What do Palestinians need to do to get Western media sympathy?

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Basically we have learnt that for the Palestinians to attain Western media and human rights legitimacy and sympathy, they need to emulate Israeli tactics and methods according to those rules:

1) That Palestinians are justified in killing Israelis if they knock first on their roofs or if they call them first on their cellphones.

2) Palestinians are justified in shelling Israel provided they declare that their intentions are not to harm civilians.

3) Palestinians will get Western media support if they say that the civilians they may hit in Israel are command and control centers.

4) Palestinians would be justified in killing Israelis if they claim that Israeli terrorists hide behind civilians.

5) That Palestinians need to kill far more of the enemy than they do, so that the actual death ratio becomes like it is now in Gaza: 200 to 0, because the absence of casualties in Israel makes Israel the victim and not vice versa.

6) The Palestinians need to acquire far more advanced weapons because Human Rights Watch has ruled that possessing advanced weapons makes you far superior morally and less able to commit war crimes.

7) Palestinians need to add to their calculations of casualties by adding to their list of victims all those who were “shell-shocked” or who died from illnesses or natural causes during the conflict.

8) Palestinians need to form a lobby to control the US Congress.

9) Palestinians need to be less poor and to have more of their members speak in unaccented American English to make them more friendly to American TV audiences.

10) Palestinians need to somehow convince The New York Times and The Washington Post to plaster the pictures and profiles of their victims on their front pages otherwise no one in the US would believe that they are victims.

11) Palestinians need to refer to every Israeli as a terrorist because that makes you the victim – in the case of Israeli terrorists that is.

12) Palestinians need to claim that they are pained by any killing they cause on the other side, and to pretend that anguish makes them less guilty of war crimes. Invoking anguish has made Israeli terrorists sympathetic in US eyes.

13) Palestinians need to convert en masse to Judaism because Islam or even eastern Christianity is not something that Westerners like to identify with.

14) Palestinians need to acquire an air force ASAP and to use it regularly on Israel because that would seem quite impressive in Western eyes.

15) Palestinians need to obtain the support of Micronesia and the Marshall Islands at the UN because those two states really help Israel at the UN and protect it from international condemnation.

16) Palestinians need to declare that the Saudi king is their leader because the Saudi royal family enjoys wide respect in Western capitals.

17) Palestinians need to stop punishing collaborators and agents of Israeli terrorism who provide bombing information to Israeli military because those collaborators and agents are the only Palestinians who are liked by Western media and governments.

18) Palestinians in Gaza need to remind the West – just as Israel does daily – that their government is the only one that is freely elected in the region.

19) Palestinians need to bring out their national orchestra into the streets of Gaza because Aaron David Miller once told me that it is the very existence of the Israeli national orchestra that explains American support for Israel.

20) Palestinians need to label every one of their victims as a Mossad-affiliated terrorist or Mossad terrorists. These labeling tricks work wonders for Israel.

21) Palestinians need to show the world that there are Palestinians who drink whiskey: that seems to impress the hell out of American correspondents. They are not accustomed to seeing Arabs drink whiskey.

22) Palestinians need to call any attack on their cause racist and anti-Arab, just as Israel considers any criticisms of its policies and war crimes anti-Semitic.

23) Palestinians need to appoint Abraham Foxman as their representative in Washington, DC. For some bizarre reason, US media considers him the authority on the Palestinian national movement.

Dr. As’ad AbuKhalil is a professor of Political Science at California State University, Stanislaus, a lecturer and the author of The Angry Arab News Service. He tweets @asadabukhalil.


In a lot of the U . s . States, parent can legally exclude from inheritance a grown kid. To disinherit an individual will be to intentionally have them from acquiring house out of one's assets as soon as you expire.

IMHO they need blond hair and blue eyes.

There already IS great pro-Pali sympathy, and anti-Israeli animus in the Leftist dominated US academy, where Blame Israel First is an accepted corollary of Blame America First. But greater media sympathy won't do much to accomplish the goal of eliminating Israel, and returning any surviving Jews to dhimmihood.
That goal would likely require nukes, ; then all the Angry Arabs can become Happy. Radio-Active Arabs.
But until that Happy Day arrives, Arabs seem content kill each other.

The fan of the most stupid prez in the history of USA (no mean feat) repeats Zionist propaganda as a profi hasbarist. And of course, how one could blame Israel (not "Jews") - i.e. Zionist colonizers of Palestine for anything? Yes, Zionists robbed, mass-murdered, tortured and ethnic cleansed Palestinians and are still doing the same. But It does not matter, because "Arabs" kill one another. Sure, and Americans kill one another, esp. cops killing grannies and small children, and Obama murdering Americans without trial by drones - but the fan of the most stupid prez in the history of USA (no mean feat) does not care about it. And, mind you, Americans also murder a lot of Arabs and other non-whites, and foster sectarian fights between Arabs, but the fan of the most stupid prez in the history of USA (no mean feat) does not care- after all, his favorite murdered about a million of Iraqis and he is still a favorite of his.
And Zionist colonizers could murder and torture American citizens, but the fan of the most stupid prez in the history of USA (no mean feat) does not care - those were "Arabs" or "leftists"
Of course, Zionists also got a lot of American cash just now -" The total aid to Israel for missile defense approved this week by the US amounts to $621 million" but USA has a lot of spare money, after all - who needs firefighters of teachers or drinking water if money could be gifted to Zionists to kill more Palestinians?
Of course, some people in USA are starting thinking about all those and the could not even agree with the fan of the most stupid prez in the history of USA (no mean feat) about USA money granted to child murderers. Sure the fan of the most stupid prez in the history of USA (no mean feat) is not happy with it. Good

