Ariel Sharon: International War Criminal Remembered

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The eulogies for Ariel Sharon in the Western press are comparable to their eulogies of Nelson Mandela. In the US, people on the left and on the right competed to shower praise on the symbol of Israel’s terrorist right. Israeli terrorism and brutality is portrayed as “strength” and “might,” and CNN invited the Israeli ambassador in the US to write an ostensibly objective eulogy for the man. Ethan Bronner, the former bureau chief of the New York Times in Israel and a former foreign editor of the paper, wrote a long eulogy that can easily be classified within the genre of “love poetry.”

But the picture of Sharon in the Arab world is a different one. He is uniformly portrayed as a butcher (in the mouthpiece of Prince Khalid bin Sultan, the word was put between quotation marks), killer, war criminal, and an outright terrorist commander. The image of Sharon between the West (especially in the US) and the Arab world – nay in the rest of the world – is an indication that the US looks at the Middle East from Israeli right-wing eyes.

But the Arab world may have fallen victim to deliberate Israeli propaganda claims. Israeli intelligence has always presented the Arabs with the propaganda version of Bad Cop versus Worst Cop. The image of the out-of-control Ariel Sharon was deliberately and carefully cultivated by the Israeli media and government in order to instil fear among the Arabs. Even the stories of the terrorist adventures of Unit 101 served to present Sharon as a danger far worse than the “regular” danger of the Israeli terrorist army. And just as Menachem Begin took pride in the results the massacre of Dayr Yasin in his book, The Revolt, when he said unapologetically:

“The enemy propaganda was designed to besmirch our name. In the result, it helped us. Panic overwhelmed the Arabs of Eretz Israel. Kolonia village, which had previously repulsed every attack of the Haganah, was evacuated overnight and fell without further fighting. Beit-Iksa was also evacuated. Those two places overlooked the main road; and their fall, together with the capture of Kastal by the Haganah, made it possible to keep the road open to Jerusalem. In the rest of the country, too, the Arabs began to flee in terror, even before they clashed with Jewish forces.”

Similarly, Ariel Sharon spoke about the Qibya massacre (Ethan Bronner called it a “battle” in his love poem about Sharon) in similar “pragmatic” terms in Warrior:

“But while the civilian deaths were a tragedy, the Qibya raid was also a turning point. After so many defeats and demoralizing failures it was now clear that Israeli forces were again capable of finding and hitting targets far behind enemy lines. What this meant to army morale can hardly be exaggerated … But with Qibya a new sense of confidence began to take root.”

In other words, the terrorism of the Zionist movement (and later of the Israeli state) was part and parcel of the policies and strategy of the government and was never incidental or accidental. Conversely, the terrorism of Palestinian or Arab groups was incidental or often accidental (although the use of car bombs or bombs in crowded areas – a practice that was pioneered and perfected by Zionist gangs in the 1930s and 1940s – can be said to be deliberate and purposeful in the targeting of civilians).

So while Ariel Sharon deserves all the scorn and loathing that Arabs heap on him, one must be careful to not fall victim into the trap of Israeli Mossad propaganda where Sharon’s murders are presented as accidental or marginal or a side-story to the Zionist narrative. Sharon was not an anomaly and Israeli leaders from Ben Gurion to Golda Meir and Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres are in no way less bad or less terrorist or war criminal than Sharon. Israeli war crimes and massacres have been planned and agreed upon by a collective Zionist leadership.

The discussion of the role of Ariel Sharon, and his so-called “leaving the cabinet in the dark” regarding his objectives from the 1982 Israeli invasion should be treated with skepticism, and they remind one of the notion that Ronald Reagan did not know about the arming of the Contras in Nicaragua. Those are politically self-serving accounts peddled by political leaders in trouble. Sharon may have disagreed with Begin about the geographical scope of the Israeli invasion of 1982, but the two never disagreed on the moral necessity of killing some 20,000 Lebanese and Palestinians, mostly civilians in a few months time. But the scale of mass killing, indiscriminate bombardment (even Thomas Friedman, who was then a correspondent in Beirut had to admit that because he was in the receiving end’s area), the use of car bombs on regular basis in Beirut, along with torturing children and adults were never subject to contestation in the Israeli government.

On the reckless and mass killing of Arabs, the Israeli government always enjoys a solid consensus. As for what is comically called the “Israeli left,” which is politically and electorally insignificant, it sometimes complains if the scale of killing continues for long periods of time – the “left” worries that prolonged violence may cause “anguish” among the killers, and that it may also cause a PR problem for Israel.

