One Slip and Down the Hole We Fall!

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A Turkish policeman fires tear gas at demonstrating students in Ankara on 15 May 2013 who had gathered to protest against government policies they say resulted in last weekend's deadly twin bombings. (Photo: AFP - Adem Altan)

By: Ibrahim al-Amin

Published Sunday, May 19, 2013

The rope is taut. It is taut to the limit. Anyone at either end need only flex a finger and it will break, and the great confrontation will take place.

This is neither a threat, nor an exaggeration or interpretation. It is not circling and maneuvering. This is the situation on the enemy's northern front now. Now means today; it means this hour.

In summary, Israel read – and was mistaken once more – that the opposite axis is weak and lost the initiative. So it decided to play chess, but on a football field.

It could serve the enemy to seek the virtual world, to go to Facebook and celebrate. But the situation in the real world, on the ground, and as Israel sees with its many eyes, indicates something different. The real equation is not that Israel's hands are free, but that the other side is ready, at any moment, to turn the situation upside down.

What is to be done?

In these circumstances, we have to comprehend one truth, that the active resistance front with the enemy has expanded. Enthusiasts should begin to learn the details of Occupied Golan's geography, get used to the names of settlements, positions, and commercial, industrial, and tourism centers, and get ready for a different reality.

But if Israel decides to act in deterrence, this means that it decided to cut the rope. And then, it will face full-spectrum engagement, under one title: changing the face of the region!

Many enemies and adversaries of the axis of resistance are betting on an Israeli stunt under US cover. They believe the result will be the collapse of the regime in Syria, the destruction of Hezbollah, and pushing Iran back inside its borders.

Maybe there are those in Israel who bet on this outcome. But it is likely that someone sane in Tel Aviv will remember the smiles of the soldiers fleeing the Lebanese inferno, especially in these days, as we, the people of resistance and the land, enter the week of celebrations of the Day of Liberation in 2000.

Imagination is good, not just to dream, but to train the self on watching the meaning of the name of this war: changing the face of the region!

Ibrahim al-Amin is editor-in-chief of Al-Akhbar.

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.


Badass on so many levels.

How can you talk like this when your country is in ruins? How can it be so important for you to show your hatred towards Israel in these sad days for Syria? Sunnis and Alawites can't live happily together, that's a problem you should address. Sunnis weren't happy with the way they were ruled and therefore they lit the fuse. It will take decades to rebuild your society. Stop provoking Israel and start thinking of ways to peacefully coexist in your own country!

It's not clear from the article - Who's the enemy?

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