UNSC meeting, live

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Israeli assault on Palestinians: Live Coverage


The United Nations Security Council is currently holding an emergency meeting in regards to what is happening in Palestine.

You can watch the meeting, streamed live.

The news so far is that both Israel and the US are trying to prevent the UNSC from condemning the attack on Gaza.

Meanwhile, at the meeting, UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon called the current assault on Gaza "one of the most critical tests the region has faced in recent years. ... We must try to restore not only calm today, but the vision of peace on the horizon for tomorrow."

Ban called for a renewed commitment to a two-state solution and a peace agreement.

On his part, Riyad Mansour, the permanent observer of Palestine to the United Nations, said:

This illegal, inhumane Israeli occupation is unjustifiable under any context... it is an occupation including armed forces and terrorist settlers that intentionally perpetrates the murder, burning and maiming of children...

Its racist aggressive expansionist agenda and lack of respect for Palestinian life... and yet, absurdly and offensively, the Israeli government... claims to have the most moral army, quote unquote, in the world. ...

I come before the security council to say, enough of the bloodshed of the Palestinian people.... enough of this violence and enough of this conflict.

Published: Thursday, July 10, 2014 - 17:40

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