Egyptian media wages incitement campaign against Palestinians as Gaza burns

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Palestinians wait next to their luggage, hoping to be given the permission to cross into Egypt at the Rafah crossing between Egypt and the southern Gaza Strip on July 12, 2014. (Photo: AFP-Said Khatib)

By: Rana Harbi

Published Friday, July 18, 2014

Right across Egypt’s Rafah border crossing, civilians in Gaza are facing yet another heinous Israeli military offensive that started on July 8 and has so far claimed the lives of over 265 Palestinians and left a further 2,000 injured. While the hostile political and military stance against Hamas in Egypt is of no surprise, anti-Hamas and anti-Palestinian sentiments have recently emerged among Egypt’s populace and different media outlets.

Since the Egyptian military ousted former Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi in July 2013, a punitive campaign against Hamas, the ruling party in the Gaza Strip, has been escalating on the governmental, military, judicial and media level. As a result, Egyptian fervor for the Palestinian cause has subsided.

Political and social activists are hence finding it challenging to convince the public to participate in solidarity movements amid the hate campaign that has enforced a collective punishment against the Palestinians by branding them all as criminals.

“We recently depicted feelings of antipathy and hostility towards Hamas and Gaza in the Egyptian society,” Hossam al-Hamalawy, an Egyptian journalist, social activist and member of the Revolutionary Socialists and the Center for Socialist Studies told Al-Akhbar. “The support of Palestinians has dramatically waned and the Egyptian silence in the face of Israel’s latest offensive is expected amid an unprecedented and coordinated media smear campaign against Hamas.”

“Thank you, Netanyahu”

“True, there are still many Egyptians and Arabs who sympathize with Hamas, mainly because it is being targeted by Israel. But over the past week, there are also different voices coming out of Egypt and some other Arab countries -- voices that publicly support the Israeli military operation against the Islamist movement in the Gaza Strip,” Israeli writer Khaled Abu Toameh wrote in an article titled “Egyptians hoping Israel destroys Hamas.”

Similarly, Roi Kais wrote in the Israeli Ynet news that, “it has become evident that alongside the standard criticism of Israel, Hamas, which has in recent years lost face among the Arab public, has also been taking quite a bit of fire.”

A steadily intensifying anti-Hamas campaign has been adopted by some of Egypt’s state-owned and private media since the beginning of the Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip. Even though the media has been already fueling anti-Hamas rhetoric for the past year, the recent negative discourse not only targeted Hamas but Palestinians in general.

Egypt’s cable channel CBC, owned by Mohammed al-Amin who had close links to the former Hosni Mubarak regime and to the current Sisi regime, wrote on its official page on Facebook that “Israeli air force bombarded 12 terrorist sites in Gaza,” deeming targeted civilian neighborhood as “terror sites.” CBC, ranked second in Egypt in terms of viewership, later apologized for the “mistake” after many lashed out against it on social media.

Azza Sami, deputy editor of the state-affiliated Egyptian Al-Ahram newspaper tweeted: “Thank you (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu and may God give us more [people] like you to destroy Hamas, the base of corruption and treachery.”

Sami went on to say that she “loves her country and hates Hamas” and she then thanked “not only Netanyahu but any person who wipes Hamas out of existence.” In response to the people who attacked her she said “there is a Hamas campaign against all those who speak about their [Hamas’] stupidity and idiocy. I’m proud to be one of those.”

Similarly, Hayat al-Dardiri, a TV presenter of Egypt Today told her viewers that “the Egyptian people know exactly who they are facing, and understand that there is no alternative to employing the Egyptian army to strike terror cells in Gaza and destroy Hamas in a military operation. We will never forget what Hamas did.”

More shocking statements were made by Toufic Akasha, the owner of the pro-Sisi Faraeen TV channel, who attacked Hamas and Gazans by hoping that “Hamas and Hamas’ men go to hell.” He then said that “Gazans must rebel against Hamas today. If they don’t, then they deserve to be bombed. If Gazans revolt against Hamas, Israel will stop bombing them and the Egyptian army would support them militarily to eliminate this terror movement.”

