Video: Belgian fighters behead man in Syria

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Published Saturday, June 8, 2013

A new video has surfaced allegedly filmed in Syria that shows a group of rebels, some of them speaking Flemish, use a large knife to behead a man.

The rebels, chanting "God is great," first try to slice the man's head off, but then begin hacking at his throat after failing to make a clean cut.

Al-Akhbar cannot verify the authenticity of the video, which was uploaded to the website LiveLeak on Thursday.

Warning: Graphic video

The Flemish-speakers, who may be among the hundred or so Belgians believed to have joined the fight against Syria's government, are heard complaining that the knife is dull, according to a translation of the video.

The video emerges as EU ministers on Friday discussed the potential security threat posed by the hundreds of young Europeans fighting alongside rebels in Syria.

"They're not all jihadists or terrorists," said French Interior Minister Manuel Valls. "But we need to be very concrete in how we work together and we must do this operationally."

It is relatively easy and cheap to reach Syria from Europe, with a bus ride from the Balkans for instance costing only around 100 euros.

A recent report by King's College London has said up to 600 people from 14 European countries, including Austria, Britain, Germany, Spain and Sweden had taken part in the Syria conflict since it began in March 2011.

The largest single contingent was from Britain but based on population, the figures for Belgium, Ireland and the Netherlands were the most significant, with around 200 between them.

(Al-Akhbar, AFP)


"The Jihadist Muslims are controlled via Masonic leaders out of Cairo and Turkish 'Eastern lodge' and use Islam to justify what is part of Roman Inquisition exercised through the Vatican Jesuit military via Freemasonry..."

Say hello to David Icke

To the EU...reap what you have sown. These people will be back inflaming your muslim commnities soon.

problem is the religion

Van Rompuy should be the first candidate for a similar close shave if and when these 'heroes' he has promoted ever make it back home.

That's flemish alright.

yigal: it's sectarianism put to political use by Sunni Arab monarchs who support and seek support from the US to prop up their decaying dynasties by creating the false fear of Shia and other Muslims considered apostates. All done in the service of their roles as client states who get support from the US by prostrating to Israel and offering to normalize relations with the thieving zionists. Yeah, you have to explain things slowly to zionists since the hasbara they've imbibed dulls their thought processes and logic.

Theres nothing abnormal looking at the video, It's common practice within the Muslim world to slaughter their captives in any manner that's as brutal as can be. One should focus on the coming months that the slaughter will escalate to a scale never seen before between Sunni & Shia. The spill over effect into Lebanon is eminent with a death wish from both sides that will slaughter anyone and anybody that's against each others cause. Woe to those that think Israel is a pushover - a fatal mistake from the decades of history proving that. The Israelis always pay back 10 fold the carnage brought on them. It's the suffering and death of innocent victims no matter what religion one believes in.

Caroline,I appreciate the time you took to post a serious and thoughtful answer. I was being sarcastic In my first post under. Though our views are worlds apart,I think we both share the same sadness reading of daily on going butchery In the Arab world. Just turn to the Al-Akhbar front page. And this slaughter has nothing or nothing directly, as a result of western Interference, Zionism or Palestinian right of return or other. It boils down to murderous rivalry that maybe you understand better than me.
The longer this butchery lasts In Syria, It Is a guarantee It will spill Into Lebanon. And In Lebanon, the different sides are armed to the teeth even without outside arms race.We've seen this In past decades. The only difference this time, the Shi'ites In Lebanon will be the target of the Druze, Christians and extreme Sunis. It Is an EXCUSE to settle old "accounts".Call It what you will, but from where I am sitting, Arabs don't need much of an excuse to turn a gun on a neighbor.It Is good for the soul though , to put the blame on an external factor (US/Israel,Colonialism, an Itchy eye brow)

Yigal, who said it's the west's fault? The screwed up part is the fact that those are called freedom fighters by the media in the west. Don't you agree?

One thing for sure- they are Muslims. butchering Muslims.
So explain again , slowly,how Is this the fault of the "west",US/Israel, the Palestinian suffering?

Yigil, sponsership of around $300 million from US/UK, proxies of the West supporting in the region, French, UK and US training and covert arms dealing to them...without which there would have been no invasion. The Jihadist Muslims are controlled via Masonic leaders out of Cairo and Turkish 'Eastern lodge' and use Islam to justify what is part of Roman Inquisition exercised through the Vatican Jesuit military via Freemasonry...

Wow.. deep.. I like that..I think you have won the debate.. excellent

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