Israeli army dogs attack elderly Palestinian

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Israeli security forces talk with Jewish settlers from the Esh Kodesh settlement as they stage a sit-in in an attempt to prevent Palestinians from working in their fields in the northern West Bank village of Jalud on January 2, 2013. (Photo: AFP - Jaafar Ashtiyeh)

Published Thursday, January 3, 2013

Israeli army dogs attacked a 93-year-old Palestinian woman as an undercover unit raided the West Bank city of Jenin on Thursday morning, according to Ma'an news agency.

The agents were dressed as Palestinians and backed up by the army when they staged an incursion into the city's industrial zone.

The raid is the latest in a string of Israeli attacks on Palestinian towns in the West Bank. On Tuesday, Israeli soldiers disguised as vegetable vendors invaded the northern West Bank town of Tamoun and fired ammunition at residents.

Amneh Hisnawi was alone in her house when soldiers stormed her home and dogs belonging to security personnel attacked her. She was sent to an Israeli hospital for treatment.

An army spokesman said the raid on Jenin was conducted to arrest a Palestinian suspected of 'terror activity', but that the suspect was not at home.

Around 500 Palestinians hurled rocks, firebombs, and burned tires, according to the spokesman.

Fadi Ijawi, 23, was wounded in the leg by a a live bullet and taken to a Palestinian hospital, a Ma'an reporter said. Dozens also suffered from tear gas inhalation, the reporter added.

Israeli settlers hit two-year-old Palestinian on the head

Several Palestinians, including one toddler, were injured when dozens of illegal Israeli settlers attacked a northern West Bank village on Wednesday, according to Palestine's Ma'an news agency..

Two-year-old Farah Nanseem was hit on the head during the assault on Jalud village, south of Nablus. Israelis from the Esh Kodesh settlement had staged a sit-in in Jalud earlier in the day to prevent Palestinians from working in the fields (see photo).

Several villagers were sent to hospitals to treat light to moderate wounds; houses and a car were also damaged, settlement monitoring official Ghassan Daghlas said.

Another Nablus village, Qusra, was attacked by settlers two days ago. More than 150 olive trees were uprooted.

The assailants were only briefly detained by village security guards.

Israeli settlers, who are considered illegal by international law, routinely assault Palestinians in the West Bank, damaging property and livelihoods, and often targeting the elderly and children.

They face little to no punishment from Israeli authorities for their crimes.

(Ma'an, Al-Akhbar)


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