Ariel Sharon’s bloody career is littered with the corpses of innocent Arabs from different walks of life. Yet, the image of Sharon was changed by one public declaration by George W. Bush who dubbed him “a man of peace.” Eulogies of Sharon in the Western press refer to his “unilateral” withdrawal from Gaza, as if the withdrawal of an occupation force from occupied lands – and for reasons that have to do with the political and financial calculations of the occupier – signifies a peaceful impulse. As if the US withdrew from Vietnam because Nixon was a man of peace, or as if the Israeli occupation force withdrew humiliatingly from South Lebanon in 2000 for reasons that are not related to the effectiveness of Lebanese resistance to Israeli occupation and terrorism.

The US is now in a zone of its own: No matter what Israel does by way of war crimes, and no matter how much the BDS movement grows, even within the US, and no matter how much world public opinion has shifted over the decades in favor of the Palestinian people, the American government, media, and public remain solidly fanatically in favor of Israel and all of its war crimes. But the Arab world has a different view, they have been (in their homes and refugee camps) on the receiving ends of the indiscriminate bombs of Ben-Gurion, Sharett, Meir, Rabin, Peres, Begin, Shamir, Sharon, Netanyahu, and Barak. The shifts in the political preferences of Israelis mean nothing to Arabs. Sharon was a notorious war criminal, and no amount of fawning coverage in the US press would change that.


I hope that sectarian AU is happy - his fellow sectarians (albeit from another sect) are busy here "arguing" with me and denouncing Hezbollah :)
It is really fanny how Zionists of all stripes repeating the same hasbara. But Christian Zionists are the most dumb of all. For any religious Jew Jesus was a bastard sorcerer killed by Jews for sorcery. For Judaism Christianity is a foe, and it had been long before Christians had any power to harm Jews. Zionists hate Christians simply because they see Arab Christians as a problem for colonization of Arab lands and because of Jewish supermacism.

On the other hand, for Muslims Jesus was a blessed prophet and a son of a blessed virgin.

I am an atheist, so I have no dog in this fight, but I simple cannot stop laughing at Christian Zionists LOL

LOL Lidia!
One of my favorite aphorisms, "stick a fork in them, they're done"

Zionists simply support crimes of a Zionist colonial aparteid settler Sharon (and his ilk)
Sectarians like AU cannot overcome their sectarian hate, so they equate Syrian regime (which I never "praised", but AU does not keep to the facts)which is not settler colonial aparteid one with a Zionist, which is.
A4J is so busy hating the real resistance to Zionism in Lebanon (Hezbollah) that A4J is keen on whitewashing Zionism as if it is not the biggest and most corrupting source of problems in the ME (of course, NATO colonizers and Saudi royals are much guilty too)

Braindead Jewish leftist, Lidia, Zonah bat Zonah doesn't have a clue about sectarian dynamics in the Arab world, and has the audacity to talk about sectarianism while she ignores the massive sectarianism of the Iran-Syria axis and the wars which were and are still being waged by the Assadi regime against the Palestinian people and you have clearly supported the Assadi mafia in numerous posts. Would your heroes from the Iran-Syria dare call out their traitors?!

The sad part about Lidia is that the woman is a harden Hezbollah convert. The proof can clearly be seen by the fact that instead of telling it like it is, she continues on supporting Hezbollah who in turn like Syria’s Assad keeps on killing innocent Syrians and is equally doing it best to kill those of us Lebanese who are not Hezbollah admires.

Lidia is simply doing her best to divert Hezbollah’s negative image now that it’s been confirmed that Hezbollah killed Hariri. So Lidia simply wants everyone to focus on the Zionists, instead of the murderous Hezbollah Sewer Rats and the reality of the atrocities these sewer rats commits daily against us Lebanese. We the people see right through you Lidia. You are nothing but scum and nothing less.

A4J is helpless, and my gender has nothing to do with it. I am anti-imperialist and anti-colonialist. As long as Hizbollah is anti-Zionist force, I would support it. Of course, A4J is not against Saudi royals and CIA and even Zionists support for Syrian "revolution", i.e. for mass slaughter of Syrians, so all his (?) words about dead Syrians are worth noting to me. On the other hand, what could one expect from the person who simply repeats imperialist and Zionist lies about "now that it’s been confirmed that Hezbollah killed Hariri". It has been not, but activist for CIA/Saudis/Zionists does not care for facts, no matter his(?) gender.