In another talk show Akasha justified the Israeli assault on Gaza by saying that “Hamas provoked the Israelis by abducting the three Israeli civilians. Israel merely retaliated.” Likewise, Ousama Mounir, a TV presenter, said that “Al-Qassam Brigades are to be blamed for the Palestinian deaths.”

Moreover, many voices condemned the brief opening of Rafah border crossing last week.

Egyptian journalist and activist Wael Eskandar told Al-Akhbar that “the Egyptian army and state are not being demonized for closing the border, not allowing aid to Gaza and forbidding Palestinians from seeking shelter and treatment in Egypt.”

In his opinion the media is helping the army “legitimize the siege on the Gaza Strip.”

Former MP Mohammed Abu Hamed wrote on his twitter account that “Egypt should treat Palestinians at the terminal and not allow them in."

While Al-Bashayer newspaper responded to the Egyptian Defense Minister Sedki Sobhi’s decision to dispatch 500 tons of food and medical aid to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip by saying that “the standard of living for a Gazan citizen is much higher than that of an Egyptian citizen. The poor in Egypt are more in need than the poor in the Gaza Strip. Let Qatar spend as much as it wants on the Gaza Strip. We should not send anything that Egyptians are in need of.”
The state-media not only sided with Israel but also attacked and oppressed those who dared to comment on Gaza’s humanitarian tragedy.

Amr Adeeb, prominent journalist and TV presenter of Cairo Today who is known for his opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood, was told by many enraged Egyptians to “shut up” after he called on Sisi to intervene for the sake of Gaza’s residents and open the Rafah crossing.

Adeeb was labeled by the public as “a Hamas affiliated terrorist,” even though Adeeb had said in the past that “Palestinians deserve to be killed and I salute the Israeli leadership.” One of those who criticized Adeeb was Amany al-Khayat, Egyptian TV presenter.

Al-Khayat said that the war on Gaza is just a “joke” claiming that Hamas is playing the role of the victim so that Egypt opens the Rafah border crossing and they can then “smuggle weapons in and out.”

“Close the crossing!! Don’t let them in!!” she declared. “Why don’t Israeli air forces bomb Hamas’s terror sites? Israel knows them very well. Why do they only bomb civilians?” implying that Hamas and Israel are working together under the table.

“It is disgraceful that some Egyptians are publicly supporting the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip,” Egyptian university student and social activist Mohammed Hasan told Al-Akhbar. “For many, Hamas replaced Israel as the country’s enemy.”

In addition, Jaber al-Qirmaty, another TV presenter, also criticized those who demanded the Egyptian military help the residents of Gaza by asking them “where were you all when Hamas was targeting the Egyptian army in Sinai for months? … The Egyptian army is for the Egyptians only. His duty is to protect Egypt’s borders only.”

Likewise, journalist Mustafa Shardi said that the Palestinians should not expect the Egyptians to give more than what they have already given.

“No Arab country has done for the Palestinians as Egypt has. Why doesn’t Hamas go to [Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip] Erdogan? Where is Erdogan when you need him? Why is he silent? If he opens his mouth they [Israel and the US] will hit him with a shoe. Hamas should apologize for the 1000 tunnels that were used to smuggle the resources of Egypt.”

Furthermore, several TV personalities portrayed Hamas as more “evil” than Israel. Egyptian journalist Gamal Fahmy said that “the Israeli occupation is better than the rule of Hamas in Gaza.”

Whereas, TV presenter Ahmad Moussa said that Hamas and al-Qassam Brigades “are not our brothers, neither Muslims, they are the enemy...strike every place in Gaza, it is the right of our children.” He even attacked those who want to cross into Egypt for medical reasons by saying “we don’t want anyone of them, those who are dying, let them die there.”

While such hatred against Hamas made many Egyptians distrust Palestinians, others have not been influenced by the media frenzy and consider it to be in line with a planned and systematic campaign spearheaded by both the Egyptian media and the government against Hamas.

