Israel, Western media confuse vinegar with lethal acid

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Published Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The alleged “acid attack” on an Israeli family on December 12 was debunked Monday by Electronic Intifada, which stated that the acid in question was acetic acid and water, or simply vinegar.

World media, such as AFP, the The Guardian, Haaretz, and The Washington Post, ran with yet another propagandist story citing the Israeli army which reported that a Palestinian allegedly threw acid at an Israeli family in southern West Bank, before he was shot in the leg and wounded.

At the time, Israeli paramedics reported that the family – including three children – endured wounds on their limbs that appeared to be “acid burns.”

The “acid attack,” however, did not take place. The acid allegedly thrown at the settler vehicle was on the less severe end, vinegar, as Israeli media reported just hours later.

However, prominent Western media outlets did not bother to correct their reporting, although Israeli media falsified the alleged attack the next day.

Mako, an Israeli news website, posted on Facebook the following message: “The attack that wasn’t: A Palestinian pours a substance on a car with 5 passengers. Only after great tension did it become clear that it was vinegar.”

The Jerusalem Post and Israeli TV station Channel 2 also falsified the “acid attack” claim, adding that the “victims were taken to Hadassah University Medical Center with light injuries and released from the hospital the next day.”

The incident came at a time of high tensions in Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank, where a senior Palestinian official died in a confrontation with Israeli troops on Wednesday.

The Palestinian leadership blamed Israel for Ziad Abu Ein's death and threatened to retaliate.

Moreover, the “acid attack” debacle coincidentally overshadowed Israeli forces violently shutting down a public gathering in the West Bank on the same day meant to commemorate the anniversary of the Hamas resistance movement.



!The tiny tribe of the Jews has learned how to survive, and prosper in the ME's sea of virulent ethno-sectarian hatreds. The Jews built their defense, and a big wall to keep the haters out ; the Jews answer rockets with bombs,until the rockets stop.and when their enemy throws vinegar,the Jews respond in hot lead
The ME's Christians, not so well protected, seems doomed to disappear.

Israel does not exist, except as the sequel to the 1964 cinematic blockbuster, "Dr. Strangelove." Peter Sellers played both main roles, the German scientist who wants to provoke a nuclear war after which the new Adams and Eves of his chosen future super race, hiding in underground shelters, will repopulate the planet, and the US Air Force general with a fetish for "pure bodily fluids" who somehow plays into the German's hands. The movie ends with a US B-52 pilot riding the fateful first nuclear bomb down out of the bomb-bay of his aircraft after it refuses to drop under its own impetus. He's waving his cowboy hat and shouting, "Yippee-aiyoo!" like a rodeo rider.
Mental illness is where you cannot distinguish your day dreams from what is actually happening around you. I should say, it's where you don't want to. "The only way you can lose your liberty is by giving it away." I believe a little child could destroy Israel (the festival that goes around killing people in order to maintain high theatrical standards) by asking one of its cult-members, "Do you think you're real?"

You need to change your medications.

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