Syria Must Respond to Israeli Aggression

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A Palestinian protester throws a rock towards Israeli soldiers in their vehicle at a protest against the expropriation of Palestinian land by Israel on 1 February 2013 in the village of Kafr Qaddum, near Nablus. (Photo: Jaafar Ashtiyeh - AFP)

By: Nahed Hattar

Published Friday, February 1, 2013

Just as talks of an internal settlement started to emerge in Syria, Israel delivered a humiliating slap with its border incursion – an attack that has opened the door to various possibilities. Israel seeks to impose a new set of rules that begins with Tel Aviv’s ability to violate Syrian sovereignty whenever and however it wishes, at no cost.

In the past – meaning, before the start of the Syrian crisis – Syrian silence towards Israeli violations was understandable. It was rooted in realistic assessments: not to be pulled into a premature war; to avoid shaking the foundations of the regime and its regional and international ties; and to maintain the integrity of Syrian infrastructure, economic installations, and the military. But now, all those reasons have collapsed.

The imperialist, Zionist war has been effectively imposed on Syria for almost two years and the regime no longer enjoys internal consensus. The economic infrastructure has already been destroyed. Finally, it is of no use maintaining the support mechanisms for the Resistance when the heart of the Resistance – and the Syrian army – is itself under attack.

During two years of steadfastness, Damascus had achieved a field victory, as evidenced by military achievements on the ground. The opposition took the rational and courageous decision to start dialogue with the regime. All of this vacillated as Damascus stood by idly during the latest Israeli assault.

First, the strike is an insult to the Syrian army, showing it as a strong force internally, but paralyzed in the face of external aggression. The weakened image of the army, especially now, will impede the gathering of the critical mass needed for internal reconciliation.

Second, the strike sends a message to the extremist forces hostile to the Syrian regime that the hour of desperation has not yet come and that Israeli military aggression has begun.

Third, it is a sign of a new Israeli policy which flouts the pre-Syrian crisis status quo, thus unsettling the Syrian strategy based on resistance.

I do not know why the Syrian leadership has decided to swallow the Israeli blow. It cannot be comprehended from the viewpoint of objective strategic analysis. Contrary to the authoritarian security response, which gives precedence to internal fighting, war against the Israelis right now would deliver a blow to the political and moral positions of the armed groups; it would arouse Syrian nationalist pride that could overshadow Syria’s sectarian and ethnic fissures.

The walls have been breached and the tools of the imperialist Israeli alliance are at the outskirts of Damascus. The logic of “war outside the walls” and replying to Israeli aggression at the right time and place is now devoid of meaning. It is an expression of a lack of political imagination. It’s just an illusion.

The lack of response to this latest Israeli aggression cannot be justified under any pretext. Why didn’t the air defenses move against the attacking Israeli aircrafts? Why wasn't there an immediate response? More importantly, why did the Syrian reply come in the form of a press statement and devoid, at least, of a threat to respond if the attack is renewed? Perhaps the worst outcome of bowing to Israeli aggression will be the direct insult to the Syrian establishment.

Syria defeated the crisis and the doors opened for a solution, change, and rebuilding. But it was a victory that the Israelis could not allow to pass.

Nahed Hattar is a Jordanian writer.

The views expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect Al-Akhbar's editorial policy.

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.

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This is really time to strike back. I agree with the above analysis.

All the other times the Syrian army was too afraid to get the floor wiped with them. Now they simply have nothing to lose. Their ageing military arsenal is going to be wasted on their one people, might as well settle old scores.

I'll tell you why there was no retaliation and not even a defensive attack of the Israeli jets, it's Iran's orders to the Syrian regime. Iran is afraid of being shoehorned into a war with Israel if Syria does anything so it threatens Syria that it'll withdraw its support if it engages with Israel.

Nahed Hattar is a hypocritical Jordanian leftist who supports the Jordanian monarchy, who have a long history of collaborating with the West and the Zionists and whose treachery played a large role in the loss of Palestine. He also refers to the slimeball, Wasfi at-Tal, who waged war on the Palestinian resistance in Jordan, as a "shaheed", and went to seek penitence at his grave, so much for "mumana'a".

So bottom line, Israel has superiority among all nations on this globe in case of her security and can take any and all actions based on her guess and polity? And more over, America under any President including Obama has no guts to speak against her. But above all, the U.N. also close her eyes and ears, if Israel attack any country for any reasons!!!

Because they are too busy murdering their own people, women and children included. Also, if Syria escalates the conflict with Israel, Israel will just destroy whatever remains of the Syrian regieme's advanced military hardware and infrastructure, both of which are needed to continue butcher its own people. Exterminating the Jewsish women and children will just have to wait I guess...

who is this Nahed Hattar working for??? ,,,
Syrian Army will take care of Israel later on,,,,,for now they should concentrate on removing vermin from the country,,,,,,,,,,

And before that they were busy with?

Syria has been the last outpost of pan Arabism and national pride for the Arab nation. All that is now demolished, thanks to the Arab lackeys like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE - those despicable imperial tools of the West.

With the bulwark against Arab reconquest gone, Israel and its guardians have found their long-sought objective - to treat all Arabs like a doormat.

The imperial project is almost over, now will America open another gitmo to lock away those filthy Arab Sheikhs and take over their lands just as has been in Palestine?

In this century?

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