Sheikh Assir Declares Arrival of His Mujahideen in Syria

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Lebanese Sunni Muslims register their names to join Syrian rebels fighting against the regime, at the headquarters of controversial Lebanese Salafist leader in the southern city of Sidon on 25 April 2013. (Photo: AFP - STR)

By: Amal Khalil

Published Saturday, April 27, 2013

“I will not keep this a secret. Let everyone know. As I speak to you now, there are brothers of yours, from this mosque, fighting in Syria.” Salafi Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir made this proclamation during his Friday sermon at the Bilal bin Rabah Mosque in Abra, less than a week after he announced the creation of the so-called Free Resistance Brigade, a volunteer-based group that would wage “jihad” against the Syrian regime.

Sheikh Assir called on followers to register at the mosque and fill out applications for jihad. After that, they merely await Assir’s orders to begin training before being dispatched to Syria, particularly to the town of Qusayr close to the Lebanese border.

But if the path of jihad is a long and arduous one, requiring many stages of preparation, then how did those volunteers manage to deploy to Syria in just a few days? Had Assir secretly sent his supporters earlier? Or did he send them in the past few days with little training and scant arms?

These questions circulated on Friday in Saida. Some even believe that Assir’s revelation was only meant to liven up his theatrics, which many think are growing stale.

Interestingly, dozens of youths from outside of Saida took part in Friday’s prayer at the mosque, coming from al-Nehmeh and Iqlim al-Kharroub, in addition to Syrian nationals, while many worshippers from the city did not show up. Indeed, there were rumors that parents had barred youths from going to the mosque following Assir’s call for jihad.

Rafei Attacks Hariri

Meanwhile in Tripoli, Sheikh Salem al-Rafei, member of the Association of Muslim Scholars and imam of al-Taqwa Mosque, claimed in his Friday sermon that “the people of Qusayr are being slaughtered at the hands of Hezbollah…so we declared jihad and answered their call [the people of Qusayr].”

Sheikh Rafei condemned some Islamist groups and clerics who criticized him as seeking political gains. Rafei found it odd that these groups and figures were not infuriated by the entry of thousands of Hezbollah fighters to Syria “to kill, displace, and rape the Syrian people.”

Addressing former prime minister Saad Hariri, without mentioning him by name, Rafei said, “When our people were slaughtered in Beirut, what did you do? You sat crying like a woman. You said that the UN and America failed us.”

He continued, “Then they dragged you to Doha, where you forfeited many of the rights of the Sunnis. They expelled you after that and removed you from power, before you felt threatened and left the country. If you are unable to protect yourself, then how will you protect the Sunnis?”

At the end of his sermon, Rafei addressed “the men,” whom he called upon to “show discipline and not go to Syria without consulting and coordinating with the clerics,” lest they go through a route where they might be ambushed and killed. He said that the clerics are fully coordinating with the “mujahideen in Qusayr.”

Apart from “jihadi affairs,” a quarrel took place on Friday, as the imam of Saida’s al-Quds Mosque, Sheikh Maher Hammoud, was attending a sports event.

At the event, a man attacked another with a knife, leading Hammoud’s bodyguards to think the cleric was the intended target. The bodyguards fired rounds in the air, and the quarrel soon escalated. Two people were injured as a result of the altercation.

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.


Assir is not dumb. In fact he has got to be very smart to have fooled so many people. He is a Zio-American agent paid to start sectarian wars, that is Muslims killing Muslims, to the satisfaction of his paymasters. He should be found and hanged immediately.

The only thing i'd like to say is,''Let's support the mujahideens as long as the fight against the kuffers of democracy or secularism!''

See this fat boy. All wearing designer shirts. Are they going for tourism?

Why didnt this stupid Al Assir did not speak against the rebels who killed innocents, bombed mosques, desecrate sahabi hujr bin al adi body, chew liver/heart of humans etc... now he is speaking against hezbollah who later joined the war against takfiri terrorists. If hezbollah had not helped these takfiris would have killed all muslims who dont follow their idiology in qusair and other sorrounded areas. These wahabi/salafis dont have brain, they are not wise to decide who is right and who is wrong. Through out the history they have always helped bad people. Now they are expecting arms from enemies of islam to kill muslims. Go to hell Ahmed Assir you are terrorist.

It is tue this is a wahabi war against the sunnis .Let it be made clear the sunnis of syria follow the sufi way and and are not wahabis .They support assad and not, these enemies of truth who are the saudi sponsored wahabi fighters linked to israel.Remember true islam is not wahabi/salafi islam but that followed by the sufi sunnis of syria

True Islam is followed by sufi sunnis??
True Islam is followed by Muslims that follow the way of the Prophet (PBUH), which does NOT include, takfir of other Muslims, nor dancing in a weird circular way or chanting in large groups in the masjid (as part of 3ibada). True Muslims do not believe they are better than any other person (regardless of his/her sect) nor do they believe that they are at a higher level of faith or closer to God.

A true Muslim, will tell you what is the right way as per the Qur'an and Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH), but will not force it upon you.
A true Muslim, will stand up and fight for the weak oppressed Muslims (regardless of their sect - as long as they believe Allah is the only God and Muhammad is His Messenger). If you believe that this is not correct or that there was a mistake by God (may Allah forgive me for even mentioning this) in revelaing the message to the wrong person then you are not a follower of Islam nor a believe in the Religion of Muhammad (PBUH)
A true Muslim will not favor any group or government or sect because it is in his/her favor or because that group has helped raise their status in society, but rather will favor a government that follows and rules according to the teachings of the Qur'an and Sunnah of the Messenger (PBUH).
A true Muslim, will care for all other Muslims regardless where they are from, what language they speak and/or what color they are.

So know, oh dear brother/sister, in our current time, there is not a single sharia compliant government in the world and there is no "real Muslim" country in this world at the moment. ALL governments are fighting against the true religion of Muhammad (PBUH) since it is not in their favor, this includes your beloved Assad. Don't just follow the masses, read upon the khilafah and how the ruling of "true" Islam should be. They teach us of nationalism these days, although this is against Islam, as Islam teaches us unity while nationalism causes divisions and firmly outlines borders within Muslim land.

So if you are so, pro Syria or pro Saudi, or pro Iraq or whatever, know that you are in this case anti Islam

May Allah (SWT) guide me, you and the rest of the Muslims to the right path....

Issue is not SUNNI or SHIA ...situation in Syria is too much critical...if this revolution which is lead by Sheikh Al-Aseer is permanently change the situation in Syria as well as life of syrian people...

wow people! please post with some sense, not just propoganda.

Thank God Assir is not representative of the majority of Sunnah, if he was that would be a catastrophe because the majority of the people slaughtered at the hands of rebels in Syria have been Sunnah, this is basically a Wahhabi war AGAINST the Sunnah who oppose them, Assir is funded and encouraged by the paedophiles of Qatar and Saudi Arabia and is hiding the fact the Sunnah are being slaughtered by these Wahhabi Terrorists, the same way they have done everywhere else and called it jihad

What a stupid comment, "Wahhabi war AGAINST the Sunnah" Do you not know anyone in Syria or look at the videos coming out of Syria? Do you live under a rock or in Assads shadows?

Sheikh Assir should be locked up as a threat to national security.

Just when you think our so called Sunni leaders cant possibly get any dumber along comes these idiots. Someone really needs to explain to these morons to stop brainwashing the youth with there silly idiotic ideology's and that Syria is not a place for jihad.
But i think every person with some sort of education that can read knows this assir is fully funded by qatar and the west.

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