Obama’s Bombs

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The Syrian people are holding their breaths. And if you read Western media and believe their correspondents in … Beirut (who are surrounded by March 14 supporters who are members of the same Saudi coalition with the Syrian exile opposition), then the Syrian people – who have been receiving bombs from the Syrian regime, the Syrian armed opposition and Israel – are eager for more bombs from Barack Obama to fall on them. The West never intervenes and never invades and never enslaves and never colonizes without invoking high moral values. Why should this time be different? We knew that both John Kerry and Obama would invoke high moral views and feign outrage. They want us to believe that they just could not stomach watching scenes of carnage in Syria. But why did their stomach not turn when they watched scenes of carnage of the US-funded Egyptian army? And what about Bahrain and Palestine? But the list is too long.

But Kerry was more audacious. He stumbled upon new adjectives for Bashar: a “thug and murderer.” But why did Kerry have intimate one-on-one meetings with the thug and murderer, and why did he have private family dinners with the thug and murderer and his wife? Western governments often pretend that they never knew that their allies and friends were committing human rights abuses until they decide to take a stand for reasons that have nothing to do with human rights abuses.

But Obama drew a line in the sand and created a red line and is now compelled by virtue of imperial hubris and machismo to bomb. Not that Obama has stopped bombing. Thus far, Obama has bombed Mali, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the list is growing. The man who faulted Bush for launching a “dumb war” (his language carries no sense of idealism, of course), is about to launch another “dumb war” by his own terminology. A sign of typical American imperialist arrogance is the insistence that the US can manage to keep an attack or a war of aggression “limited.” The US engagement in Lebanon between 1982 and 1984 was supposed to be limited until it got out of hand and until Reagan declared – not an end to the US involvement – but a mere “re-deployment” of US troops (and the US troops were never re-deployed back in Lebanon since.)

US media typically cheer any president who is about to launch war on another country. In the 30 years that I have lived in the US, I would say that US media consistently support military interventions by a sitting president with the exception of interventions in Latin America. When it comes to US interventions in Latin America, some in the US establishment media raise questions and express skepticism. But that is not the case when a US president declares war on Middle East or African countries. There you see liberals and conservatives in agreement. Nicholas Kristof (the patronizing columnists for The New York Times who fancies himself as a modern Indiana Jones-type who goes on a white horse to formerly-colonized lands to rescue native women from bad native men) sounds very much John McCain when it comes to Syria. For some reason – call it Israel – there is no right and left, Republicans or Democrats, when it comes to the Middle East.

The US plan is based on a simple premise: that the US will satisfy – not the Syrian people – but rising demands from Saudi Arabia (the symbol of the falsehoods of US rhetoric on democracy and human rights) for military “action” in Syria, and that the limited nature of the motives of Obama would certainly result in limited consequences and responses. Obama has been cautious on Syria and not for any moral or strategic reasons per se. His caution represents the lack of consensus in the pro-Israeli community. For the first time, the president of the US considers a major military intervention in the Middle East without having clear specific guidance (or instructions in some cases) from AIPAC. AIPAC has been rather absent in the debate on Syria.

The pro-Israeli community in Washington, DC (call it the US Congress) has been of two minds about US policy in Syria. On the one hand, Israel appreciates the tight control that the Assad ruling dynasty has exercised over the border between Syria and occupied Palestine, and on the other hand, Israel is fully aware that the fall of the regime would result in mini-Islamic republics and sectarian enclaves around Syria, and that armed groups which are hostile to Israel would for the first time since 1973 find it easy to attack Israeli targets.

But American military intervention could easily spiral out of hand: the same Iranian-Syrian-Hezbollah coalition that agreed to not respond to previous Israeli attacks on Syria may find it more difficult to not respond to an American attack on Syria. If the coalition finds that there is a Western appetite for bringing down the regime by force, or even if they suspect that this was the thrust of the US action, then all bets are off. The coalition may resort to the “all-out scenario” that some Iranian and Hezbollah leaders sometimes hint at.

But even if US military action doesn’t trigger the “all-out scenario,” the coalition will now have a much freer hand in open and more extensive military intervention in Syria. The US and its Western allies which are now openly intervening in Syria (as if the imminent US attack represents the first US military intervention in Syria when the US itself was presiding over the rebels’ assault on Damascus that preceded the news of a chemical attack in Rif of Damascus), will have a hard time reiterating their previous calls for Hezbollah to end its intervention in Syria.

