Belly Dancing Television Takes Off in Egypt

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Dancers perform during the Asia Belly Dancing Festival in Nusa Dua on Indonesia's resort island of Bali. (Photo: AFP - Sonny Tumbelaka)

By: Mohammad Abdel Rahman

Published Monday, November 14, 2011

Cairo – In one week the number of Arab channels broadcasting uninterrupted belly dancing performances shot up to ten, indicating a new trend in the Egypt’s TV landscape.

These channels include Sharqiyat, Farah, Moulad, Shaabiyat, and Darbaka.

These channels are viewed by Egyptians and Arabs through the Nilesat media service and hence are not registered with the Egyptian Ministry of Information. Egypt’s information minister Osama Heikal is thus spared the blame placed on him by critics of this new trend.

The popularity of belly dancing TV started to rise when several channels appeared on one frequency at the same time. The most distinguished of these, Altet, broadcasts belly-dancing without interruption. Others soon followed.

Some of these channels rely on videos of belly dancing gathered from dance performances held in prominent Egyptian hotels during recent years. Others feature dance clips from music videos, movies, and celebrations.

Belly dancing channels are attracting an increasing number of viewers, many of whom have lost interest in the numerous talk show programs available today.

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.


It is soooooooo fantastic!!! All the world loves oriental dance, it is a good news, I hope they will do more channels. This is the jewel of Egypt.
Thanksssssssss to Altet Tv!!!

"this is the jewel of Egypt"

Please spare Egyptian your fetishized orientalism

We really don't need another sleazy 'arts' channel. Anyone who wants to see quality Arabic belly dance can already do so by tuning in to Egypt's channel Two, Al-Shasha, or Rotana Zaman that regularly feature quality performances taken from golden era movies. I find the multitudes of tacky, current-day 'dancers' boring but no doubt this channel will find viewers who aren't too discerning and will tune in for the t'n'a.

I don't think the last line about viewers 'losing interest' in talk shows is fair/adequate comment.
These channels have much more to do with the upcoming elections than with boredom. And with businessmen who buy and launch these channels seeking to dumb down and distract the public, employing old and familiar tactics. Remember the Algeria football propaganda under Mubarak?
People in Egypt are highly politicised as they have proven this year, and at the moment, if they are bored of anything it is the military council's CENSORSHIP of critical talk shows.

oh wow. Well that`s what arabs need most. Sex drugs and rock n`roll. No education or rule of law or god forbids industrialization. No. Sex, drugs, rock n`roll and Ideology will lead us to success.

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