Activist, your OBVIOUS SECTARIAN position is embarrassing!!!
Do you not realize that what you do falls right into the devious plans of a a neo-feudal, neo colonial globalist plan??
Their primary weapon is DIVIDE and CONQUER.
Your OBVIOUS hatred of Hezbollah is again EMBARRASSING!!
The Saudi money from Anglo American oil companies is corrupt.(Saudi money is your enemy) Please don't become a whore, again EMBARRASSING!!
Hezbollah routed the Zionist Entity , in the south, during the summer of 2006. A GLORIOUS VICTORY!! NOT EMBARRASSING!!
So dude get on the right bus. The Saudi bus is with the Zionists and the Anglo- Americans...NOT the right bus.

To Peter, Lidia and the rest who are too blind to see the reality of what is going on:

Once again I am forced to bring clarity to those whose mind erroneously recounts history in favour to what they want to believe as being the truth. Let me first and foremost reiterate that I am Lebanese by birth and one that has had the opportunity to study the mental psychology of Israelis and have done so better than most of my Arab brothers.

The war between Hezbollah and Israel, may well have been seen as a victory for Hezbollah which to this day gloats in glory in thinking Hezbollah came out as winners. The truth is that Israel could well have wiped the slate clean with Hezbollah as it can do the same with Hamas and the rest of all Palestinians. The difference is that we Arabs and I speak solely on behalf of Arabs that are Christians and not Muslims, is that we Christians much like the Israelis, value human life. To this very day, Hezbollah and Hamas does not and are willing to sacrifice the lives of just about everyone for a type of glory that will only result in death. Israel could have seriously bombarded Lebanon and killed us all in 2006. They didn't. Instead they decided to withdraw and let us Lebanese live and find out for ourselves what living side by side with Hezbollah is all about.

It’s no different for the Palestinians. Israel could easily bomb the crap out of Hamas and doesn’t. It instead it lets the Palestinians suffer at the hands of its own leaders, which is exactly what we here in Lebanon will be experiencing with Hezbollah. Oh, did I forget to mention that this misery has already began? Thank you for having learned about Lebanon's future.

So, A4J is a sectarian Christian and a very dumb of that :( To any Arab to kiss Zionist ass is a stupid idea - for colonizer Zionists any Arab is not a person, but a untermensch, and Zionism oppresses Christian Arabs not less than Muslim ones - be it in Palestine occupied in 1947 or later. So, we have a native informant here, the most ignoble kind of colonizers' lackey, who is justly despised by fellow natives and used by colonizers as a doormat. And such figure is also a defender of Sharon's dirty record! As we say it in Russian - pigs always find some dirt.

Thank you Lidia, thank you Peter, thank you Anonymous and thank you also David Goldman.

To begin with, I have no association nor am I affiliated with any political Christian movement. I merely follow the laws of our Saviour Jesus Christ and that’s what I am guided by. True that Christianity was not always adequately represented in as much as in past time, Christians, Muslims and Jews, were doing their best to kill each other. However I speak of today and the modern time that we all live by. Why don’t you look only at what is presently going on in Lebanon. Forget about the outside for a moment and concentrate solely on our country.
You can attack me all you want and you are free to bring up the entire name calling that your vocabulary contains, however that will not change the present Lebanese situation.
We now have almost daily bombs going off throughout Lebanon, by groups targeting other groups. We are becoming a second Iraq. Tell me that this is what you want for your families. It is only when your own are innocently killed because of where they stood at the moment a bomb exploded, that you suddenly realise that there could have been an alternative if only you had acted with courage rather than with hatred and stupidity.

As for your comment Lidia, it’s time that you studied history for you certainly never took up the subject of the Palestinians. There were no Palestinians 3500 years ago when the Jews were living in the land then known as Canaan. The Romans changed the name to Palestina or Philistina and though they did, there were still no Palestinians to be heard about until 1947 and for your information Lidia, you should thank Egypt for having created Gaza. It was President Nasser's wish to create the Gaza ghetto to separate and more so to keep away what he then called the riff-raff of the Arab world. That is a fact.

Your last comment: “Quote” As we say it in Russian - pigs always find some dirt. “Unquote”. You are absolutely right Lidia. You better clean yourself up from the dirt all over you, as by laying with pigs in their sty, you will more than smell like one which you already do.