“Hatred against Hamas has turned into a justification for the deadly blows delivered by Israelis against Palestinians in Gaza,” Eskandar said. “Egyptians who are in support of the Palestinians are unable to voice their support since there is strong dominance by the security apparatus over media and also public space.”

Political rupture: Palestinians are ‘terrorists’

According to Israeli media, Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the former military chief who last year led the ouster of Morsi, is trying to stand by his administration’s ongoing battle against Hamas and other Islamic groups in the Sinai Peninsula without bluntly taking a position that favors Israel over Palestine in the recent Israeli assault on Gaza.

Ever since Morsi’s ouster, Egypt’s military has raged a war against Hamas whom they accused of working in tandem with the Brotherhood to destabilize the state, by facilitating terrorist attacks against Egyptian civilians and soldiers and harboring al-Qaeda linked militant groups based in the North Sinai Peninsula. The government also accuses Hamas of being behind the prison break that had set hundreds of Brotherhood members who were imprisoned under Mubarak free.

Consequently, Egypt’s new military government decided to conduct an intensive “counterterrorism campaign” in the Sinai Peninsula. Hundreds of the smuggling tunnels along the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt were demolished and access through the Rafah crossing terminal, Gaza's only gateway to the world that is not controlled by Israel, was severely restricted.

“Closing Rafah has pushed an already dire humanitarian situation in the under-attack besieged Strip to its utter limits,” Hassan said. “Gazans are not terrorists. The state and the media are justifying the closure of the Rafah crossing by portraying all Gazans as terrorists who impose a threat to ‘Egypt’s national security.’ We are participating in this war, in this genocide.”

The anti-Palestine campaign undoubtedly played a crucial role in radicalizing Egyptian consciousness, however many of those who are neither influenced by the media nor the state are still choosing not to participate in any demonstrations in solidarity with Palestine because of the new protest law.

“Amidst a wave of repression against protesters, many Egyptians are hesitant to take part in any solidarity movements,” al-Hamalawy stated. “The crackdown on protests succeeded in instilling fear among those who still feel passionate about the Palestinian cause.”

The protest law fully criminalizes demonstrators’ use of sit-ins and violators could face up to five years in prison. The law also grants security forces complete discretion to ban protests or disperse them using excessive and lethal force.

“The state has been cracking down on journalists, activists and human rights defenders locally to achieve hegemony over every narrative and the Palestinian cause is no exception,” Eskandar added. “The current protest law in place, as well as the indiscriminate arrests and state security threats to dissidents in the public sphere, has inhibited the ability of opposition to challenge state narrative.”

Nevertheless, some Egyptian activists chose to defy the protest law and take the streets in solidarity with Gaza.

“A rally in front of the Egyptian Journalists’ Union in central Cairo triggered a spontaneous march last Sunday,” al-Hamalawy said. “Unfortunately, security forces quelled the rally and clashed with the protestors.”
Also, The Popular Campaign to Support the Palestinian People has decided to prepare a popular aid convoy headed to the Gaza strip on Thursday in support of the Palestinian people.
“The campaign has communicated with the people of Gaza and we have attained a list of the urgent needs,” the Popular Campaign to Support the Palestinian People said on its Facebook page.

However, the limited gatherings and initiatives taking place here and there are very subdued in comparison to past years, when thousands of protesters would not only occupy major squares but were also driven by their anger to break down the barriers between Egypt and Gaza.

“The right to peaceful protest is one of the most important gains of the revolution but it has been taken away from us,” Hassan explained. “We now need a permit to protest and an authorization for-a pro Palestine demonstration isn’t easy, if not impossible, to obtain.”

In 2008, a group of Palestinians blew up the wall separating the Egyptian Rafah side from the Palestinian side. Thousands of Palestinians streamed into Sinai and were welcomed by the Egyptian people before the Egyptian authorities took control and closed the border.

Then in 2011, thousands of Egyptians streamed to Tahrir square to support Palestine and to commemorate the Nakba. And in 2012, about 500 Egyptian activists crossed into Gaza to deliver medical supplies and show support for Palestinians who were facing an Israeli offensive at the time, and thousands gathered in Egyptian cities to protest against Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip.

