Israel Oil Drilling in Golan Heights Violates International Law: Experts

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Published Thursday, February 26, 2015

Israel's oil drilling in the south of the occupied Golan Heights is a violation of international law and Syria has the right to compensation, according to Egyptian experts.

"Israel's drilling works contradict international resolutions regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict, in particular resolution No. 3175 which recognizes the right of Arab states and people under foreign occupation to have sovereignty over their national resources," said Dr. Ahmad Abu Al-Wafa, an international law professor at Cairo University.

Afek Oil and Gas Company, a subsidiary of US-based Genie Energy Ltd., began drilling for oil in the south of the Golan Heights on February 16, according to a company announcement reported by Israeli daily Jerusalem Post.

Afek's three year license allows for conventional oil exploration to a maximum of 10 wells in the south of the occupied Golan Heights, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Abu Al-Wafa said Arab countries and people whose territories were occupied by Israel have a right to compensation. Israel's actions to exploit any kind of resources of the occupied Arab lands are illegal according to UN General Assembly decisions after the Arab-Israeli war, he added.

"Israel is taking advantage of Syria's current political situation," said Ramadan Abu El-Ella, an academic from Pharos University in Alexandria.

Abu El-Ella, who is also the chairman of the popular committee for the defense of Egypt's oil rights, said Arab countries have several rights to compensation because Syria, Egypt and some other Arab countries suffered from Israeli aggression during the 1967 war.

Drilling was planned for mid-January but was delayed several times due to environmental opposition. The Israeli High Court issued an order for the temporary cessation of the Golan Heights drilling operations, to give the state more time to respond to the petition. However, the order was overturned and the petitions were dismissed on December 23.

The Golan Heights, housing Lake Tiberias, is also Israel's main water source and internationally recognized as an area of natural beauty.

Israel seized 1,200 square kilometers (460 square miles) of the Golan from Syria in the Six-Day War of 1967 and annexed it in 1981 in a move never recognized by the international community.

Following the Six-Day War, the UN Security Council Resolution 242 was adopted to establish principles for setting Israeli borders and withdrawal from territories conquered in 1967, including the Golan Heights.

Syria and Israel are still officially in a state of war.

(Anadolu, Al-Akhbar)


Nightshade can predict the future but can not predict the deep poo Europe is facing.daesh are in North Africa beaches,a stone throw away from Malta and scicily.if I were an Italian I wouldn't worry just yet about Saudi Arabia .

Syria relinquished all rights to the sea of Galili following the signing of res 62 in 1949. Israel drilled oil in ras sudar and returned the oil fields to Egypt as part of the peace agreement .syria too,may get parts or whole of the golan heights in exchange for peace.strange how this option is not acceptable .meanwhile,Israel can drill to its heart desire.if by luck,there is oil there,surely Syria may concider drilling on their side.

Israel is ground zero
War will escalate in the Middle East
Israel will be expected to act on behalf of its Western allies & sugar daddys.
War will come to Saudi Arabia at some point
The oil is almost gone & the power brokers have no money to show for all these years of abundance.
They will fight & bicker, blaming each other for their individual misery.
Israel will no longer be tolerated as they have been up till now.
The missiles will aim & hit their targets.
Israel will not be around much longer.
Such is the talk in Europe.
So take a good look at them now so that you don't forget them tomorrow.

It is also being said that there seem to be many more migrant men arriving in Germany, Poland, Austria, Belgium. People are afraid & it is being suspected that these migrants could be a building up of a fighting force of some kind.
It could just be hysteria on the part of the people after the false flags lately ?

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