Well Activist, I thank you for clarifying who you are.
A Christian. My next step in identifying who you are is asking you ....are you a Maronite Christian? Because if you are Maronite it seems logical to proceed to the next step,... are you a Phalangist? To further clarify, for abysmally educated westerners... Here is what we deal with ****The Kataeb party was formed in 1936 as a Maronite paramilitary youth organization by Pierre Gemayel who modeled the party after Spanish Falange and Italian Fascist parties[1][2] he had observed as an Olympic athlete during the 1936 Summer Olympics held in Berlin, then Nazi Germany.[3][4] The movement's uniforms originally included brown shirts and members used the Nazi salute***
That from HERE
So, essentially we have NOT Anglo American sponsors but Vatican sponsors. The same Vatican with it's "RAT LINE" that assisted prominent Nazi's escape prosecution for WWII war crimes. Nice huh?
What a lovely bunch of coconuts. and this is what dumbed down Amerikans follow willing to their destructions. Whalid Phares you should be soo proud.

The Zionists have killed tens of thousands of Arabs ...and the Phalangists massacred Palestinians & Muslims and you say they value life? Their hatred of other sects in Lebanon is savage. You ignore almost a quarter of a century of a brutal occupation of Lebanon & then blame Hezbollah as the instigators of violence for glory. You ignore a vicious occupation of Gaza & the West Bank, daily beatings, humiliations and land theft of Palestinians but blame Hamas as the instigators of violence for glory? I mean do you apportion any blame to that entity next door?

I do understand that you feel you can bargain with them, sacrifice Palestine, and they will leave you alone so you can live in peace. Didn't Norman Finkelstein tell the Lebanese in an interview that you must either live on your knees or fight the Zionists. He did say that both choices are bad & will cause you suffering ....unfortunately.
The thorn in Lebanon's side is not going to let any of you live easily.

To Activist4Justice. Who ever you are Sir, I commend you on your analytical mind.
You are absolutely correct about your statement. We Israelis could have indeed bombed the crap as you so well put it out of your country. But instead we did not and for a good reason which is not based on fear. Like you stated, Christians and Jews in contrast to the mentality of Muslim Arabs, have great respect for human lives.
I leave you with the following reality regarding Hezbollah’s objective to your country. Your attempt to teach your Lebanese compatriots what fate awaits them with a Hezbollah government, will always fall on deaf ears at least for now. It is only after your countrymen have felt the misery of Hezbollah’s dictatorship and the punishment they will bring upon your country, that Lebanon will realise that they have let in a cancer into their midst to which they have allowed it to grow. (Just look towards the Palestinians who have somehow elected Hamas and suffer economically to this very day which will continue as long as Hamas keeps on targeting rockets into our country. Till then, and as the saying goes, you lay on the bed that you make.
Thank you for letting me assist you in bringing the truth forward, which no doubt you and most likely myself will receive a barrage of insults from those you have labelled sewer rats in your previous commentaries. Great name by the way.

Like I once said, I am no lover of Sharon, but the world saw him as a peacemaker as well as a liberator of his people. By comparison, we Arabs both Christian and Muslims, have not even liberated ourselves from our own Arab leaders who forever continue to attack one another.

We do not see Jews killing each other. We see only Arabs doing that.
We have labelled Sharon the "Butcher of Beirut", so what name should be benefited to all those Arab leaders like Assad and Nasrallah that have in past killed their own and continue to this very day, by killing their Arab brother. Please do tell me!

Sharon is a war criminal of epic proportions. I don't understand this Zionist ploy you use which is basically ' why complain about their crimes when Arabs commit crimes against Arabs.' Well the first response to this is, that why are you trying to diminish Zionist crimes which are by no means minor at any level? And this includes all their evil meddling to bring down Iraq, Iran ( not Arab), Sudan and Syria. Secondly, since when have Arabs not complained about their tyrannical leaders and accused them of murder, torture, corruption? How many Arabs are in prison, have been tortured or murdered for speaking out? How many have lost their lives in Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, fighting for their rights? And finally, what kind of a country has leaders ( Lebanese) that are bought by the Wahhabi perverse leaders? These perverse leaders that sell their deranged, twisted ideas that the rebels wish to bestow on the Syrian and Iraqi people. And how can the USA support the Shia puppet regime in Iraq but try to bring down Hezbollah and you not make a connection that the USA is all about supporting the biggest enemy the Arabs face...Zionism. The Arabs ( of all sects) are barely considered human but you seem to like the people that are behind our destruction ...all to support that Zionist state at out nations expense .....our Arab nation... not Sunni, Shia, Druze, Alawite, Christian blah, blah sects.

