Top Advisor to US Presidential Candidate Linked to Bizarre British Scandal

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Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain addresses the Defending the American Dream Summit at the Washington Convention Center November 4, 2011 in Washington, DC. (Photo: AFP - Chip Somodevilla)

By: Max Blumenthal

Published Friday, November 4, 2011

Top foreign policy advisor to US Republican presidential candidate has a murky history fraught with accusations of fraud, links to alleged clandestine operations with Mossad, sexual harassment and racism.

In July 2009, top US Navy spokesman Jeffrey D. “J.D.” Gordon publicly accused a reporter from the Miami Herald, Carol Rosenberg, of "multiple incidents of abusive and degrading comments of an explicitly sexual nature." Gordon, then public affairs officer for the US military prison at Guantanamo, Cuba, claimed that Rosenberg called him a closet homosexual who was so unattractive she “wanted to vomit.” “I've been abused worse than the detainees have been abused,” Gordon complained at the time. In the end, Rosenberg was cleared by an internal Herald investigation that found “inconsistencies” in Gordon’s version of events. Soon afterwards, Gordon retired from the military and joined the world of Washington's conservative movement to cash in on his experience.

This week, Gordon has found himself in the midst of yet another sexual scandal. As the chief spokesman and foreign policy advisor for Herman Cain, the longtime restaurant and tobacco industry lobbyist currently leading the field in the Republican presidential primary contest, Gordon has been forced to defend Cain against allegations that he sexually harassed two former employees. But the man in charge of damage control is himself damaged goods. Not only has Gordon worked as a well-paid “fellow” for the Center for Security Policy, a far-right think tank at the heart of the campaign to demonize Muslim citizens of the United States, but he has also been the key Washington representative of Atlantic Bridge, a shadowy front group at the center of a major influence peddling scandal that in October brought down British Defense Minister Liam Fox.

The Atlantic Bridge scandal began soon after the election of Tory Prime Minister David Cameron, who appointed Liam Fox, a leading Conservative, as minister of defense. Fox gallivanted around the globe on taxpayer-funded junkets beside his best friend, a lobbyist named Adam Werrity, who served as Atlantic Bridge’s executive director. Fox, who founded Atlantic Bridge with the stated mission of fostering better ties between British and American conservatives, allowed Werrity to masquerade as his personal envoy in explicit violation of British parliamentary rules. Meanwhile, Werrity leveraged hefty donations from wealthy British pro-Israel lobbyists to advance a radical right-wing agenda at home and a rogue pro-Israel foreign policy abroad.

While Fox and Werrity orchestrated clandestine schemes that bordered on criminality, Gordon acted as their man in Washington. Gordon’s public relations firm, J.D. Gordon Communications, was given a lucrative contract with Atlantic Bridge and still lists the group as one of his clients on his website. The amount Gordon was paid from the British-based group remains undisclosed. According to the blog Think Progress, Gordon was also a partner in a consulting firm, Gordon Cohen Strategies, which managed the US operations of Atlantic Bridge. Gordon’s business associate, Lee Cohen, was listed as the “Washington D.C. Director” of Atlantic Bridge while Werrity served as its executive director.

In October, the United Kingdom Charity Commission shut down Atlantic Bridge’s operations after it determined that the non-profit was no more than a tax-exempt shell for international corporate lobbyists. Fox was forced to step down from his post as defense chief. At the heart of the charges against Fox is that he allowed Werrity to escort him on as many as 18 government trips, giving his close friend access to highly sensitive meetings with foreign officials that may have compromised British national security and in any case was an illegal if not inappropriate relationship.

Those meetings included a chat with Meir Dagan, then the chief of Israel’s Mossad, at a national security conference in Israel discussing sanctions against Iran. Through his strangely intimate relationship with the Mossad, Werrity gained entrée to certain Iranian opposition groups, reportedly encouraging them to escalate their campaign against the Iranian regime. As the London Telegraph, the conservative British newspaper, reported, “Werrity ‘plotted with Israel’ to topple Iran’s president Ahmadinejad.” While suspicious British intelligence agents debriefed Werrity on his meetings with Iranian opposition members, British Foreign Office officials became anxious that he and Fox were operating a “shadow foreign policy” that threatened to undermine UK attempts to resolve issues relating to Iran’s nuclear ambitions through diplomatic means.

Just eight days before the British government abruptly closed down Atlantic Bridge, Werrity set up another shell company, Pargav Ltd, to use as a slush fund to finance his jet set lifestyle, which included first class airplane flights and lodging at five star hotels around the globe. Pargav’s donors included many of the same pro-Israel businessmen who bankrolled Atlantic Bridge. Among them was Michael Lewis, a South African business tycoon who formerly served as vice chairman of the British Israel Communications Research Council (Bicom), the key arm of Britain’s Israel lobby. Another major donor to both Atlantic Bridge and Pargav was Chaim ‘Poju’ Zabludowicz, a Las Vegas-based billionaire who chairs Bicom and is responsible for much of its funding.

