Israel Schemes for a Stake in the Nile

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A picture taken on 28 May 2013 shows the Blue Nile in Guba, Ethiopia, during its diversion ceremony. Egypt will demand that Ethiopia stop construction of a Nile river dam and warned "all options are open" if it harms its water supply, advisers to President Mohamed Morsi said on 5 June 2013. (Photo: AFP -William Lloyd George)

By: Ahmad Rajab

Published Friday, June 14, 2013

Cairo – High-level Egyptian sources shared details with Al-Akhbar on Ethiopia’s plans for its “Grand Renaissance Dam” on the Blue Nile, revealing that Israel is attempting to acquire a stake in the river.

Egypt has initiated legal action to counter the Ethiopian dam project based on the Nile Water Agreement of 1929, which prohibits tampering with the quotas of the riparian countries of the Nile, or building dams without the consent of those countries. Egypt has formed a national committee to follow up on the crisis with Ethiopia.

Al-Akhbar’s sources said that eight months ago Ethiopia issued bonds to finance the construction of the Renaissance Dam. A large proportion of these bonds were offered through the country’s embassy in Tel Aviv, with Israeli parties acquiring a significant number of these bonds.

According to the same sources, the Egyptian president knew of Ethiopia’s dealings with Israel at the time, but took no action. This, the sources said, stirred up tension in Egyptian diplomatic circles and the armed forces.

Further information points to regional and international attempts, with a key role played by Israel, to revive and push for the ratification of the UN Watercourses Convention, a “global framework agreement that would give countries in the region the right to share water resources, and redistribute quotas accordingly.”

According to the sources, if Israel is officially designated as a country of the Middle East, it “would give Israel rights to the waters of the Nile.”

The sources pointed out that Israel is already collaborating in sectors like water and agriculture with several African nations, including Ethiopia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana, and Mozambique.

“There are Israeli experts living in those countries,” they said, “as well as Israeli military installations in the Red Sea, including a base in the Eritrean Dahlak Archipelago, which Israel had acquired when Eritrea was part of Ethiopia.” The sources added that after Eritrea’s takeover of the Hanish Islands, it also allowed Israel to establish facilities of an “unknown nature.” These sources said that Israel established an advanced intelligence station run by Mossad in mountains near the border with Sudan.

The sources maintained that in the late 1990s, direct talks took place between Ethiopia and Israel. Egypt was offered a higher share in the Nile waters in return for selling water to Israel. Cairo rejected the deal at the time.

Furthermore, they added, a US-Egyptian strategic dialogue saw some fundamental disagreements erupt between Cairo and Washington over the Nile Basin issue and South Sudan.

In one meeting between then-US secretary of state Madeleine Albright and her Egyptian counterpart Amr Moussa, Albright refused to acknowledge Egyptian interests in Sudan. According to the minutes of that meeting, Albright told Moussa that “Egypt must forget its hegemony over Sudan, but must not forget that there is only one player in the region, namely, Washington.”

During the secret talks, Albright outlined the US vision, which was based on the following: The East African nations form a single bloc; Sudan is a key source of foodstuffs and crops; and South Sudan floats above a lake of oil.

Egypt’s current approach to the crisis over the Nile maintains that the river will not be subject to any multilateral negotiations, and must not be linked to the status of other rivers in the Middle East. The Nile treaties in place are stable, and Egypt’s legal rights are clear regionally and internationally. Finally, Egypt will categorically reject any talk of redistributing water quotas in the Nile Basin or the Middle East.

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.


The colonial treaty is aged treaty made by short sightedpparties
It has no place in the farsighted ethiopians eyes
Egypt may say whatever they want but as ethiopians we trashed
Ur treaty.we don't ask ur agreement we do whatever we like on nile

U better think before u make an ugly decession.
Egypt should better understand the geopolitics change o
Of the ur time is over no more veto on nile


the contribution of Egypt is fucken conflict and evil sprit

Ethiopia has the Right to Utilize its water resource:

Why some of irresponsible Egyptians and its puppets become very rapacious in using the Blue Nile River for the sake of Egypt only?

It is very well known that more than 85% of the river is originated from Ethiopia. However, Egypt has a lion share on this resource. As far as my opinion is concerned, this is unfair.

