Live Blog: Egyptians rally against Mursi power grab

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Egyptian protesters call for the overthrow of the regime and shout other slogans against President Mohammed Mursi during a demonstrations in Cairo's Tahrir Square on 27 November 2012). (Photo: AFP - Gianlugi Guercia)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hundreds of Egyptians camped out in Cairo's iconic Tahrir Square overnight Monday following a funeral for 17-year-old Gaber Salah, a leftist activist associated with the April 6 Movement, killed during anti-Mursi protests this week. Tens of thousands more are expected to pour into the square today for a fifth consecutive day of protests against President Mohammed Mursi's decree granting himself autocratic powers.

A coalition of opposition leaders called on their supporters to crowd Tahrir Tuesday to demand Mursi rescind the decree. The Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party, to which Mursi belongs, has meanwhile called off a counter demonstration originally planned for today, perhaps fearing an escalation of violence after one of its supporters, 15-year-old Islam Fathi Mohammed, was killed during protests this week.

A third victim of the current crisis, 18-year-old Ahmed Naguib Mohamed Ali, passed away Monday after succumbing to injuries sustained during clashes outside the US Embassy on Sunday.

Al-Akhbar will post updates and analyses throughout the day as events develop on the ground.

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