continuation of insinuating reva sleeps with sources

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Date 2010-02-11 00:13:41
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(17:09) Bayless Parsley: you have been the latam analyst for like two seconds
(17:10) Bayless Parsley: how the fuck did you get all this
(17:10) Reva Bhalla: coffee
(17:10) Bayless Parsley: so that's what they're calling it these days, huh
(17:10) Reva Bhalla: haha
(17:10) Reva Bhalla: shut the hell up
(17:10) Bayless Parsley: amazing
(17:12) Bayless Parsley: it's a good thing G doesn't want you as the new africa analyst
(17:12) Bayless Parsley: risk of AIDS is too high
(17:12) Reva Bhalla: OMG
(17:12) Reva Bhalla: BAYLESS
(17:12) Reva Bhalla: FUCKING
(17:12) Reva Bhalla: PARSLEY
(17:12) Bayless Parsley: ????
(17:12) Bayless Parsley: i'm talking about if you have an open cut
(17:12) Bayless Parsley: and your source, also has an open cut
(17:12) Bayless Parsley: and you accidentally bump into him with open cuts!!
(17:13) Reva Bhalla: haha i hate you


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