"If people in Egypt today are too scared to protest against poverty, price hikes and low standards of living do you think they will protest in solidarity with Gaza?" al-Hamalawy concluded. “Unless the political climate changes and media incitement stops, the Egyptian public will further lose faith in the Palestinian cause.”


Shame on you, Egyptians. Shame on you. I'm not even Arab, I have no connections to Palestinians and I care more about them than you. You should be disgusted with yourselves. When you're in trouble, don't be upset when the world leaves you to burn just as you have done to the Palestinians.

Beware of the hyprocrites, after al sisi took power they were rumours he was a yahudi after this current genocide in gaza we can safely say he is indeed. But his popularity is only in the mass media and the godless munafique who support him just look at the elections they were a total shambles. These munafiques have taken the yahud as their allies and will forever spend in jahanam for thier evil deeds. They say we arabs are good at killing each other and blame hamas WELL wasn't it the kuffar that destroyed the khilafah and inposed colonialism and TYRANTS that thye support and not forgetting allowing mass migration of illegal yahud's who violently took over palestine. The worthless arab regimes were humiliated because they always bowed to their masters in the west. Al sisi killed more than 3000 muslims injured more than 10,000 and jailed over a hundred thousand all backed by the zionist allies and these munafiques are blaming hamas. With the rise of IS and others this filthy arab order of treason and sellouts will be a history lesson for a new rule to commence you need someone brutal IS to clear out the garbage

The Firaun of our times are the leaders of the Arab world who're silent when the butchering is going on! Oh! But they are busy with their licentious life and oppressing fellow Muslims..Empires have fallen and these corrupt Arabs will also go....Sura An Kabut is the best example......

The amount of Anger in Pakistan at its peak. We have this corrupt rule who will never speak for our Muslim brothers n sister in Gaza. But let me remind of u My brothers n sisters We the citizens of Pakistan stand by out Palestinans Brothers n Sisters in every possible situtaion.
Last but not least Our Atomic Bomb and Missiles have the capacity to travel 3500km and dont forget Tel Aviv is 23-2700km from Pakistan. By God that day is far When directly Pakistan will come into this issue and will stop the Terrorist state of Israel to threat them. And u know what, that threat is not going to be Bashar Al Asad's warning. That will be last warning from Pakistan.
U just w8 and watch. We just need to stand on our feets n ecnomical sound. So that we can take stand by our Muslim Brothers n sister in whole wide world. That days by God isnt far away

Very sad and pathetic to see how stupid you are, instead of blaming Hamas's leadership for wasting Muslim people's life for NOTHING and enjoying themselves with the millions they're getting instead of protecting those innocent Palestinians, you're blabbing about stupidity that will never happen? We Muslims are good in killing each other & destroying our countries & blaming others instead of building our communities and being strong.
What Hamas has done to Israel is NOTHING compared to the damage Israel did to Gaza. So what has Hamas accomplished? Why haven't they built shelters to Gazans & why haven't they invested in improving Palestinians lives with the millions of dollars they're getting from Arabs???????
We Muslims always direct our anger in the wrong direction and will NEVER solve the problem.
Hamas leadership does NOT care for Palestinians. Why should Israel or Arabs care if youuuu yourselves don't care? Why not cease fire when you know you are losing the battle & your people are being killed & you will accomplish nothing but LOSS? Does that sound to you like a wise leadership caring for its people for good cause?

If the post above Is genuine, then I applaud you for your Insight and honesty.
Since 2005, Hamas has brought havoc and destruction upon the people It Is suppose to lead and protect (they did win an election)instead, they twice In the past and now round 3, wrought misery and death.
as an Israeli, I support a cease fire ,humanitarian or under any other name, with full and complete acceptance of Hamas demands, with Hamas agreeing to conditions that will actually benefit the Palestinians of Gaza.
as long as Hamas agrees both to demilitarize the Strip and to accept the Quartet's conditions -recognizing the right of Israel to exist In security and peace.

There is no need for the IDF to perform a violent removal of the weapon arsenals: If the Western and Arab/Muslim countries are so concerned about peace in the Middle East, they should send NATO soldiers to implement the demilitarization.