We don’t know much about the Russian role in Syria beyond what is reported in the news, but it is unlikely that Putin will play the role of the savior of the regime, as some propagandists in the pro-Syrian regime media are predicting. All sorts of tales about Putin’s meeting with Bandar are being spun, and the famous journalist, Sami Kleib, wrote an account in which Putin urges Bandar to “go back to the central Palestinian question” instead of whipping up hostility against Iran. Putin, in those accounts, sounds more like George Habash. Statements and rhetoric that never were used even by Soviet leaders are being attributed to Putin in pro-Syrian regime media. The bombs will fall on Syria, and more innocent Syrians will die. The US never drops bombs without killing civilians. But the spectacle has been seen before and the stage will be set yet again: The White House or the State Department will invite “acceptable” Syrians (i.e. those hand-picked by Saudi intelligence service) and they will swear that US bombs were quite enjoyable and pleasurable. They will even chant that they will sacrifice themselves “with blood and with spirit” for Obama.

Chemical weapons may have been used in Syria: we have to wait to for UN confirmation because the US and its allies can’t be trusted in any of their claims. They have too long of a history of deception and lies. And both sides in Syria (the regime and the pro-Saudi and pro-Qatari armed groups) have been confirmed as war criminals who are willing to resort to all brutal and savage methods to advance their causes. But who will punish whom in Syria? Does the US, after its savage assault in Fallujah, have any credibility on the subject of incendiary chemical weapons? And are the declarations of Western powers about the Middle East to ever be believed? And does anyone think that Ahmad al-Jarba represents anyone except Prince Bandar, who appointed him by virtue of his relations to two wives of the Saudi King? People in Syria should not be killed – not by conventional weapons and not by chemical weapons. But the US has a brilliant idea: It wants to drop more (presumably conventional) bombs on Syria in the name of ending (presumably only) chemical bombs in Syria.


Again, a couch potato coach yelling from the comfort of his study.
AbuKhalil mocks foreign reporters from....Beirut.So why should we believe his truth from so far away from Dimask?IAbuKhalil Is correct that Israel prefers an Assad regime to an Islamic republic.
So why claim In the past that Israel supports,trains and equips the rebels?
Ahmad al-Jarba was not "elected" to lead the rebels,. So was Bashar "president for life". Don't give me the Syrian democratic vote system. No one believes In 99.98% In favor vote.
And the big question-after your week after week frothing from the mouth over the "west" and Israel "role" In whatever, what Is YOUR solution to end the butchery In Syria, MR. AbuKhalil?
I posted In the past that I suggest the A.L get seriously Involved (Arab unity alek) or send NATO In the same mandate as to Yugoslavia ( again, the bad "west" stuck Its nose to save the butchery of Muslims by others).
I'd be Interested to read the authors publications from the early-mid 90 tees on the topic of the Balkan war.

Again, Yigal the Zionist pretends he does not know that As'ad is not a reporter. A reporter needs to be in the place and know language and staff. A political scholar does not need to be on the place but needs to know region and language and have good links to quality sources (which As'ad do). But maybe Yigal the Zionist does not pretends, maybe he simply does not know - Zionism is bad for one's brain.
Yigal the Zionist pretends he does not know that AL is a pocket tool of Western imperialism and Zionism. But maybe Yigal the Zionist does not pretends, maybe he simply does not know - Zionism is bad for one's brain.
Yigal the Zionist pretends he does not know that in Yugoslavia Western imperialism mass- murdered and pillaged NOT to "save Muslims" or anyone else but to destroy the state that was out if its command. Western imperialism does not give a damn about Muslims, when it mass-murder, starve, torture and rape them. Neither it gives a damn about Slavs, Africans, Asians and so on. Zionists do the same, and the same pretend they care SO much about Muslims being killed - while killing, torturing and robbing Muslims and others 24/7

Since you do not deny that you are a zionist, I will assume that you are a zionist. Now we all know that As'ad has made it his sacred duty to expose the zionist ideology and the zionists who, persecuted by the Europeans for their elitest religious beliefs and their rejection of Christ..., decided to fabricate the zionist lie that their god has promised them the land of Palestine. When this lie failed, they resorted to the equally ridiculous lie: that Plestine was a eenterpriseterprise without people designed for people without land.Eqiped with this fabricated lie ( as the New Historians like Ilan Pape and Beni Morris and others, they dedicated themselves to the criminal task of ethnically cleansing the Palestinians. You do not like As'ad because he supports the Palestinian cause and condemns the all zionists: Jewish zionists, Christian zionists, Wahhabi zionists and Arab zionists. Your arguments and protestations are not convincing. And they are not convincing because they are groundless. They are not convincing b ecause they are obvious lies.Your arguments are illogical in form and meaningless in content. You always produce the same inchoerent and emotional responses. Stop paying the role of the victim and admit that you are the victimizer. Be honest for once.

