Israeli Netanyahu acknowledges world has double standards

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Published Monday, December 10, 2012

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is accusing the international community of double standards - double standards that usually work in the Jewish state's favor.

Netanyahu complained that the world condemns Israeli settlements in the West Bank but not Palestinians' refusal to renew peace talks or militant group Hamas' call for the end of the Jewish state.

Through processes of equivocation - by putting Palestinian's use of rockets, for aggressing an occupying power, on the same level as Israel's incessant shelling and their murder of scores of civilians; by indicating that starvation and daily humiliation of a population in an open-air prison is simply a 'response' to Palestinians speaking out against the Israeli's violent occupation and war crimes - Israel continues to insult world intelligence by violently and rhetorically affirming that the Israeli version of peace necessarily costs Palestinian lives.

(Al-Akhbar, AP)



Basically he is saying that It is ok to steal Palestinian land because they won't negotiate with Israel the extent of the stealing!!

I think he is just saying something for the sake of hearing his voice!

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