Hezbollah Retaliates: Live Coverage

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Israeli soldiers treat their injured after an anti-tank missile hit an army vehicle in an occupied area on the border with Lebanon on January 28, 2015. AFP/Jalaa Marey

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Israel hit Lebanon with at a number of rockets after an anti-tank missile was fired at an Israel Occupation Forces (IOF) convoy near the Lebanon border on Wednesday.

Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah said in a statement: "At 11:35 am on Wednesday, the 'Quneitra righteous martyrs in the Islamic resistance' group targeted an Israeli military convoy."

The Israeli army said on its Twitter feed that an "initial reports indicate a military vehicle was hit, apparently by an anti-tank missile in the area of Har Dov," using Israel's term for the Shebaa Farms which is also close to the ceasefire line with Syria.

Hezbollah news channel Al-Manar said nine Israeli vehicles were targeted in the attack, while Al-Mayadeen news channel's Director Ghassan Ben Jeddo, said at least 15 Israeli soldiers have been killed.

Al-Akhbar's news coverage of tensions between Hezbollah and the Zionist state can be viewed on this link.

This blog will provide context and supplementary information about the discussions, analysis, and the like in regards to this latest act of violence by Israel on the Palestinians.

Al-Akhbar will continue to post live updates on the situation in Lebanon.

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