Hamas, so far, has proved that it favors the armed struggle and the violence over prosperity. The Strip's residents are paying a heavy price for that.

A very heartening message. God Almighty bless Palestine and Pakistan.

If stupidity was a painful disease, you'd be In a cast the rest of your life.T.A. Is 45 minutes north of Gaza strip. "you" nuke T.A. and no Palestinian will be alive to witness It within one hour. But who cares? As long as you destroy Israel, "we will fight till the last Palestinian alive". Typical.
Meantime , you can chew on this- Hamas humanitarian and good governance
The corruption at the head of Hamas(J.Post)

Wonderful... What a inspiring massege bro.. Masha Allaah

hasbouna Allah waniema al wakil, now we know who are these so called journalists Allah show us who are really these people (some of the Egyptians) so called journalists take from them their masques....

Is land, money, greed & politics the be all & end all. We as Muslims have to ensure that there is no injustice or mindless killings , nay Genocide. Whoever, Muslim or non Muslim, should & must condemn this Genocide. The Egyptian regime & Media are all 'Sissy'. Can't call spade a spade. The people who can't oppose are Useless idiots & have the Palestinian haters of Egypt & friends of Yahud n Nasara forgotten the Quranic verses regarding them. Then they are NOT Muslims. Have they forgotten that how their friend Israel had wiped out their Air Force and taken over their land. Today they are using excuses that Hamas did this & that when it pales into insignificance with what Israel did to Egypt then. If Hamas did to Egypt what they claim then what is a caged 'Tiger' supposed to do. 50 years plus of oppression leads to rage. When did Egypt prevail on the powers that be, to end this conflict and siege and get a State of Palestine realised. Settlements & land grab continues. The so called Egyptian Muslims who are talking against fellow Muslims WILL HAVE TO ANSWER ALLAH. THE DAY IS NOT FAR OFF FOR THEM BECAUSE THEY HAVE NOT STOOD UP FOR TRUTH & RIGHTEOUSNESS.

shame on you egypt! the genes of pharoa have overwhelmed you! May Allah's wrath on you in this holy month of Ramadhan.

shame on u so called muslim egyptians who r against gaza against the people of tthose small new born babies who r dieing r thy terrorist those young boys nd girls who cannot harm any 1 r thy terrorist dont u people have hear in u nd sami specialy u r urself n animal dont u see the pain of the people dobt u see the mothers crying dont u see all this nd the united nation why is it quiet coz muslims r dying the pupil all working in un r animals nd worst thn this coz thy r taking no step for this massacre going on un palestine in syria in burma in all the major those muslim countries nd all those pupil who r againt gaza may Allah bring this condition on u pupil on israel nd no 1 would ne thr to help inshaAllah Allah subhana wa taala is thr looking all whr would u go whn imam mehdi will come whn Allah would take revenge of all the inocent pupil who died u cannot hide frm Allah nd at tht time u would regret bt u will have no time u monsters u animals

why do you Muslims keep on butchering each other,is it in the name of ALLAH?Believe in Jesus and your heart will be changed and you will stop yhe hatred..

omg what wrong with Egyptiand i cant believe what i read how they got heart to hate the opressed palestinians at this level.this is insane

By Allah the comments I read from the Egyptians make me sick. How dare they accuse their own brothers and sisters in faith to be the enemy? Have they gone mad!?? How dare they side with the enemy of Islam Israel. By Allah may Allah destroy these people! May Allah destroy the enemies of Islam. As for the egyptians, there will come a day when we are all gathered for the day of ressurection in which I and you all will have to account for what we have done in this world. May Allah guide us. The arab community is supposed to be the leaders of Iman, Where is Qatar?? Where is Saudi Arabia!?? Where are they!?? Only Recep Tayyip Erdogan has spoken the truth. If the Egyptians are too much of a bunch of cowards know this, TURKEY will always support our Palistinian BROTHERS!!!! LA ILAHE IL ALLAH MUHAMMEDEN RASULULAH. May Allah unite Turkey with true muslim countries and destroy ISRAEL!!!

