Fourteen years after the Israeli withdrawal: That was then, this is now

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Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary-general of Hezbollah, with the people freed from Khiam prison after the Israeli withdrawal in 2000. (Photo: Archive)

By: Ibrahim al-Amin

Published Saturday, May 24, 2014

How did these lunatics do it? How did they let us get so close to their homes? How could they have spared us the trouble of getting to the point nearest to their positions? They would not have done so had they not been defeated. Truly defeated. And here we are, looking at the defeat in their eyes along the barbed-wire fence with occupied Palestine.

Imad Mughniyeh was the first one to enter the buffer zone. He had sent groups to carry out security arrangements. But they were surprised to find him ahead of the others in discovering garrisons, positions and centers that the Israelis and their quislings had vacated. He and other leaders of the Resistance were obsessed with ensuring that the Israeli withdrawal would take place in a calm manner.

Some Resistance fighters called him to tell him that they spotted enemy vehicular movements along the border. They informed him of their ability to deal with them quickly and forcefully, that they can achieve great results. Mughniyeh smiled and asked them to focus on arrangements that would ensure the safe return of the area’s residents and to prevent any acts of revenge. When some of them were persistent, he told them, do you want to score a pointless strike or do you want us to enter our villages with the people and celebrate?

Fourteen years have passed since these nights that are rare in the lives of a people and in the lives of many Lebanese. They are rare in terms of the power of love and sacrifice for those who won and behaved as victors. But also rare in terms of the power of hatred and humiliation for those who lost and have acted to this day, even more than the enemy itself, as losers.

It was not possible to fathom the amount of love and sacrifice that the victors possessed except when they were tested in July 2006. The Resistance movement found the people always one step ahead of it. It was also not possible to fathom the degree of hatred and humiliation except during the same period when an inclination towards direct collaboration with the enemy by a hateful faction became openly evident.

What Wikileaks revealed will continue to cloak those who sold whatever was left of their honor and conscience in return for a fistful of dollars with shame. Every victory for the Resistance was a retreat for them. Their screams calling for the destruction and death of people were higher than the screams of the Israeli soldiers fleeing the blows of the Resistance.

Today, after all the time that has passed, we still face the same enemy, the same collaborators and the same defeated mentality. If they are fortunate enough to be around, it is because of the morals of the Resistance fighters. It is the kind of morality that they will never know as they jump from one foreign embassy to another offering their services against the Resistance and against their fellow citizens. When the US embassy declines to pay, they go to the British embassy or to the embassy of the terrorist French colonialists.

Now we see them looking for additional resources in the name of charitable organizations or research centers. They run after anyone willing to pay for information against the Resistance and its people. It appears that Beirut today is teeming with willing donors, especially after Turkey joined their ranks and is looking through study centers for Shia clients willing to provide it with information to confront the Hezbollah phenomenon.

Fourteen years have passed and the enemy still wants to disarm the Resistance. The enemy does not tire. Its duty is to not tire. We will be surprised if it gives up and stops looking for ways to disarm Hezbollah. But there are among us those who still believe they can help the enemy achieve its goal. They could not care less for facts or logic or rational calculations. They do not even know the meaning of normal feelings that a normal person has. They continue to be state officials, political party leaders, association, club and institution directors, journalists and pencil pushers and they continue to work tirelessly.

Their work can be explained in one of two ways. Either they have a kind of hatred that takes hold of all their senses to where they can not sleep at night without at least directing insults at the Resistance, or getting embroiled - beyond our wildest dreams - in working for the enemy. It is their good fortune, and nothing else, that the Resistance has morals that prevent it from punishing the traitors.

Today, it is useful to set the record straight. Perhaps they, and the people who follow them, will ponder and understand that they should use their brains before their hearts in any decision they make.

Since 1992, the leaders of this faction, under the leadership of Rafik Hariri at the time, were waiting for peace with the enemy to get rid of the Resistance. They conspired at the time of the Oslo Accords and waged war hoping to pass the silly agreement in the fog of war. Then they called upon each other in 1996 and provided cover for an additional crime that did not bear fruits. Even when Israel was forced to withdraw from Lebanon in 2000, they tried to make it look as though it was the result of a diplomatic effort. They suggested, in their stupidity, that Resistance fighters be honorably discharged.

