Saudi to provide mobile anti-aircraft missiles for Syrian rebels: report

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Published Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saudi Arabia has offered to provide Syrian armed opposition groups Chinese man-portable air defense systems, known as Manpads, and Russian antitank guided missiles, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal.

Citing unnamed Western and Arab diplomats, as well as Syrian opposition figures, the report noted that the move by Saudi Arabia came after a meeting between rebel leaders and various intelligence agents in Jordan on January 30 as the first round of Syrian peace talks in Geneva came to a close.

The weapons are planned to flow from Jordan and Turkey, and is expected to be of a "significant amount."

The report also noted that "the plan coincides with the reorganization of rebel forces in the south [of Syria], where 10,000 fighters have formed the Southern break the [Syrian] government's siege of the southern suburbs of Damascus.

The January 30 meeting also involved the delivery of payments in cash for salaries of the fighters in the Southern Front, totaling $3 million.



It looks as if the Saudis are prepared to offer their terrorists more lethal equipment than they have the Lebanese Armed Forces ...

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