Asia Times: How Israel turned tragedy into opportunity

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Israeli assault on Palestinians: Live Coverage


Justin Schwegel, former Peace Corps educator and recent graduate as a Global Law Scholar from Georgetown University Law Center, wrote an insightful analysis of how Israel twisted and milked the murder of three Israeli settler teens for the goal of war.

He wrote:

Throughout Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's two-and-a-half week grandstanding,he knew the settlers were dead. There were gunshots on the emergency call, and an Arab voice saying they had killed three. Their blood was found in a vehicle riddled with bullet holes. Israel had already arrested those who had done it in Hebron just days after it happened and quite possibly knew where the bodies were buried. Due to a press gag order, none of this was made public until 18 days later when the bodies were "discovered". The Israeli government lied to both the Israeli people and international observers and disrespected the memory of those killed by turning a tragedy into a political opportunity.

If it was important enough for the Israeli government to lie about the events surrounding the tragedy, it is certainly important enough to ask why. There are three key reasons why the Israeli government played politics by lying about the nature of this tragedy. First, international public opinion of Israel is at a record low. Second, continued reporting on a kidnapping and search and rescue mission created political cover for the Israeli Military to move against Hamas members and other political dissidents in the West Bank. Finally, the systematic oppression of Palestinians and the confiscation of their land and resources is only possible where Israeli suffering is highlighted and Palestinian suffering is downplayed to create the illusion of parity.

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Published: Thursday, July 10, 2014 - 19:31

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