62753_(ME1) Mugniyah and Iranian MOIS

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Date 2007-11-13 14:22:08
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Mughniyah is in Lebanon. I understand he spends much time inthe southern
suburbs but I cannot verify if he is there right now. There are reasons to
assume that he is in Lebanon and that he will stay there in the foreseable
future. Iran expects the situation in Lebanon to eventually explode and
Mughniya will be needed there. It is definitely safer for Mughniya to be
located in the Greater Beirut area than in the Biqaa or north of the

Mughniya has one leg with Hizbullah and another with the Iranian Ministry
of Intelligence and Security. In the past MOIS used Mughniya for special
operations. The fact he is in Lebanon now points to the seriousness of the
situation there and the prospect that Lebanon will turn again into an
arena of special operations.


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