Israeli jets strike along Lebanese-Syrian border

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Published Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Israeli warplanes conducted a raid near the northern area of the Bekaa Valley along the Lebanese-Syrian border late Monday night, the Lebanese National News Agency reported.

It was unclear if the raid had struck within Lebanese territory, with both Israel and Syria remaining silent about the incident.

However, the strike came two days after the Israeli army chief of staff threatened action to stop any transfer of weapons that would affect the military balance of power in the region.

Initial reports stated that the Israeli strike had hit close to the towns of Jenta and al-Nabi Sheet in the northern region of the Bekaa Valley, but security and military sources told Al-Akhbar that the strikes did not fall within Lebanese territory.

Sources also stated that it was unclear what the target was.

The Hezbollah television station Al-Manar also stated there had been "no raid on Lebanese territory," reporting only the "strong presence of enemy planes over the area north of Bekaa" in eastern Lebanon.

According to Reuters, an Israeli security source confirmed that there had been "unusually intense air force activity in the north," referring to Lebanon.

The strikes come at a time when a brutal and volatile conflict is raging in Syria, especially in the Qalamoun Mountains across the border from the norther Bekaa Valley.

Israel has struck Syria at least three times in the past year, and routinely violates Lebanese airspace.



with Saudi petro dollars nobody can say helpless or innocent. Matter is complex and needs resolution by local peoples only. how can I allow cannibals using derogatory remarks in speeches get strong all around me, so Hezbollah took proactive approach. after all they stopped Israelis in 2006 so can possess everything. it is a distant neutral comment.

Israel doing all it can to support Al-Qaeda in the Qalamoun mountains.

I expect nothing less from the Zionists.

Hezbollah use of the SS 21 scarab - missile in the Qalamoun mountains made aware Israel that Hezbollah is in possession of this weapon. Israel destroyed the rocket lauchets and the stock of missiles not in support of Al Qaeda

Hezbollah brings more war and destruction in its alliance with the butcher Assad. This time it is not helpless Sunni civilians you are fighting. So you will shut up and do nothing.

Hapless criminals is more like it. Really Wadid? Three years on and you're still with the same tired propaganda. Tell me ya 3abkari, if they are killing helpless civilians and if Bashar is such a butcher, how come there are martyrs on the side of Hezbollah and the honorable Arab Syrian army. How is that happening? You see how you're starting to sound like your allies the zionists.

What helpless civilians are you talking about, moron. While your "helpless" rebels come to Lebanon and bomb civilian neighborhoods like the freakin cowards that they are, Hezbollah fights only the militants. Anyway, atleast we know Hezbollah is doing a good job stepping on your terrorists when they come and throw a tantrum bomb in Lebanon.

No one will know what was the target, material damage and the number of lives lost. Hezbollah does not divulge information and Israel does not comment on air strikes.

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