The Egyptians are now employing the same tactics as the Israelis. Every counter argument is about "Hamas Hamas Hamas". They've lost site of the people of Palestine due to internal political dynamics. I've heard "go run to Qatar," but do the Egyptians forget that their govt is funded by Saudi Arabia and the US? The Egyptians are blaming Hamas for not accepting a peace treaty that was never even presented to them, and was written in part by the same state that is killing Palestinians. The Egyptians would not accept this if happened to them. Anti-Palestinian sentiment is concerning in Egypt. The Palestinians only hope is themselves, and I don't blame them for their new-found anti-Arab sentiment. The Arab world has ALWAYS been an enemy of the Palestinian people. Wake up!!!

I think Egyptians see that Sisi is like the drunk-addict who is about to kill himself by drinking too much and falling off a building. He seems to think he is a character in a Steven Spielberg movie. He is playing the foolish cruel Arab with the big smile. After a hard day's shooting he goes to his trailer for some entertainment and to see how his investment portfolio is doing. In the movie it is 1927. In his mind it is 1887. He is really lost.
But Israel and the US are more lost. They quite obviously are stumbling in the darkness.

Egypt has done more to support the Palestinians than any other country over the last 60 years plus. Hammas had attacked Egyptians since Mursi was removed, supported the Moslem Brotherhood against the people of Egyptian demands for Mursi to resign, smuggled Egyptian resources out of Egypt, created tunnels to bring in those rockets into Gaza and the list goes on.
No people of the world remained in conflict so long as the Palestinians did. Usually they are absorbed and assimilated by surrounding countries and the conflict is over. Not in this case. First Assar Arafat the PLO leader now the Hammas leaders have accumulated billions for themselves leaving the masses in poverty. They have no incentives to resolve the Palestinians issues and they are the real criminals. They teach hate and not love exposing their people to harm while they stay away themselves. Putting children and women next to the launching sites. Preventing civilians from leaving . Putting launching sites inSchool, Hospitals and Mosque. In Mosque??? Hammas is the guilty one as no leader that care would do so.
For the first time all Arab countries with the exception of Quatar and Turkey are supporting Israel position to defend itself and attack Hammas something unheard of before. Maybe this time it might lead to peace once the snake head Hammas is removed.
Sadat had the vision to make peace and was killed by the MB. Mursi released the killers of Sadat.
Some of the comments left by others lack any logic but are nothing more than hate calls and name calling. How about not calling names and making logical arguments supported by facts. How many Hammas martyrs were given 70 Virgins? If you believe that I have the London Bridge for sale.

See, you are regurgitating Israeli talking points. Shame on you Egyptians, and Arabs. You talk about corruption of Palestinian leaders...that's something the Palestinian people are fighting themselves. When your country was run the most corrupt political leader of all time, and he was toppled, the Palestinians supported you. The fact that your leader was corrupt was never held against you. Now, Egypt is just as much an enemy as Israel. The Palestinians will gladly take on all Arabs who hinder our revolution, including Qatar. Don't be mistaken, you are dealing with am undying revolution. I am anti-Hamas and anti-MB, but am for the people of Palestine. Keep praying that Israel kills us all, but it will never happen. You forget who you are dealing with...the Palestinians, the thorn in the side of every Arab country as well as Israel. They will never die.

Also, what proof is their Hamas is hiding weapons in schools or mosques? Have the porous of Egypt become so blinded that they consume Israeli propaganda like that? Wow. Idiots

You just made my point by saying idiots at the end. That inherited behavior is why there is no resolution to the conflict. Hate and insult whoever is not in agreement with you. . I would have taken the time to agree with some of your points but how can I do so when you insult.
I do wish you well and will pray for you to learn love not hate.

you people should never let politics cloud your judgement. you can present your facts about the palestinian crime all you want, but please do not let it make you stop seeing the fact that palestinians are still HUMANS and no human deserve to go through a freaking genocide!!!!!!! bear this in mind; the israel gov bombs civilians, and most of them are women and children. children!!!!!! are they terrorist? do they deserve this too? what have these innocent little people done to deserve this? shame on you people!!!!!!!!

