63417_ME1 INSIGHT - Hamas plans to wage attacks during Annapolis Conference

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ME1 INSIGHT - Hamas plans to wage attacks during Annapolis Conference
Date 2007-11-06 22:24:11
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Hamas intends to disrupt the forthcoming Annapolis Conference, which has
been called for by Secretary Rice to resolve the Israel-Palestine standoff
on the basis of a two-state solution. My source says the PLO has received
information that Iran and Syria are coordinating with Hamas and Islamic
Jihad to cause large scale disturbances in the Palestinian Territories.

Mahmud Abbas does not expect much to happen as a result of the Annapolis
Conference, in view of his firm position on the "Palestinian constants"
such as the status of Jerusalem and the right of return. Nevertheless, he
feels Hamas and the Islamic Jihad are stabbing the firm official
Palestinian position in the back by attempting to sabotage the conference
and relieving Israel of the pressure of having to deal with the real

Hamas is expected to escalate the situation on Gaza and launch against
Israel as many missiles as they could. The Islamic Jihad will try to
launch suicide attacks from the West Bank into Israel proper.


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