Suicide bomber strikes Lebanon's Choueifat

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A man wearing an explosive belt boarded a public minibus in Choueifat and blew himself up. (Photo: Haitham Mousawi).

Published Monday, February 3, 2014

Updated at 10:00 pm: A suicide bombing took place on Monday in the distant southeastern Beirut suburb of Choueifat, media reported, killing at least one person.

According to news channel al-Jadeed, the explosion took place next to a gas station. The channel showed gruesome images of dismembered body parts, including a head at the scene. Images of the burning wreck of a vehicle could also be seen.

"There was glass everywhere. We saw a head. Then the legs landed near the station," a man working at a petrol station near the site of the blast said.

"A man wearing an explosive belt boarded a public minibus in Choueifat and blew himself up," Marwan Charbel told Lebanon's Mayadeen television channel.

Quoting the Red Cross, al-Mayadeen news channel reported that one person was killed - presumably the suicide bomber - and two people had been wounded. According to LBCI, the driver and the only other passenger of the van both survived the attack, and were both taken to the hospital.

Charbel told Reuters that the van's driver said the bomber was a young man who blew himself up when the driver confronted him because he thought he looked suspicious.

"Choueifat is a place and open all religions. This attack, like all attacks, is against Lebanon," a head municipal official for Choueifat told al-Manar. "Thankfully, the losses human and material were not large this time."

Minister of State Marwan Kheireddine told MTV that this "is the same as the latest bombings,. This blast was aimed at killing people, as there are no religious or political centers in the area."

Lebanon has seen a wave of attacks since July 2013, occuring on a weekly basis since late December. On Saturday, a car bomb killed four people in the eastern Lebanon town of Hermel.

(Al-Akhbar, AFP, Reuters)


Choueifat obviously was not the intended target. It is fortunate that this person was intercepted at an early stage in his attempted journey to his intended target, whatever it was. In fact, it would be interested to know where the minibus was supposed to be going. This would yield some information about the intended target, probably.

@ Anonymous on Tue, 2014-02-04 00:16.

What does Choueifat has to do with Aleppo?

No news of the barrel bombs raining of Aleppo in Syria.

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