Hamas broke the ceasefire today by sending a long flurry of rockets into Israel.


At your peril steal a glance at the headline.
Look neither to the right nor left.
Remain expressionless. Back in the car
say something unkind to your wife.

Sever their connection to the heart
and your eyes will freeze on the spot.
A stiffened jaw is the first sign of death.
The tongue ulcerates by keeping silent.

More healthy than a bowl of goji berries
is the instinct to curse the oppressor.
With the shower running I utter blasphemy.
I howl wickedness as the wind whips the trees.

Let us omit folk dancing from our image of Israel.
Exult instead as the locusts consume their lemon groves.
For breakfast spread arab blood on a montreal bagel.
Try counting their nukes as a cure for insomnia.

They ask for our pity while savaging their neighbour.
They are faking their endless post-traumatic distress.
Under the enlightened law of my nation I cannot put
semite and slaughter together in the same sentence.

Goldspan, Bernanke, Geithner, Summers:
four guys crashed the system, caused vast misery,
got off free, and now govern the university.
Dare we note in public what they share in common?

Who cares if an asteroid strikes Tel Aviv
whilst Papua endures a devastating tsunami?
If during my time they are driven into the sea
I will maybe buy a TV to watch the action live.

Hamas should quit firing rockets which are useless anyway. If it did this it would in a single stroke demolish Netanyahu's cover for his war of aggression and drivea wedge among israelis.

But he will have no problem in creating another pretext to wage war. That is exactly what the Zionists have been doing for more than 70 years. The Zionists propaganda machine stands ready to fabricate any pretext to kill Palestinians.

On the net if you are interested to look:-

Happy Banking
Bank of Scotland
Bank West in W.A
Ralph Norris
Kevin Rudd P.M.
The Reserve Bank of Australia
Believe it or not, this article, featured by this investigative ABC program....is an elaborate covering up of MASSIVE FRAUD on the part of all of the above mentioned.
And we the people of Australia go to pay to get bamboozled - but we also got to pay from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia's bailout of West Bank to the tune of $16 billion plus & that's not all. Rudd guaranteed the crooked & broke Australian Banking sector with Australia itself.

I understand business - banking - stock market - futures market - derivatives...& that's how I know

"Western Media Sympathy"
Why do they need it ?
Why do the want it ?
1) To our smart a fox you need to be a bit smarter
2) The bully is the most popular being in the school yard
3) Maybe they could cry louder
4) Be a better & more entertaining victim, so that they laugh harder & maybe that endearment will cause them to feel sympathy.
5) In adult hood it is the Alpha Male bad boy who is seen as sexy & everyone wants to be on the winning team..... = ISRAEL .

Another boring and angry list - I remember when AbuKhalil's stuff used to be innovative.

Why not discuss, for example, how the Israelis manipulate the media and how the Palestinians - by sending on useless PLO officials with a bad grasp of English to debate malevolent geniuses like Mark Regev - continue to be terrible at media management.

Rather than aimless lists, how about starting a constructive discussion on ways for the Palestinians to start to win the media war?

Easy. Stop being genocidal Jew killing terrorists.

You're sickened.
I'm sickened.
All decent and honest people are sickened.
But the western media laps up these war crimes, like dogs lapping up blood at an accident.

Thousands of people in hundreds of media outlets, (TV stations, Newspapers etc) all happy to carry on making a living by justifying massacres. Such is the culture of this civilisation.

Wonderful article should be widely read.

Correction on point 22:

Israeli attacks on Palestinians are anti-semitic (not anti-arab)

No, the first Palestinians have to occupy and colonize some land and ethnic cleanse the population. Without it even Foxman won't be of much use

Palestinians should also buy billions of dollars of weapons from the US. that always helps.
and if they had whiter skin, the US might even shell out the cash.

24) Palestinians should take to social media and call for the "Death to Jews". This makes them seem victims of vicious pogroms.

25) Palestinian leaders should quote some national poet calling for "Avenging a Small Boy". This makes them seem civilized and cultured.

26) Leaders and people should incite hatred by calling Jews sub-humans or animals in the skin of humans. Dehumanizing makes them seem humane.

That doesn't really work with Asad's list because we're not supposed to know the nasty things Israelis say in Hebrew. Why do you think MEMRI lacks a Hebrew section?

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