Palestinians are people of course. They do not deserve to die.
Israeli's are people. They do not deserve to die.

1100 Rockets were send to populated areas in Israel. The fact that Israel defends by retaliating is their right. Egypt propose a Truce, Israel accept. Hammas reject. So let's blame Israel for Hammas refusal. Let's blame Isarel for the 1100 rockets that Hammas send.

3 young Israeli killed just because they are Jewish.
The Palestinians people and leadership rejoice in their deaths.

Some crazy Israelis retaliate and kill one young Palestinian Moslem in a barbaric act.
The Israeli government vows and arrest the Jews responsible for such barbaric act and intend to try them.

The mother of one the 3 Israelis calls the Mother of the Palestinian Moslem and apologize to her explaining she knows how the Palestinian mother feel.
Who value life here? The palestinians or the Israelis?

Maybe when Hammas recognizes the right of Israel to exist, build hospitals, educate the populace, build an economy maybe peace will exist.

Sad! Enemy knew very well Egypt poses great danger to it then any other country in the world.Because it is so close to reach them first for the help.So it created problems politically so to put obstacles for the cause of Palestine.Same thing it did with one of the largest democracy of the world.So that muslims will not stand by Palestinians.But in case of Egypt I am sure he will terribly go wrong.Because for Egyptians the cause of Palestine is close to their heart by birth.I am also sure they love Palestinians more than themselves.And nothing in the world can change that.And may be this is the reason I loved Egypt once.

ربنا يشفي...المصريين بيحبوا الفلسطينيين اكثر من نفسهم؟....ده مفيش حد خرب مصر أكتر من حروب مصر في سبيل فلسطين.....

i dont see todays Arabs as Muslims and i hate them with passion for there cruelty and been hard-hearted towords fellow muslims, instead of unifying themselves and fight the real enemies of islam all they know is sloughtering each other to please there western masters at the expence of there brothers¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¿¿¿???

Don't blame Egyptian muslims but Hamas which has lost focus by turn itself to gulf arab agent as a result of fat petrol-dollar gift.

Excuse me? The Egyptian govt is funded by Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc. is this a joke?

Mashallah.we are MUSLIMS from MALAYSIA!
STATE of isreal???
my PALESTINE Brothers & sisters & children>>>
For ur sufferings in the world may those who are MURDERED
by APARTHEID Isreal,may u ALL go to HEAVEN!

we will join Other Arabs who remain SILENT (on ZIONIST atrocities
in GAZA) in HELL....

from Muhd.Jauhari & friends

You mad man, stop trying to import your religious hatred to peace loving Malaysia. You can't even comprehend what and how this war escalate, due to the selfish act of Hamas.

O Egyptians it is time for you to fall by not helping your own palestinian arab brothers.Wallah we muslims deserve to be killed by other nations, i feel so ashamed to call myself a muslim


What do you Expect from a Dictator #Sisi is Pussy!

I suddenly find myself very disappointed with Sissi. I supported him initially in July 2013 because Morsi didn't do a good job taking care of Egypt and majority of the Egyptians didn't approve of his style of governance. Furthermore the subversive activities carried out by Brotherhood following the ouster of Morsi painted them in a negative light. However, there can be other situations even more dire. Defenseless and incarcerated, the Gazans are facing a horrific genocide at the hands of the Zio-fascists. This is not the time for Sissi to nurture his grudge toward Hamas and remain a silent spectator as the blood of innocent civilians in Gaza gets splattered across the land with the stench of death all around. If Sissi changes his political stance on humanitarian grounds which he ought to, the Egyptian media will also stop its hostile propaganda against the Palestinians, helping to revive the sentiments of the Egyptian people for the suffering of their brethren in Gaza and the West Bank. Unfortunately Sissi's apparent callousness and selfish political priorities are being stretched too far. 'Solidarity' seems to be nowhere in his vocabulary nor his conscience. Even if he considers it unwise to trust Hamas, it's surprising how he isn't able to realize that abandoning the civilians of Gaza for the policies of their government is gross!

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