Bicom paid for Werrity’s trip to the Iran sanctions conference in Israel where he made initial contact with the Mossad, enabling him to initiate his rogue Iran policy while falsely posing as an official advisor to Fox. In the end, the lobbyist’s Iran gambit flopped while his James Bond fantasies invited a possible fraud investigation from Scotland Yard.

Gordon openly, even brazenly, acknowledges that he accepted payments from Atlantic Bridge. Indeed, he was one of charity’s chief operatives in Washington. But what services he performed for the scandal-plagued front group remain unknown.

Atlantic Bridge, as it turns out, has not been Gordon’s only controversial political venture. Upon exiting the military, Gordon received a fellowship from the Washington-based Center for Security Policy (CSP), a far-right think tank devoted to advancing the cause of Islamophobia. CSP is led by Frank Gaffney, a veteran neoconservative so obsessed with what he calls “stealth Shariah” and “Islamofascism” that he called the Obama administration’s refusal to increase funding for already funded missile defense systems proof of the “official U.S. submission to Islam and the theo-political-legal program the latter's authorities call Shariah.” In 2010, Gaffney’s CSP published a report called “Shariah: The Threat to America,” which claimed that Muslim Americans planned to put the United States under the control of Shariah law, and proposed criminalizing the practice of Islam. The report’s author, David Yerushalmi, is an open white supremacist who claimed that Caucasians are genetically superior to non-whites, and are therefore more receptive to democratic forms of government. Yerushalmi, who is Jewish, has also declared that liberal Jews “destroy their host nations like a fatal parasite.”

While serving as a CSP fellow, Gordon published a steady stream of op-eds for conservative news outlets. His contributions included an editorial for the right-wing Washington Times claiming that former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin “has more brains than Barack [Obama].” In a column for the same paper, Gordon predicted disaster for the Arab Spring, assailing Obama for failing to stand by the Tunisian and Egyptian dictators, and for supposedly turning his back on the Yemeni autocrat Ali Abdullah Saleh.

In August of this year, Gordon left CSP in order to set up his own foreign policy think tank spin-off, the Center for Security and Diplomacy. But just days before going public, Gordon received a remunerative offer to absorb his embryonic think tank and its entire staff into Cain’s presidential campaign. At the time, Cain was suffering from the perception that he knew little to nothing about foreign policy. In an October interview with the religious right Christian Broadcasting Network, Cain mocked the notion that a president should be required to possess a basic grounding in geopolitics. “And when they ask me who is the president of Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan I’m going to say, you know, I don’t know,” he said. The candidate then turned to his interviewer and asked, “Do you know?”

Since he has hired Gordon to improve his foreign policy IQ, there have been more pertinent questions for Cain and his spokesman to answer. Yet key questions remain unasked and unanswered. How close is Gordon’s relationship with the disgraced lobbyist Adam Werrity? What services did Gordon provide Werrity’s now disbanded Atlantic Bridge and how much money did he receive from the scandal-plagued lobbyist’s slush fund donors? Has Scotland Yard interviewed Gordon for his knowledge of the scandal? If not, will he volunteer to be interviewed by Scotland Yard investigators? Cain, for his part, has little excuse for not knowing about the scandal or about Gordon’s role in it. After all, it occurred inside the government of a special US ally called Bri-bri-bri-bri-bri-tain-tain, not “Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan.”


RE: Yerushalmi, who is Jewish, has also declared that liberal Jews “destroy their host nations like a fatal parasite.”

ALSO SEE: Inside CUFI's 2011 Washington "Summit", Special to, 07/29/11
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(excerpts)....And this is the rub – Christian Zionists love the idea of Jews – not Jews as they actually are, but as representatives of God's ongoing truth and impending Christian salvation. They love religious Jews who, through the conflation of American and Israeli identities, many seem to think of as sharing the exact same values as them, minus Jesus...
...And this is where those Jews who are strong supporters of CUFI come in handy. They can criticize Jews to a far greater degree than any Christian Zionists would be willing to do. They can criticize Jews to a far greater degree than any Christian Zionists would be willing to do. Conservative commentator Jennifer Rubin [of the "Washington Post"] spent a great deal of her talk slamming her co-religionists for being naively liberal, and referencing her fellow panelist's father’s book – Norman Podhoretz's "Why are Jews Liberal?" – as a way to try and explain that they have fallen away from God and been captivated by the "religion of liberalism" to which the audience expressed considerable dismay.
Rubin and others are useful for this kind of criticism because it allows them to express contempt for their fellow Jews, which coming out of the mouth of anyone else would, quite rightly, be considered anti-Semitism...


Also David Cameron's aide worked for Liam Fox charity
"Gabby Bertin, now PM's press secretary, was paid £25,000 by drug firm Pfizer to work as a researcher for Atlantic Bridge"

Also Joe Lieberman was on the US arm's "advisory council", who *just happened* to try to wreck "Obamacare".

The US arm of this "charity" was under IRS investigation a while ago, do you know how that investigation transpired?

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