and the forces that stand in the way of not only, pan-Arab unity, but also native peoples across the world facing the same genocidal, neo-colonialist planners and enablers. The more we give in to these hypocritical cowards denying our liberation, the more they will take.

It's clear, they fear unity and solidarity more than anything else in their desperate gamble to dominate the world. Therein lies their weakness. We must be cleverer than them, establish and maintain unbreakable bonds and organise secure channels of communication and intelligence gathering. In that respect, the Lebanese Resistance is a model for all the world's liberation movements.

As well as rooting out the traitors, we have to move forward with mending fences, organising, educating, guiding the young and most importantly learning to respect and care for one another again. Only then will resistance deliver victory.

Viva Syria! Viva Lebanon! Viva anti-imperialism!

We need ideas to win arguments, and spades to dig trenches.

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