On the other hand, Ethiopia has been severely suffering from recurring drought and poverty for many years.
Since ten years ago, the country has been striving for the achievement of remarkable growth and development. In addition to this, the government has been implementing its five year's Growth and Transformation Plan since two years ago.
Thus, to attain all of its developmental goals, requiring of huge energy is inevitable.
Let's look at some facts.
Currently, at least 10,000 MW of electric power needs the country. This is not even sufficient to accelerate its developmental activities very fast as the minimum consumption of one industry is more than 300 MW of power to produce at full capacity. But the most miserable thing is that the country's current power is not more than 2200MW.
That is why it has started the construction of its dam at Blue Nile River two years ago for the generation of hydroelectric power. The experts group who delegated by the upper and lower streaming countries to conduct an assessment on the impact of the dam have also assured on their report that it has no any negative impact on the down streaming countries.
However, some of the conservative Egyptians and their puppets are still very rigid on their stands though they clearly know all of the above mentioned facts.
The Ethiopians and the Egyptians have a very long time friendship history. Thus, there is no need any unwanted conflict in between them. The resource is very sufficient for the down streaming countries if they efficiently and responsibly utilize it. All of them can be mutually benefited from the river.
Otherwise, waging for unnecessary conflict and/or war is not be a solution. No one will be benefited from it. Especially, the two countries have their own ancient and modern histories and even those conservative Egyptians know the Ethiopians very well.
Apart from this, conflict is not a solution in this contemporary world, especially, in the 21st century. The best solution is being transparent and conducting genuine cooperation overwhelmingly and amicably. Though the Ethiopians are united together in the Engineering and in all the construction activities of the Grand Renaissance Dam, the down streaming countries including Egypt should also support the project. This will enable them to get constantly flowing water throughout the year. The environment protection, such as, afforestation and soil protection activities should also be performed especially on the upper streaming countries.
Generally speaking; as far as my opinion is concerned, exerting of all maximum efforts for peaceful collaboration is the best solution for all of the blue Nile river owners.
Let's work together for the well being of all the African Nations.
Let's abolish backwardness, poverty and conflict once and for all and let's build prosperous nation!!
I am African and I am the African Union!!


As an Ethiopian - this Nile crisis gave me a clearer understanding of what Egyptians are. Poor Israel it has to deal with this whacko people who are devoid of any logic and reason for 50 years. Look at this garbage written as an article in the news paper.
Egypt is in no position to tell African countries who they can be friends with. The fact is Egypt has closer relationship with Israel than most African countries. These idiots think they are super powers and want to dictate terms to other nations. They feel that we should get the green light before we make friends. What idiots who do not know their size. Egypt is a small man wearing a big shoe. Basically idiots who do not know who they are

Israel has no need for Nile water. Approximately 1/2 of it's fresh water requirements are made from desalinated sea water and, Israel recycles 80% of it's grey water for agricultural uses. As the leader in efficient water uses, Israel is helping many FRIENDLY nations like Ethiopia develop sustainable and self- sufficient agricultural platforms. Only the backward, ideological states like Egypt and Lebanon will not benefit. Last word; the Palestinian areas (Gaza, Jordan, West Bank) cooperate nicely with Israel and have had major production increases.

What ever who said,by hook or by crook ,the building of the dam by the ancient independent state in East Africa is unstoppable.It is a matter of talks to deal the early historical ins and downs of Israel,Ethiopia,America,Egypt .etc.
Ethiopia is known in earlier times as a very taugh and heroic state and her decisions are very solid.I believe that Egypt shall negotiate with it for the win-win water sharing system.All Ethiopian peoples are now very angry in the act of Egypt.Ethiopian army is now well prepared anticipating any Egyptian jam of the building.THOUGH EGYPT CLAIMS THAT Egypt is the gift of the Nile ETHIOPIANS ARE ALSO CLAIMING Nile is the gift of Ethiopia,which is true. If Egypt tries any military act on Ethiopia,I am sure that Ethiopians will rest in Cairo.Ethiopian troops wellknown in Somalia,congo,Libya,Korea,Italia,Eritrea,Egypt wars.The strongest army in East Africa will never be dared at all
Egypt shall dig history about Abyssinians

this is the most idiotic post i have seen with regard to the nile.
It is obvious that when ur politics is not going well because of ur failures to uplift ur economy u give people a boogymen to divert the pressure.the obvious ones for u being israel and ethiopia. Morsi must have been very happy to have renaissance dam to be built at this critical time of his failures so that he can divert the pressure to nile, i dont think it is gonna work.ooops

TO person who made 2nd Comment
Could tell us then why Israel has teamed with Germany and ACTIVELY INVOLVED ON reseaching LAKE VICTORIA In Kisumu area of Kenya!
their team stretches in Rwanda,Uganda ,Kagera region of Tanzania etc

I think your sources are very stupid. 1929 as well as 1959 agreement is not signed by Ethiopia so the two agreement doesn't hold for any water that comes from Ethiopia. which is more than 90% of the water that reaches Egypt. if you have any problem with Israel that is the problem that you guys should short. Israel has any write to make any friendship with any nation she wanted that is also holds for any Nile basin county.

you claimed that Israel has a military post in Ethiopia near Sudan, what about the military post you give for other country in your own land.

