Thousands in Chile demand government break ties to Israel

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People take part in a demonstration outside the Israeli Embassy in Santiago, Chile, on July 19, 2014, to protest against Israel's terror campaign against Gaza and show their support to the Palestinian people. (Photo: AFP - Martin Bernetti)

Published Sunday, August 3, 2014

Thousands marched in Chile's capital Saturday against Israel's assault on Gaza, urging President Michelle Bachelet to break off diplomatic relations with the occupying force.

"Break it off, Break it off, Break off ties with Israel!" chanted demonstrators who marched to the presidential palace, many waving banners or decked out in the Palestinians' traditional keffiyeh scarf.

"We are asking President Michelle Bachelet to expel Israel's ambassador, and to end ties with Israel. We want the world to know Chileans have stood against this Israeli massacre," said Mauricio Abu-Gosh, head of the Palestinian Association of Chile.

The protest came as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel would continue on with its terror campaign in Gaza for as long and as forcefully as needed, after having already killed over 1,700 Palestinians since July 8, the vast majority of them civilians.

Chile already has recalled its ambassador to Israel over the violence, as have Argentina, El Salvador and Peru.

On Thursday Bolivia declared Israel a terrorist state, and ripped up a visa free agreement they had with the occupation authorities.

Venezuelans also took to the streets en masse Saturday against the Israeli terror campaign, with president Nicolas Maduro declaring his support for Palestinians over Twitter.

(AFP, Al-Akhbar)


Netanyahu is a real leader who knows how to defend his country and people. If the Savages would lay down their weapons there would be peace, if Israel lays down its weapons there will cease to an Israel, PERIOD!

Thank god for Chile and the others for standing up to the israeli s for committing genocide too bad America has a coward government afraid of the racist israeli s

Israel should be charged for crimes against humanity.
Israel is a TERRORIST state.

It is the simple and honest people who see the truth clearly.

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