Lebanon: Divided and Dependent

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Not much is happening in Lebanon: not much aside from machinations, conspiracies, and diabolical plots by different sides. Israel is not far from the picture. It can be safely maintained that Israel has always been party to any Lebanese conflict since 1948. Not once were the Lebanese divided and Israel was not secretly involved.

Israeli media reported that it is now acknowledged that in 1958 Israel secretly supplied then Lebanese president Camille Chamoun with arms. In the 1975 civil war, Israel was materially and militarily involved long before the outbreak of the war. Throughout the confrontation between Lebanon’s two political camps March 14 and March 8, we now know from Wikileaks and other sources that Israel has been a solid member of the March 14 regional alliance, which also includes Israel’s staunch ally in the region, Saudi Arabia. Lebanese factions operate in utmost secrecy: they don’t say what they mean, and they don’t mean what they say, and only a select few know what is going on.

Saad Hariri is too aloof to be a decision maker: his faction is now reduced to receiving specific orders from Saudi Arabia’s intelligence director, Prince Muqrin. On the other side, Hezbollah is probably the only party that actually knows what is going on and what it is up to. Though it mostly reacts to the other side’s machinations and plots. It has been on the defensive since 2005 and did not initiate actions except when it was too late.

It is fair to say that both sides are now waiting for the picture in Syria to get clearer. March 14 – which for the first few weeks of the Syrian uprising decided to ignore and not cover it (only As-Safir and Al-Akhbar really extensively covered the uprising at first) – initially cautioned against any intervention in internal Syrian affairs. But Saudi orders soon followed and the movement quickly engaged in blatant agitation: it was ironic that the movement known for racist mobilization against Syrians, which resulted in the murder of hundreds of Syrian workers and attacks on hundreds of others, suddenly started to champion Syrian people and their cause.

On the other side, March 8, which cheered the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings, suddenly found fault with the Arab uprisings and suspected an American plot behind them as soon as they reached Syria. The Hariri camp acts as if the regime is about to fall any second now. March 8 seems more nervous and Hezbollah media either ignore the protests and the bloody record of the regime, or rehash the Syrian regime’s propaganda. Lebanese factions are now arguing over electricity plans and budget issues while they keep their eyes on the neighbor next door.

Lebanon’s fate has always been shaped by outsiders, largely due to the Lebanese sectarian system which instituted sponsors for each sect. And then the Zionist usurping entity saw fit to interfere and bomb at will in any place in the region. Lebanon has never been less independent.


So this is the freedom of Thought you want to offer to the arabs. I wrote several comments on the Articles of "comrade" Assad. So why change at all. "Comrades" of Bath Party offered us the same kind of freedom for decades. Second. Why Assad never talks about the elements of iranian counter revolution?

Why you never talk about the iranian counter-revolution?

If you weren't ignorant you would know what Mr. As'ad's views on the Iranian issues...
Way to go As'ad!

Shallow as usual.

About Syria. Zionist Russian-language rag put it thus regarding UN SC vote: "Russia and China close ranks with butchers of Syrians". Sure, Zionists are SO worried about the wellbeing of Syrians.

Of course, NATO-bombing-of-Libya -loving Westerners are livid because just now NATO is not able to use UN fig leaf to bomb Syria as well. They curse Russia and China.

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