Fuck you Egypt ... two nation (Eritrea , Ethiopia will never realized .. we will unite ). am wedi Eritrean

Good Journalism

It's a historic fact that the zionist entity known as isreal has every intention of taking over the lands now in the hands of over 300 Million people and displacing, or killing them.

They will use any means to do so as they are totally without morals and care naught for anything but their goal of total dominance in MENA and it's lands.

Any and all tricks of chicanary will be used. Keep alert and question all and expose them. This is the only way to combat them for now.

As far as we are the source of 85% of Nile we have SOVEREIGN right to use our share . Don't expect Ethiopia will stop from building dams on ABAY. But don't be too selfish,use ur brain to think rationally for ur surprise the construction will not stop for a fraction of second. I think it would be a better if u keep silent rather than barking via medias as if u have veto power over our own water rather than begging us to give u some share. That is not expected from a big nation like Egypt. we do have ample opportunities to harm u as far as you cannot live without ABAY don't be foolish!

Egypt appears to be looking for excuses in forcing the cancellation of Ethiopia's dam project. Besides having the usage of water from the 'Sea of Galilee' Israel is one of the leading countries at the forefront of desalination of see water.

I suggest for Egypt to leave Ethiopia alone for they have the same right to Dam the River Nile as Egypt did. The Nile River will continue to flow through Egypt and Egypt knows this only too well. So the question is, "What is Egypt's real objective and reason in refusing Ethiopia's Dam"?

This article raise many issues but all seem none sense. If you are talking Ethiopia has no right to use its share Nile water, the answer is 'who the hell are you?' If you are talking Egypt has sole right to use Nile river according to1929 colonial agreement, the answer is Ethiopia had never been party to agreement and never signed it. Plus the agreement has recently been replaced by Entebe Nile agreement signed by 6 riparian states. This is the point! do not talk blah blah

It was Egypt's late dictator Mubarak and Sudan's dictator Albashiir who gave Ethiopia's (Zenawi) the guts to establish such dam. Zenawi mobilized all African states on Nile except Masar and Sudan on an agreement called Nile Basin Initiative.

Strangely, Mubarak is in jail and Zenawi died. Egypt has changed completely. The mention of Nile is always associated with Egypt and not any other country. That makes the old adage of "No Nile No Egypt" true.

Now, both Ethiopia and Egypt has domestic problems. But there are alot of problems in Ethiopia than Egypt. There are armed fronts in Ethiopia; Oromos (the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia), Ogaden Somalis (who had been fighting for their independence since 1948), Afars, Gambelas and Bani Shunguls.

Muslims of Ethiopia who were traditionally marginalized have risen lately.

Ethiopia and Eritrea are still technically at war because Ethiopia refused to withdraw its troops from Badme border in defiance with the Hague ruling.

Somalia still has al Shabaab who are at war with Ethiopia.

It is really very strange who advises Ethiopia to undertake this politically costing adventure!!!

Cowards keep dreaming.

kikikiki Its amazing Egyptians are afraid always Israel. I do not why for everything they concern about Israeli. Please respect Ethiopia like Israel. Do not believe with force. Even Ethiopia have it but Ethiopian power is not from weapon but from GOD. I told you for all Egyptians, Ethiopia stands with herself. And Ethiopia respect the whole world unlike Egypt. Respect Israel.


Nile Water Agreement of 1929 ..... what? this is unacceptable by Ethiopia and upstream country's it Colonial era which segregate the time our government opposed it.since new agreement is on the way nobody will listen to you guys.

If any one believes in such a fabricated story ,it is surprising .
I read Egypt wanted to give water to Israel at some point in time .
Egypt wanted to help all Ethiopia's enemies since long time .
and now you want to change that name to Ethiopia when you failed to do your home work which helps to reduce your mounting challenges by the day .
Please be reasonable because most upper sates will soon build so many dams ,thanks to the Chinese unlimited fund.Your god Mather America may only give you a military help ,which may never be used except at home .

Every time I think you guys cannot get any whackier, you come up with this: Israel is stealing water. How? Israel will build pipelines or use freighters (why is this not spelled out?) to ship African water to its faucets.
Let me break this down for you: it is economically and infrastructurally infeasible to do this. Turkey offered to sell Israel water in the 90s and it was determined that there was no way to do it. And Israel was much closer to Turkey than to Ethiopia.
Israel has a string of water purification plants running on cheap natural gas discovered off the coast. It does not need Nile water.
It sells technology to companies to save water. It does not steal water.
This is a fantasy.

Are you forgetting yourself and your people's lying Hasbara propaganda, and your ridiculous anger that the Palestinians didn't go quietly in the night after you forced them out of their homes and expelled them from their land, one of the Shabbos goys on the payroll of the Zionist hads had the audacity to be enraged that the Palestinians have refused to surrender. What is happening in the American Southwest, the reconquista, will happen in Palestine.

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