"Yigal the Zionist pretends he does not know that in Yugoslavia Western imperialism mass- murdered and pillaged NOT to "save Muslims" or anyone else but to destroy the state that was out if its command."
The above Is the only sentence that Is worth a comment.
You post to comments and come up with no fresh Ideas as how to stop the butchery In Syria. Maybe It suits your goals.Ignore the role of Iran/Russia and deflect attention to the bad "west".
Nato acted to among reasons for Involvement In Yugoslavia, to Instances such as Cerbenica massacre and such atrocities.The AL and any Independent Arab or Muslim country did what they do best- sit In the dark and bitch about how dark It Is. Mind you, on Feb,16,1993, It was Israel who was the first country not part of NATO who took In dozens (later hundreds) of Bosnian Muslims. I suspect Israel took In more refugees from Bosnia than any Arab neighbouring country . In your mind It was "propaganda". Never the less, Arab and Muslim countries are usually slow or no show In world affairs, to reach out with humanitarian help.
Racism and xenophobia exists everywhere. The "west"Is racist and self Interest just as much as your side.So what Is the reason for Muslim and Arab hate (self hate)? Ahhh! a minute difference In the same religion. This Is certainly a worthy cause worth taking one's life and dozens of Innocent others In a hail of fire.And that Is not "Zionist" propaganda but the truth.
So I ask you the same question I ask As'ad -what Is your Idea to end the butchery In Syria? If the "west"Is contaminated In your view, shouldn't It be time for Arab unity(couldn't help put In this oxymoron) to shed Its own blood for a good cause, like Intervening physically to separate all fighting sides In Syria,or simply arm both sides and let'em duke It till "last man standing"?
I won't hold my breath.

Very ingenious.of you to pose as one who cares for the lives of the Syrians. You care about Syrian lives as much as you care for Palestinian lives and as much as you cared for Lebanses lives. This strategy was used in 1982 when you told the Lebanese that you wanted to liberate them from the Palestinians. It did not take long for the Lebanese to discover your zionist designs. It is thanks to this discovery that the Resisence to your occupation was formed, this Resitence which bothers you so much. You operate on the erroneous assumption that the Arabs do not learn. This is an anarrogant zionist assumption. And there is not much difference between arrogance and ignorance.

Yigal the Zionist thinks that repeating hasbara is an argument
Yigal the Zionist thinks we will believe that a Zionist - a colonizer of Palestine and other Arab and Muslim lands would give a damn about Syrians
Yigal the Zionist thinks we do not know that so-called AL is doing what USA/Zionists order.
Yigal the Zionist thinks we do not know that it is about Western imperialism and colonialism (not mere "racism and xenophobia") when NATO bombs states under a lot of false pretexts, as if NATO is not massacring routinely. The very civil war in Yugoslavia, where all sides were committing crimes was instigated by NATO states, and NATO supported one side against another, because it was in their imperialist interests.
Yigal the Zionist thinks we do not see him through when he boast about Zionist colonizers magnanimity to refuges, while Zionist colonizers after ethnic cleansing of Palestinians (both Muslims and Christians) following this crime by another crime - not letting the refuges to return. The Zionist ethnic cleansing is still going on in Palestine, and Yigal the Zionist has the gall even mention the word refuge!
Last, the only real way to stop not only bloodshed in Syria but on the ME (and beyond) is to first stop NATO to support Zionist colony and its local lackeys aka Saudis and other Gulf royals, and other puppets. Without Zionist criminals and their native helpers having USA (NATO) support, the ME would be much more peaceful and just. And Syrian regime which is now supported by many only because of help to anti-colonialist/Zionist resistance would be under much more pressing from the people of Syria and the ME.

Practicality Is not your strong side.

Yigal the Zionist is an expert in practicality, i.e murdering, torturing, robbing and humiliating Palestinians and other non-Jews. Yigal the Zionist thinks one sane person would believe he cares about Syrian people. Not very practical ....

Maybe AIPAC is not so eager to bomb Syria. Maybe
But Israel Zionist Jews are eager enough. The big majority of them want USA to bomb Syria NOW.

Dear lidia,
don,t just worry about the Jews! Christians,too, are Clinging to our Guns and wishing to deliver a bloody defeat to our common foes ( ?Resistance? Axis

President Obama has embarrassed us by his weak support for Syria,s revolution,, dusting off some empty buildings will solve Os Red Line dodge, but that,s all we can Expect from Obama,

The fan of the dumbest prez in USA history (no mean fit) is about as smart as his paragon :)
1) Caritas of Palestine (Christians) posted a strong message against the criminal Obama/Zionist plans
2) The great majority of USA, UK, France and Germany people are against the criminal Obama?Zionist plans
3) Vatican is strongly against as well.

So, it seems the fan of the dumbest prez in USA history (no mean fit) means some else "Christians" (a tip - in Russia, LA and Africa there is no support for the criminal Obama?Zionist plans). I guess the fan of the dumbest prez in USA history (no mean fit) has Christians from Moon on his side :)

And, by the way, I was also right about AIPAC - they are full force for the war crime as well.

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