Peaceful atmosphere on Lebanese border so far

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Live blog: Land Day global protest


Al-Akhbar correspondent Serene Assir is in south Lebanon and has described a positive atmosphere so far.

She said many activists had traveled from across the world to express support for the Palestinian cause.

Sui Raus, from Japan, had come to Lebanon especially for the event.

“Its a very important day for my brothers in Palestine. He has been working on civil society projects with the Palestinians for 10 years. This marks the start of the liberation of Palestine.

Luis D'elid, an Argentinian labor activist, said it was important to express solidarity.

“The way that they live is very close in spite of the geographical distance.” Gaza war – in Argentina it was summer but it was also a political summer. Nevertheless tens of thousands of people demonstrated in

Published: Friday, March 30, 2012 - 14:39

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