ISIS declares war on Lebanon

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Security forces cordon off the area surrounding the Duroy hotel in Beirut's Raouche neighborhood after a suicide bomber blew himself up on the third floor. (Photo: Marwan Tahtah)

By: Radwan Mortada

Published Friday, June 27, 2014

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has decided to instigate a full-scale conflagration in Lebanon. All indications show that the al-Qaeda offshoot is resolved to bring back suicide bombings en masse to the country of the cedars.

After all, Lebanon is within the borders of ISIS’ coveted emirate, yet its most important significance may be the fact that it is the home of Hezbollah, “the biggest enemy fighting Sunnis in Syria” in the eyes of the jihadis. Hence, hitting Hezbollah there would increase ISIS’ popularity in jihadi circles in Syria and among other global jihadi groups.

Security sources have revealed to Al-Akhbar that the terrorist cells intercepted at the Napoleon and Duroy hotels in Beirut had been dispatched by ISIS as part of its strategy to overwhelm Lebanon with a formidable wave of suicide bombings. The security services base this reading on the previous modus operandi and strategy of the terrorist cells, and also the information relayed by U.S. and European sources, indicating that the suicide bombers had been dispatched by ISIS to Lebanon.

According to available information, the jihadi operatives who have been activated are mostly combatants who travelled from Syria to Lebanon via Turkey, or Lebanese, Palestinian, and Syrian nationals who had fought in Syria, before returning to Lebanon to form logistical networks assisting suicide bombers sent from abroad. What reinforces the view that ISIS is involved is the sheer amount of money that has been spent on the suicide bombers, including their travel, accommodation, and transportation costs, and the nature of the terrorist gear, since ISIS has access to huge human, material, and intelligence resources compared to other jihadi groups.

In the course of the ongoing investigations, the ISIS hypothesis has been further corroborated by the identity of the alleged terrorist fixer Al-Monzer Khaldoun al-Hassan, brother of two jihadis who died in Syria nearly a year ago. Hassan booked the hotel rooms, transported the suicide bombers, and provided them with the necessary equipment. Hassan reportedly has ties to fugitive Palestinian national Ahmed Taha, who is suspected of staging rocket attacks on Dahiyeh and involvement in bringing car bombs to Beirut’s southern suburb, bearing in mind that Taha is likely to be present in Syria where he has pledged allegiance to ISIS.

In the meantime, investigators are leaning strongly to separating the case of the suicide bombers caught in the hotels and the case of the perpetrators of the attacks in Dahr al-Baidar and Tayouneh. Furthermore, the vehicle used in the first attack had been brought to Beirut from the Bekaa, while the vehicle used in the second attack had been purchased in Beirut; surveillance cameras did not spot it moving outside the capital, meaning the car had not been rigged in the Bekaa Valley.

Security officials involved in the investigations believe it likely that the Abdullah Azzam Brigades were indeed behind the attacks in Tayouneh and Dahr al-Baidar. By contrast, the security officials say the would-be suicide bombers intercepted in two Beirut hotels are likely to be part of a plot hatched outside Lebanon, which confirms that ISIS is behind them.

The same sources declined to talk about current surveillance operations, but pointed out that ISIS intends to stage major attacks, with a view to settle the question of who should lead jihadi groups in its favor.

On Thursday, social media sites were abuzz with an unverified message declaring ISIS was behind the suicide bombers caught in the hotels. Meanwhile, al-Nusra Front military commander Abu Hammam al-Suri has called on all “mujahidin” to prepare themselves to take the fight to “Shia cities in Lebanon” and for a showdown with Hezbollah.

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This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.


Journalistic prowess, or lack thereof, ISIS is made up of dogs that luck their lips and salivate at the thought of being able to suck on the male organ of a donkey

Lazy journalism at it's best. "ISIS declares war on Lebanon" , "The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has decided to instigate a full-scale conflagration in Lebanon." ... Mr Radwan Mortada, you didn't provide any sources whatsoever to backup these statements.

Murdering numerous Lebanese soldiers is enough Justification you dip shit.

I agree .. I love it when people just blindly blame the west for anything bad that happens then ask for their help .. Are they stupid .. Lebanon is now doomed .. It's poetic justice that Hezbollah is now being terrorized themselves .. Revenge is a dish best served cold ... Good luck defending against ghosts .. Sit back and watch Hezbollah be picked off

This is just wrong. The leaders around the world need to respond immediately in an appropriate way. These fighters seem to have no reason other than avenge and hatred. It is the now we need to action and stop using the past as an excuse for non action. It is not he time to blame. I do hope there are honest leaders to take some meaningful action on this criminal activity. May Allah bring justice to the wrong doers during the month of Ramadan. May Allah protect the innocent victims who live in fear. Allah is all knowing and all wise. Amen.

whether it was created by zionist pricks or not the idiots that have agreed to do this are animals. do not give me pathetic excuses like americans created them! american or not they are PATHETIC!

You blind animals, you won't look and see your enemy. Your enemy is not Israel, or the US, or any country for that matter. It's the murders on all sides,in every country, these fanatics who think they are winning God's favor by murdering his creations. Your blindness will be the end of you, and your cowardice at facing up to the facts is what your blindness amounts to.

Calling people blind animals like you're so wise... All I see is you slandering strangers on random internet forums like you have it all figured out, meanwhile you're just all bark and no bite like the rest of them.

When the chaos will hit Lebanon and Jordan, don't dare have the gall to ask for "western"and American/Zionist help.

The Zionists and Americans created ISIS! ISIS is part of the Israeli final solution for Palestine and The Lebanon along with Jordan are incidentals...

Don't be silly, Islam made this kind of people. It has always caused Arabs killing each other way before Israel even existed. You won't blame the west for something Arabs have done to themselves.

Fair call.

So when Israel and the Jews who support death and destruction all over the world, have the favor returned, then they too will have no one but themselves to blame. For it is Judaism which made this kind of people.

Don't like it? Then boo hoo to you.

Pathetic hypocrite.


What a load of trash. As much as you would like to believe it you cant honestly believe the jews created ISIS. Just shows how blind and stupid you really are. Wake up. Suppose the Jews are responsible from the problems in Nigeria, Syria and Libya as well. They probably caused the Iran / Iraq war as well and were behind Iraq invading Kuwait. What a laugh

Would love to see the financial trail for ammunition, missiles, guns and explosives. Some people must have rocketing shares thanks to this extremism. Happy board members and people like Tony Blair winning awards for their work with the conflict. It would be good if that information on who is benefitting from this was in the public domain. It may be a stab in the dark but I think certain countries conspicuously not signing UN resolutions may have politicians heavily invested in the only winners in this...

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