They never stopped trying, from inside and outside Lebanon, and even through the economy, media outlets, and the education system. And when they failed, they raised their voices once again. Israel was given free rein to try its luck once more in 2006. Despite its failure, they came back, looking for better ways. They invented the Sunni - Shia conflict, which they incited and still do. When they failed to achieve anything, they resorted to the takfiri groups thinking that they can distract, if not destroy, the Resistance. And now what is the result?

What do you want? Do you want to disarm the Resistance in Lebanon or withdraw Hezbollah fighters from Syria or end the Resistance’s so-called influence in Iraq, Yemen, the Gulf and Palestine?

Could you agree on a goal or a modest objective? Is there anyone among you who would go back a year in time, just leaf through the newspapers and tell us what is the fate of all those who participated in thinking, funding, planning, equipping, executing and supporting the suicide attacks that targeted the Resistance and its supporters? Can you think about the fate of those people and others like them when the Resistance and its fighters decide that the time of reckoning has come?

Fourteen years and the Resistance is getting stronger by the day. Those who fear it know that they are akin to the enemy and nothing more. Those who believe in it know that it is able, not through its material capabilities, but through the power of its stance and conviction, to assume a role that goes beyond its limited reality in a small country like Lebanon.

But above all, we who support the Resistance, should repeat to those who want to listen and those who do not, that the Resistance is our holy of holies. And we will take on with all our strength whoever attacks it by word or deed or fire. We will raise our voices in the face of all who raise their voices against the Resistance to tell them that they are traitors, traitors, traitors, until we run out of breath.

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.


I guess Ibrahim forgot somehow to mention Hezbollah's new job. To massacre Muslims in Syria who want freedom. That's who you hypocrites are.

you honestly believe what you are saying? Lets put things into perspective. The 2 million of south lebanon liberated and fought the most powerful army in the middle east and did not give up an inch of land , honour or dignity. Also releasing hundreds of prisoners that the rest of the arab world have forgotten dead or alive. Israel went to war supposedly over a few kidnapped soldiers while the arabs have signed peace treaties with israel and forgotten those imprisoned. I ask you what 1.4 billion muslims have done for 68 years? When you can answer that question truly and honestly i think then you have the right to make assumptions.

" I ask you what 1.4 billion muslims have done for 68 years?"

Your points are valid, but don't forget the role of Iran...

Harriri was the biggest traitor that Lebanon knew.

Trust me we had a will have bigger...

May you run out of breath very soon. Everyone who raises a voice against you is a traitor? You threaten half the population of Lebanon with you venomous words of hate and threats of violence. You are the epitomy of facism. Don't talk about who planned suicide attacks as the whole thinking world, that is not blinded by the rhetoric of hate knows who killed 22 people in the Harrari suicide attack and who obstructed justice in finding their killers.

Maybe you should ask Hariri's chief of security, the March 14er who conveniently was not there on the fateful day.

Dear "For Freedom" I agree with you "who killed 22 people in the Harrari suicide attack and who obstructed justice in finding their killers." and I might add who planted falsified evidence, who create false witnesses who accused four innocent officers and jailed them for 4 years, which countries refused to collaborate and provide evidence they have, where are the videos and images their satellites took before and during explosion which killed 22 people. I can go forever in giving you enough evidence that it might someone else who committed the crime and not the people you hate just because you are brainwashed. One last question...Please define your version of freedom... Thanks

Harriri's killers where among you,and they are still among you.

Very true.

Dear I Am the Cradle... What is your proof... Please open your mind and really think about your future and kids future. Do you really think Harriri Clan and all the right-wing arabs are working towards your future were you will be treated as a human with rights or just a tool in their agenda to get richer... please god given brain to think about your rights as a person and your family rights and your fellow humans rights in the country called Lebanon and the Arab world.

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