Gaza Youth Breaks Out

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Israeli assault on Palestinians: Live Coverage


Gaza Youth Breaks Out (GYOB) - an organization on the ground in Gaza that captured the attention of the western press due to a manifesto they released in 2012 that harshly criticized Hamas and Fatah - has just released a statement on their Facebook page saying that, at least for today, they are with Hamas.

Here it is in full:

Do we support the resistance? Normally we don't but in cases like now, WE DO..
The only thing that will stop Israel from killing our people is when they know that they have something to lose..
We never liked hamas and we wrote a manifesto criticizing it but today, We are Hamas and hamas is us until this over...

One wonders...will the Western press pay attention to this?

Published: Friday, July 11, 2014 - 15:47

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