To whoever “Anonymous” is

I do not disagree with you that Sharon is a criminal, although the eulogies he received from world leaders would certainly not imply this. Syria’s Assad may not get the same courtesy when he will die. As for your commentary, in no way do I diminish Zionist crimes. Let me make one thing very clear to you: my interest is solely our country. I refer to Lebanon. I do not care about Iran, Iraq, Sudan Libya, etc. Lebanon is what concerns me because it is presently going to hell to which Hezbollah is doing their very best to speed up the process. So please next time you have a comment to make against what I wrote, stick to the element and facts of the situation regarding what is going on here in Lebanon. I at least call Hezbollah nothing less than sewer rats. Join them in n ame if you’re one of them.

A4J the Zionist has a gall to speak about "world" just like Barry the Zionist speaks about "Arabs". Zionism is a colonial racism, so it is no wonder.
The world (but the colonizers and their lackeys) be they Arab or others see Zionism as a colonial settler enterprise and Israel as a colonial settler state on Palestine land. Sharon was a typical Zionist - a war criminal, a robber of Palestine land (his "farm") and also a corrupt politician (swindling his own Zionist state).

Dear lidia, the phrase, "don't feed the zombie, clone, hasbara trolls" may be necessary.

While Lidia fawns and praises the Syrian versions of Ariel Sharon who and still are waging war on the Palestinian people

It's too bad that all you show is hatred and stupidity as well as a total lack of understanding re: the suffering that we Lebanese are presently experiencing. You focus strictly on hatred of the Zionists, and by the same token accuse me of being one of them, when instead you should be focussing on how to ameliorate the present economic situation of our country. It's people like you who support Hezbollah and his group that is the problem. You and others like you prioritise Hezbollah's importance instead of putting your best foot forward to help free Lebanon from its present tyranny. You deserve being called n idiot as well as a Moron for that is exactly what you are and continue to remain.

This column is Arab thinking in a nutshell: Israel's wars were all genocidal and expansive colonialist ventures designed to conquer and subjugate (and maybe expel, or not) innocent Arab populations. Had the Jews had founded a state, or if they had just allowed the occasional incursion and terror attack (and possibly mass murder), all would be right in the world.
Yes, Sharon did ugly things in war. That is the nature of war, as we see in a dozen Arab nations right now. However, his actions did absolutely end terror for a large swath of his country. And for that, he is lauded as a hero by his people, despite his folly in Lebanon.
But Sharon also helped make peace with Egypt and Jordan. He drew 10,000 Jews out of north West Bank and Gaza. He wanted peace so badly that he defied the very people who elected him to NOT withdraw.
He cut Gaza out of Israel's body politik and despite two short wars, it is better off. And the world has seen that Gaza has not turned itself into Singapore, but rather, into Gaza.
Many said that no one in the Arab world would thank him for freeing Gaza. They were right.

Someone, cue up the Star Wars music. Tel Aviv "Clone Army" disinformation agents have entered the comments section(anyone want to define Hasbara?). Spouting dystopian hypnotic rationalizations. Dude,Singapore is the essential clone dystopia. Huge high tech factories employing only men. These same women while excellent workers are miserable because they have no men.They are clones. Men have become useless in the new clone dystopias. Orwellian nightmares have become wet dreams for the Zionists, their Brave New World where real humanity has been eliminated. Very nice Barry you telegraph your punch lool

dianad, your opinion reflects an ugly extremist fanaticism. I doubt you realize this. I do not blame you personally, you are a product of a sophisticated mind control apparatus.
Simply put, your television and other mass media outlets are a corporate state controlled entity. They are a modern version of ancient European aristocrats bent on keeping the peasants (you and me) down.Beware they have a definite agenda.
If you were truly knowledgeable you would be far more difficult to rule over.Keeping you down means keeping you ignorant. Sadly , you opinion of Sharon is abysmally ignorant. Your masters will be pleased.
I urge you to seek a more balanced approach to your philosophy. Search for a wider variety of source material for you to reach a conclusion that has a broader base of information. Ignorance is dangerous. Do this for the lives of innocents are at stake.

I opine that had Sharon lived, he would have brought peace with more Arab countries.
I always suspected that after the Gaza withdrawal he intended to give a large part of the West Bank back to Jordan and Gaza to the Egyptians (if they accepted it).
He was a smart, dedicated leader, who made mistakes and also understood that to negotiate peace for Israel the country had to come from a position of strength. You know………………the strong horse policy.

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